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  1. Westfield msa bar

    Hi @Rednop1 Ill take the MSA bar if 2jagsmac has not already secured it. Bob
  2. Aero Screen - Wide Body

    Hi @2jagsmac Still for sale if you are interested? Bob
  3. Westfield msa bar

    Hi @rednop Im interested in this. I assume it is the cross braced one with rear stays as shown on Westfield parts shop page? If not, can you post a pic please. Where are based in terms of collection? cheers Bob
  4. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    One of my favourite venues, definitely interested!
  5. Side Screens

    Hi all, Looking for a pair of Westfield Side Screens. Not really up for a refurb project, so ideally would be in good to excellent condition. I make take advantage of Westfield's Black Friday offer, so if you have something you wan rid of, don't be shy....! Cheers Bob
  6. Rover 3.5 V8 engine.

    Hi @bollockybill. I'm assuming as it not listed you are not selling a gearbox with this? What gearbox was it mated to in the car before removal? Cheers Bob
  7. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    As its my first winter i have a fair list, but mostly cosmetic.....! 1. Repair Windscreen upright grub screw 2. Mirror Rattles 3. Rear Fog - switch bulb 4. Service 5. Secure Front Grill 6. Repair Boot Lid 7. Remove Roll cage / Fill Roll cage Holes / Install MSA Roll Bar 8. Repair Aero Screen Holes 9. Rear wheel arch reseat 10. Purchase Side Screens / Hood
  8. Caterham Side Screens

    Thanks for the advice Dave much appreciated. Is there much in the way of aftermarket side screens as i have not really been able to find much other than second hand Westfield and these seem rare, at least at the moment! Cheers Bob
  9. Caterham Side Screens

    I'm looking for a set of side screens and so headed to the Westfield parts shop.....at which point i nearly fell off my chair! Pricey is a bit of an understatement. Whilst Caterham ones are still pricey, there are a little cheaper than the Westfield ones. However, does anyone know if they fit an FW Sport Cockpit? I have read in another forum that the Caterham cockpit is slightly shorter, but i cannot find any definitive data to confirm or deny that. Failing that, i'll be looking for a second hand pair if anyone has a set going that are in good condition. Cheers Bob
  10. Windy night!

    Thankfully i dont have that issue with my westfield but living west of you in the pennines of west yorkshire i wish i could do that with my house.....!
  11. Yorkshire breakfast club/Harewood Hill climb

    Hi Robin, Im hoping to be there, although for me its weather permitting as i still don't have a shred of wet weather gear for my car at the moment! I dont fancy driving a full bath tub.....! Cheers Bob
  12. Roll cage required

    Hi @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO - will do.
  13. Company Car Drivers

    At my place those with a need for a company car are 3 years and 60k miles. Those with a benefit for a company car are now 4 years and 90k miles. I think the break even point for a company car has moved out in terms of miles per year, however i still very much value not having to tax / insure / maintain a car!
  14. Roll cage required

    Hi @Liz03. My car is currently fitted with a Caged MSA/FIA spec bolt on full cage. I'm intending to remove this over the winter whilst the car is off the road, so timing might work out. If this is of interest, let me know and we can take it from there. Thanks Bob
  15. New member intro

    Welcome @jimbobtcc206. I have had nothing but good advice on here from members in the run up to buying my first car. In terms of Yorkshire meets, i'm sure Robin will introduce himself in due course, he does a great job in keeping people up to date on whats going on in Yorkshire via the forum. Albeit a non-track car (at least from my usage), i have a caged CEC FW Sport which i believe to be well screwed together (although i didn't build it!!!). Your welcome to have a nose around it if you that helps at some point!. Bob