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  1. Insurance

    Another endorsement for A-plan....!
  2. Winter tinkering - one step forward, two steps back!

    @Monty Your assumption us correct, it's a clash with the tank not the frame. I think your suggestion is my next step in addition to trimming the excess thread. The only limitation to tank movement might be filler hose. It's a very short section so releasing it might not give me much wiggle room. Time for another session in the garage!
  3. Winter tinkering - one step forward, two steps back!

    Thanks for all the info. @Rhett - Joint Black Country AO you are correct, the set-up you have is the same as mine, thanks for the clearer picture. @IanK (Bagpuss) Thanks for the pdf, that's a great help! The challenge I have is with the split metal mounts above the wishbone mounts in Rhett's image. I can get to the nyloc's and remove them, but currently I don't have enough clearance to lift the top blocks off the threads before they hit the fuel tank. I have some excess thread I can trim off and loosening the fuel tank may give me sufficient wiggle room, but any other suggestions great fully received!
  4. Winter tinkering - one step forward, two steps back!

    Anyone have any experience of changing rear anti roll bars? Having had a look, it seems the fuel tank needs to come out in order to remove the top hat mounts? Any other solutions out there?
  5. Someone had a bad day.

    Saw this the other day parked at the side of the road. Hope no one was injured, no intrusion into the cab so hopefully all ok. Engine bay properly skewered though!
  6. This weekend saw the start of the winter jobs which primarily consists of removing a full cage and installing an MSA roll bar along with a couple of more minor jobs, or so I thought! First job was to remove the boot box to get at the rear stays. At this point I was confronted with the first unexpected problem. On my last run out at the end of last year I had noticed a more metallic clunk from the rear, but after a cursory look I put the car away thinking it could wait until tinkering. Well, today I found the problem, a fractured rear anti roll bar just after one of the welded joints. A quick look at Playskool and they have a replacement bar only, which hopefully is all I need. One thing I need to try is removing the roll bar without the need to move the fuel tank, anyone have any experience of this? Onto to removing the cage. It had dawned on my previously that I would need to remove the interior side panels to get at some of the bolts. That duly done and the cage released I then discovered it would not pass over the windscreen upright castings. No bother I thought as I had an annoying rattle from one wing mirror and a stripped thread in one of the castings for the grub screw which holds the screen in place. Cage removed and on to reassembly, screen casting thread helicoiled, rattle sorted and everything back to together. All looked great until I noticed the crack in the corner of the screen from over tightending a grub screw. Apparently I was heard to utter "oh dear" or words to that effect!!! Hopefully it remains stable and I'll add that job to next winters tinkering list!! On to the main event of fitting the MSA bar, although the cage had been present so holes in body work were there, the tubing on the MSA bar is considerable larger diameter than the cage so lots of measure, mark, dremel, offer up repeat was needed. I ended up with lots of fine tuning of holes including bolt holes to get everything to fit. However after a day of itchy fibre glass dust the bar was in place and I'm pretty pleased with the results! The only downside is some additional fibre glass work due to grinding the boot lip to allow the rear stays to pass and some modifications to the boot box, to again allow the rear stays to pass through. On the whole I'm pretty pleased with the outcome, but I'm still kicking myself over that bl@@dy windscreen!
  7. Side Screens

    If you have anything, let me know. If suitable Im sure we can work something out!
  8. Side Screens

    Hi @sparkyj83, Thanks for the reply, however i'm after the factory full sidescreen, made from black vinyl and clear window, rather than wind deflectors. Cheers Bob
  9. Side Screens

    As it turns out I didn’t take advantage of the Westfield Black Friday offer due to shipping charges. With all this talk of cages being fitted, I wonder if anyone has a set on offer?
  10. Santa wants welding helmet

    I have only ever used ESAB helmets and i would certainly recommend them. They have always been reliable and comfortable to wear for extended periods. I prefer auto darkening, but i suppose it is what you get used too. The only problem with the ESAB ones is price as they are at the higher end of the scale! http://migtigarc.co.uk/esab-warrior-9-13-welding-helmet-976-p.asp?_=&variantid=2267 Regards Bob
  11. Westfield msa bar

    Hi @Rednop1 Ill take the MSA bar if 2jagsmac has not already secured it. Bob
  12. SOLD - Aero Screen - Wide Body

    Hi @2jagsmac Still for sale if you are interested? Bob
  13. Westfield msa bar

    Hi @rednop Im interested in this. I assume it is the cross braced one with rear stays as shown on Westfield parts shop page? If not, can you post a pic please. Where are based in terms of collection? cheers Bob
  14. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    One of my favourite venues, definitely interested!
  15. Side Screens

    Hi all, Looking for a pair of Westfield Side Screens. Not really up for a refurb project, so ideally would be in good to excellent condition. I make take advantage of Westfield's Black Friday offer, so if you have something you wan rid of, don't be shy....! Cheers Bob