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  1. Just bought my first kit car

    Lovely looking car. Welcome to the club.
  2. C20XE not starting

    Right, before I go on please don’t totally ridicule me....... Fuel....it was fuel. I have the back up on axle stands and thought the tank had more in than it had. A quick top up and it spat straight into life. on the plus side I have plenty of knowledge gained from all your comments and I’d forgotten the sound it makes which I’m still smiling at
  3. C20XE not starting

    I ran battery down trying yesterday I’ll try that thanks terry
  4. C20XE not starting

    Thanks guys, it’s running ITBs. Fuel pump is running and sounds like it’s priming as normal. @terry everall how do I check for spark? Remove plugs and connect to leads whilst out? Cant see it has an external crank sensor - could it be internal? ill check throt pot and other connections today to try and work it out - had to charge battery overnight so couldn’t do anything more yesterday.
  5. C20XE not starting

    I’ve got some wd40 so I’ll try checking all sensors and giving them a light spraying over
  6. C20XE not starting

    Help please. Gave the car a mild clean down but thought I’d been careful with water around the top of the engine. The car now turns over fine but doesn’t even try to fire up. Should I remove spark plugs and leave everything to dry out for a while? Could it be something else?
  7. New member - ex-wscc car?

    Brilliant. Sounds like we’ll be able to help each other out pretty easily then. If you need anything/any help once you get the car let me know! And of course there’s also opportunity to have a drive out sometimes too. I’ve only had mine 3 weeks so I’m just doing a few bits to tidy it up at the minute. I’ll drop you a PM
  8. New member - ex-wscc car?

    Hi Hunter, welcome. I’m N Sheffield too. Where abouts are you? I’m just off M1 Jct 36.
  9. Alternator

    Thanks guys
  10. Alternator

    Could I theoretically use existing pulley as it’s not overloaded the current unit and the others are higher rated rpm?
  11. Alternator

    So as an example something like this would be ok?.....
  12. Alternator

    If I want to replace the large heavy alternator on my C20XE for a lighter smaller one how do I know what spec replacement I need. What power rating do I need? What’s a nippon Denso unit and where do you buy them? Thanks
  13. Help please - anyone know what these are?

    Ah so it could be the led fog light that is situated behind that side of the fuel tank then!??
  14. Help please - anyone know what these are?

    What would that sort of thing normally be for @Thrustyjust do you know?
  15. Can anyone give me any idea what these are and what they may be for? They sat a top the fuel tank and the wires go down the chassis but I haven’t traced them further just yet.