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  1. rattle clips - hi-spec calipers

    Sorted..... thanks. Holds the pads nice n steady!
  2. rattle clips - hi-spec calipers

    I think I get you. I didn’t try putting the ends behind the pins. I’ll try that tomorrow
  3. rattle clips - hi-spec calipers

    Exactly where I put them but didn’t seem to “work” against anything
  4. rattle clips - hi-spec calipers

    I just got some new billet 4s which came with the anti rattle springs. I could not figure out to put them on though.....I will accept being ridiculed for this...... anyone got any pics. I had no issues like mentioned above but they didn’t seem to have anything to push against and so do nothing?
  5. Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

    My car came with full Simpson system and it’s a really nice piece of kit.
  6. Redtop Alternator Bracketry

    Thanks. I’ve got a 63mm dia pulley and a 100mm one on crank. I’ll look into it and see what’s what
  7. Redtop Alternator Bracketry

    Hi @linky1967 Im going through the same at present. I have my OE bottom mount and I’m using M8 female rod ends and threaded bar for top mount but I’m struggling to know what length v belt to get. My engine is with builder in bits at present so I can’t measure anything and I want the belt ready for when it’s rebuilt. Could you offer advice on what length you went for and where you can get them from? Also, where did you take your live feed to the alternator from? My old one was self exciting but new small one needs a fused live I’m told. Thanks James
  8. Spongy brakes lacking bite.......the norm ?

    Thanks Jeff, I understand what you are saying. I’ll double check this weekend and see what’s happening with it.
  9. Spongy brakes lacking bite.......the norm ?

    Jeff You mention badly adjusted M/C push rod. I’ve been told this makes a difference but I’ve just upgraded to a larger bore M/C and I could only see that adjusting the push rod affected where the pedal sat in relation to throttle and clutch pedals. Is there something else I need to be aware of with this? Thanks
  10. Dash wiring - AWG rating?

    Excellent. Thanks for the response!
  11. Dash wiring - AWG rating?

    Does anyone know what wire thickness should be used for instrument gauges for wiring live, earth and dash lights? I could only find 18AWG. Is that acceptable or should I get a different size?
  12. Minimum alternator revs at idle?

    @Kit Car Electronics thanks very much. I worked mine to be around 1,550 alternator rpm at 1k rpm and with that it’s less than 13k rpm at max engine revs so I should be all okay.
  13. Minimum alternator revs at idle?

    Does anyone know minimum denso alternator revs so that it charges on idle. I’m fine with max but unsure of minimum?
  14. A year in ownership, the blue brick 2018 edtion

    Really like that. Done a great job and it looks tasteful too.

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