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  1. Aeroscreen - can you tell me whether this'll fit my SEi

    Thanks guys, all suggestions being followed up.
  2. Hi I'm looking to buy an aero-screen kit, found the one in the pics below and not sure whether it will fit my SEi narrow. It looks like it will, however not sure how to confirm. Any help - much appreciated, Thanks Similar - but not the actual one
  3. C20XE Redtop throttle bodies wanted

    I have a pair of what I believe are QED 38 cams / hyd followers and springs etc.. - sorry no vernier pulleys
  4. 4 x CXR's with good Michelin slicks

    Hi Do you still have these for sale - are they 7J? will you take £300
  5. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Hi guys thanks for feedback, as I suspect. It’d be much simpler if seller declared sold.
  6. Hi i have an se with a red top circa 220bhp, and a close mate looking for the same, not sure how to pm you as there are a couple of questions that we have related to your videos. Can you contact me via pm pls. Thanks paul
  7. SOLD - Boghouse Blue 2.0LTR XE Red Top .220bhp

    Hi i have a mate that is interred in your car. Can you please let me know whether it’s still for sale. What drive by dB does it hit. Which circuits can you run and which kick you off with noise.
  8. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Hi I have a friend very interested in your car - is it still available? Thanks
  9. Help - Clutch arm Pivot on westfield Bellhousing

    Thanks again, Ebay - amazing when you know what you need. Cheers
  10. Help - Clutch arm Pivot on westfield Bellhousing

    Hi David Many thanks for responding, do you have the westfield bellhousing too. Maybe I could mod similar to yours. Thanks.
  11. Thanks to my clutch exploding and 4th gear synchro breaking (believed to be caused by the lack of a spigot bearing!) I recently had to remove my engine (C20 XE) and box (type 9 with Westfield bell-housing). Whilst rebuilding I noticed how the ford clutch arm pivot just doesn't look right. The nipple that the arm sits on doesn't look man enough to do anything and the only thing that looks like it will prevent the arm dropping off the pivot is the cable tension to keep the arm located in the slots in the thrust bearing. Iv'e just bought an upgraded clutch to match the pattern of the one that's come off, which seem to match the arm (ford arm) so don't really want to change the arm type, however there is a bit of wear in the pivot end of the arm and the pivot nipple itself doesn't look like the right match for the arm. See pics - I'd be really grateful if anyone could confirm whether they are all like this or whether there is another component that keeps them together. Any help - much appreciated.
  12. Anyone know where to download C20xe workshop manual safely

    Hi - Many thanks for your reply, sorry for the delay back from me - been away for a week in the sun.
  13. Hi all I'm new to the club as well as being new to experiencing the many places that my shallow sumped red top can weep oil. Replaced Cam cover gasket (now seems ok) however now looks like weep from under the Dizzy (soon to be replaced with a coil Pack). There is what looks like an M10 grub-screw / blanking screw directly below the distributor - not sure whether it could weeping from that or the distributor seal itself. Any advise or links would be much appreciated. Ta in advance