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  1. Type 9 to C20XE bolt size?

    Sorted I called at screwfix earlier and got a small set
  2. Type 9 to C20XE bolt size?

    Thanks Tony I see screwfix so some sets for cheap and they have 8,10 and 12 in so I’ll prob nip out and purchase a set
  3. Type 9 to C20XE bolt size?

    Does anyone know what size hex key I need to undo the bolts that fix bell housing to engine? Its a type 9 box and C20XE engine. I’m hoping to get it out tomorrow and that’s the only tool I need to buy today for it. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your help Robin. Nice to meet you too. See you soon at meet.
  5. Couldn’t be at a more convenient place now......it’s practically in the next village to my work :-) thanks guys
  6. No probs. If you let me know when uv purchased and I can contact @Andy_R to make arrangements. I’m back in Leeds on Friday so could potentially collect after work. Failing that it’s only a short run at the wkend at some point.
  7. Russ I pass Wakefield daily on the work run so let me know if you want me to pick it up and get it to you when I see you next.
  8. Lifting eye size

    Thanks guys
  9. Lifting eye size

    I need to get some lifting eyes for my engine. It’s a C20XE. Does anyone know what size thread I need? Do I just buy normal fixed lifting eye bolts or do I need something else? Thanks
  10. RAC roll bar with added driver side hoop

    Still up for sale
  11. Need a new car, inspire me.

    Another vote for the Passat. My Passat estate was great. Friends friend has a nine year old one with 350+k on the clock and it’s still going strong!
  12. Lightweight Alternator - Nippon denso SOLD

    Thanks @IanK (Bagpuss) yes @BCF I’ll be doing that and going ribbed
  13. Lightweight Alternator - Nippon denso SOLD

    Or just 18,000 divided by engine max revs gives the multiplier value. So divide crank pulley dia by the multiplier and that’s the smallest size alt pulley I can use?
  14. Lightweight Alternator - Nippon denso SOLD

    Is the calc crank pulley dia divided by alt pulley dia multiplies by max revs?
  15. Loan of an engine crane (S Yorks)

    Hi guys I am wanting to get my engine out for some work doing but before paying out a significant sum that could help with the engine work required I wondered if anybody in the area might consider loaning one to me? Thanks James