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  1. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    GB minilites 185 x 60 14 I am going to paint them black at some time
  2. Starting at the Bottom of Westfield ownership 11 months ago

    It took me about an hour, had to fit new electrical connectors but that was it. Did an LED conversion on them but it failed the MOT so changed them back to H7's for now.
  3. Starting at the Bottom of Westfield ownership 11 months ago

  4. Disaster, Maybe.

    Fantastic news, well done Mart you had the right idea. It's good to hear members being so helpful, it's been amazing my first year here and it feels like home.
  5. Starting at the Bottom of Westfield ownership 11 months ago

    Loving the new indicator pods
  6. Oh how I laughed..............

    https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Adhesives+%26+Sealants/d180/Grab+Adhesive/sd3199/Hybriflex+40+PU+Hybrid+Adhesive+300ml/p11708 thats what I used
  7. Oh how I laughed..............

    I have the very same wings, cost me £150 for the pair and the adhesive came from Toolstation and was £6.50!
  8. Xflow 1760cc Oil Pressure Help

    No the pressure was always 40 when I got it last year. It also leaked oil like a sieve so I replaced the sump, rocker and water pump with competition kaskets and it looks like its worked.
  9. Xflow 1760cc Oil Pressure Help

    Afternoon Just been out for my first blat in the car after changing the oil and filter and it's got me a little worried. The engine has now done 14,000 and has no leaks. It has got 6ltrs of oil in which seems to be the same amount I took out. The oil Pressure reads between 40-50 when driving but on tick over it bounces around 15/20 should I be worried? this is the oil I used and a Bosch filter Thank you in advance
  10. Welcome Jordan

    Welcome from rainy Hampshire
  11. Westfield SEi restoration-Started pulling things apart

    What about the name tags for the switches?
  12. Westfield SEi restoration-Started pulling things apart

    Great job! Thanks for letting me know about your paint. Where did you get the switches? Peter
  13. looking for Standard Indicator pods

    Yes I kept the bulbs as I had already changed the flasher unit to electronic. My wheels at 14" which is in between 13's and 15's still skitish tho but I like the look
  14. looking for Standard Indicator pods

    The Pod's look great thank you @Olliebeak

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