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  1. New owner counting down

    I kept mine outside but wanted to work on it was a pain when it kept raining so I bought a garage to last me over this winter :-) https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/clarke-cig1015-heavy-duty-instant-garage-gre/ It fits in just fine and dry as a bone :-)
  2. Said bye to a pal today

    really sorry to hear that :-(
  3. 30 year old new build

    picture then?
  4. 2007 Westfield SEIW 1800 ZETEC **REDUCED**

    Oh I wish I could afford this but the wife wants a new Kitchen :-( its beautiful
  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kit-Car-Project-Westfield-Barn-Find/142568095316?hash=item2131b87e54:g:A68AAOSwl9RaAFZv
  6. I'm going Sunday but not early :-) Probably in the tin top looking at the weather
  7. Paul Makepeace

    Welcome from not so sunny Southampton
  8. Happy Birthday Slasher!

    Have a cracking day :-)
  9. Garage roof

    Just let me know when, I'll open a generic card for the club so it will work for all.
  10. Gordon Murrays MK1 Escort

    awesome loved that
  11. Wheel Arch Protector fitting

    show off lol I have not seen any made for the narrow body so I went for these
  12. Wheel Arch Protector fitting

    Show off :-) mine are carbon fibre coloured
  13. Wheel Arch Protector fitting

    Plays-Kool Great service :-) http://www.plays-kool.co.uk/acatalog/Rear_Wing_Protectors.html Please note that they did not come with the black rivets as advertised tho
  14. Wheel Arch Protector fitting

    I really could not go to screwfix as its my competitor :-) (I work for Travis Perkins Group) Black is a no as my car is red, clear CT1 is the stuff as I get it cheap http://www.ct1ltd.com/our-products/ct1/ I have the crossflow in a few parts at the moment so it can wait :-)
  15. Wheel Arch Protector fitting

    my arches need paint anyway :-) That's it then CT1 clear all the way Thank you