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  1. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Very nice car would have loved this but still around £5k off budget must save harder!
  2. Black Country Area Meet - Sun 1st October

    Tbh this is the only downside looking at this time of year really should have spent more time over summer researching but didn't expect to be looking for a car as soon as this.
  3. New Memeber & Hello

    Cheers Martyn may struggle mid week but will have to see, Curborough sounds like a plan though not sure I've anything planned this weekend other than getting my partners mini on the road ready for next week, many thanks.
  4. New Memeber & Hello

    Cheers Dave I have inquired on the forum so hopefully get to have a chat and advise from some owners.
  5. Black Country Area Meet - Sun 1st October

    Hi guys apologies for jumping post I'm local to himley (stourbridge) and are looking to purchase a westfield in the near future would it be possible to attend a meet at some point to pick brains as it where?
  6. New Memeber & Hello

    Decided to sign up hopefully at some point purchase a westfield within next 6 months or so. Always wanted lotus 7 replica and being brutally honest wanted a caterham can already hear the boooo's now! but having attended the westfield factory earlier this year and live around 5 miles away thought this would be quite traitorous :-) so now on the hunt for a good used car.