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  1. Coolant system help

    Quick update - no coolant loss overnight which means I managed to cure the drip. Result # 1. Tried to massage the lower pipe to get rid of any air and after 5 mins no change, so took the car for a drive. It’s so cold that it took ages to get anywhere near warm, with the gauge hovering around 50 degrees or so. Letting it sit idling on the driveway it eventually got to 90. Tried ‘burping’ more air out with no joy, so I guess all is ok. Think i’ll make sure I carry some water with me for the next few journeys though. Thanks for all your help everyone!
  2. Coolant system help

    I tried that Ian and couldn’t get the damn thing off. With time against me decided to can the fluid change for another day and tighten it all back up and just top it off. A job for another day! concerned it doesn’t have enough coolant in now though
  3. Coolant system help

    Hi all, picked up my “new” westy at the weekend and drove it 200 miles home with no problems. Noticed a sight coolant drip from the bottom hose when I got back and the expansion tank was a bit murky and virtually empty. In my wisdom I thought this would be a good time to refresh the coolant. However, can’t get the bottom hose off to drain all the old stuff out (did get maybe a litre out though). Filled the expansion tank which only took a litre. Ran the engine to get it warm and open the thermostat but not sure what the problem is now!! The top hose got hot enough I could cook on it, but the bottom hose which I assume comes from the water pump still felt empty. See pic attached in case I have the labels wrong. Temp gauge in the car said 50 degrees. Do I need to leave it running longer? Do I have an airlock somewhere? converned that the gauge won’t show the correct temp if it isn’t getting any water and don’t want to melt my engine! thanks
  4. Thanks for the replies Gents, all useful info. I've arranged to go and have a look at John's red car, does look great in the pictures. The caged thing wasn't so much about safety, I just quite like the way they look! I'll keep scouring the classifieds, and hopefully see some of you at the various shows!
  5. Hi All, Recently joined the WSCC as I have a milestone birthday rapidly approaching and am looking for my first Westfield. Living in rural Lincolnshire but willing to travel for the right car. What is the right car? Very good question. I was initially looking at bike engined cars, as it will mainly be used for evening and weekend thrashes, but have discounted these as I'd also like something that the girlfriend can get in, and poss LeMans trips etc. I'm sure you can do these with a BEC, but 8000 rpm at 70mph doesn't appeal... Sure I've read on here somewhere that BEC for the track, CEC for the road. So, car engine it is, and I suppose something relatively modern would be good - Xetec, XE, Duratec etc. I guess I'm looking for something with 175bhp plus From a purely cosmetic point of view, I like the look of caged cars, but appreciate all of these things can be changed later. Whilst it will be a fair weather car, I think the option of some kind of weather gear would be good too, although not sure how effective it actually is? Anyhow, I have set myself an upper limit of £10k, so let's see what you've got! Thanks Mat - 07764 343249