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  1. Cheers all for the excellent advice
  2. Pipes for the heater now. Cut the pipes to,size and measured where I needed to drill and put a small pilot hole from the inside ... from the outside I used a cone cutter with blue tape around to ensure I didn't drill too be a hole tightened it all up. happy again with the result
  3. Hi @BugMan ... I must be going blind but I can't see from your post where the panels go ... can you give me a massive hint
  4. I'm going for gadgetman 's suggestion and extending it into a better position for my passengers
  5. Have to agree with bugman. Fitting the wipers is a pain with the holes not predrilled ... I decided to do the initial hole by eye following the rubber seal. then enlarged it with a more appropriate sized wood bit. Kept going until the fitted ok happy enough with the results
  6. Unfortunately not.
  7. Hmmm ... put the scuttle in place and notice the heater air flow points directly ove the ICU ... do I move the ICU to the far left now???
  8. Fitted the heater into the scuttle, measured it twice, even got Dawn to double check my measurements and held the heater to the markings. All looked perfect. However I did the measurements from the outside ! Not an issue except that it caught the lip on the inside so just enlarged the holes slightly and all fitted nicely recommend you measurements are from the inside and offer the heater up before make your first hole ... smallest you can from the inside and then from outside use the size you need. I did that for the bottom two holes and didn't crack the fibre glass.
  9. Jobs today ... hopefully. fuel lines to carb speedo cable connecting heater fit washer tank to scuttle
  10. Anyway. Speedo cable ... do I follow the main wiring loom and bring it out in the same place as the dashboard loom? Will there be enough slack?
  11. Yep. I meant Sunday
  12. Not too far off. Couldn't make last weekend. Had all the kids round ... stopped me from working on the car
  13. Two washers did the trick. I had undo the accelerator pedal, pull the inner cable all the way out, undo the first nut, added the two washers, put the nut back on, pushed the inner cable back in.
  14. Tunnel screwed in
  15. Ok .... what am I missing to attach the throttle cable securely?

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