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  1. Good to talk to you earlier John. If you change your mind...... James
  2. I’m on it Scott. Just waiting for a call back from John to chat about it
  3. Does anyone know this car or its history?

    Viewed the car and it’s a stunner. Great build quality and attention to detail, file full of history/receipts too. My circumstances won’t let me get this I’m gutted to say but someone will snap it up soon enough I’m sure!
  4. Does anyone know this car or its history?

    Spoken to the owner and he was really helpful and open about the car and it's history. He advised the old chassis was handed back to the factory before they would give the new one with the original chassis number which sounds sensible. He has letters and receipts from Westfield to document this. Got a Dropbox link to more pics and the build quality to the untrained eye does look good.....any thoughts from you experts @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pgp6xj74wrd7vse/AAAsiGotpwzXKI6MFyE-V24ja?dl=0 I would need to spend a little on getting it how I want it so I'll have to go view it to see how it looks and how it stacks up with my overall budget.
  5. Does anyone know this car or its history?

    Thanks for the info Stinky. That chassis swap is the reason I put this thread up to try and dig into it a bit more
  6. Does anyone know this car or its history?

    Thanks Dave, I love S/C boxes I know a lot don't but I had one in a road car (dog box) and I'd actually prefer S/C over helical if I got chance :-)
  7. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows this car or anything about its history? https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/other-models/westfield-seiw--2-0-zetec-new-build-2013/7701109#/home Thanks
  8. Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Did this sell in the end or is it still available?
  9. Top Speeds

    I'm thinking gearing for 135-140 would be a good compromise then for track use without being silly on the road. That said, I have no issue with drone on roads....I've lived with it before and I quite liked it strangely enough.
  10. Top Speeds

    Gearing is the reason I was thinking about this Adam. From a personal perspective it's pointless having a car geared to do 160+ as top gear is then just a waste and I'm not getting a car to drive around the road happily in 5th gear. Equally I wondered how short is too short. I thought maybe 135mph would be a good balance between not bouncing off the limiter and having gearing suited more to track than road.
  11. Top Speeds

    Yes absolutely it does. That's what I'm trying to understand. Blyton seemed to be c. 105 ish but Silverstone would obviously be a lot more (complete guess 120?). Just wondering what the ball park top end is for each track?
  12. Top Speeds

    Hi guys, just wondering what sort of top end speeds average westies get to on the various tracks. I'm not talking the balls out 260bhp race engines but the mildly tuned track enthusiasts with cars affordable to the masses?
  13. Blyton Sunday 17th September

    Awesome day! Great to meet some new faces too. Thanks very much for the pax laps guys. I'm still smiling now!
  14. 2004 Westfield SEW

    Cracking car. I was drawn to it and enquired at one stage when it was on eBay. I really want TB's rather than carbs and also I'm not sure the 4age engine is what I'm after. It is a car with a lot of nice bits on though and it seems a really good sensible price to me. GLWTS
  15. Full windscreen v's Aeroscreen. Pro's and Con's?

    She's saying she doesn't want to have to wear a lid to go out in it.....wants to feel relaxed and enjoy the open air in her hair. The times she'll go out in it are few are far between as it'll be mainly a track car or early morning boats but I have to try and keep the peace or she'll make getting one hard work. She's already clamped down and said I can have one but not until after xmas now.....don't know why but apparently I must obey lol