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  1. Oil Pressure Gauge issue

    For the avoidance of doubt, once warm the needle doesn’t drop at all, aware it may read high whilst cold (though it’s reading max) but it should fall once the engine is warmed through. It doesn’t, stays at max. Thanks, Homer (a.k.a the brother, or the idiot who started a second build when we hadn’t even finished the first).
  2. Homer's FW Zetec build thread

    Thanks. They're only shown wonky in the picture as they wouldn't go through when straight so had settled at that angle when I let go to take the picture. Should I have some clips for the other side though?
  3. Homer's FW Zetec build thread

    Right, not updated this for a while. Partly as I was away for a few weeks at the start of September but also because I was stuck with the diff bracket. After WF sent me yet another top bracket we got it all to fit. The revised bottom bracket went straight in and when tightening up the bolts it pulled the bent mount straight. The top bracket remained an appaling fit and took a ridiculous amount of effort with a very strong leaver to get the bolt in, but it's done and all torqued up. I've also got the the drive shafts in and the uprights fitted after they recently arrived. Drive shaft bolts still need torquing up when I have someone to help - needs someone to hold it and stop it rotating, but will sort that another day. I also got the front uprights fitted. I then set to running the handbrake cable, but have a question. The yellow things won't fit in the hole. I believe they should do and I should enlarge the holes with the dremel, there should then be some clips the other side, which I don't seem to have. Is this right? Picture below. I then fitted all the rivnuts for the transmission top, the panels are only temporarily fitted for lining this up. They've now been taken off and put away until a later date. Finally I got the steering column loosely mounted. Again I have a question, where the splined shafts fit into the various slots there is a hole for a bolt to go through and lock this all together. I can't find any bolts for this. Do you know what bolts I should be using? Thats pretty much it for now. I have a few little things to tidy up and the above issues to sort, but I have otherwise run out of things to fit. I pick up the rest of my kit on the 23rd. Thanks again for the help folks. Homer.
  4. Mazda diff instructions

    Yeh my top bracket doesn't look great either but I believe it is "normal". If it looks totally out do check with Mark though as the first one they sent me was so far out I just couldn't see how it could ever reach. I spoke with Mark and he agreed it was wrong and sent another. It's still a poor fit which will be challenging to get to fit but looks more in line with others. So worth checking.
  5. Mazda diff instructions

    Yep just got the same email. Of course I've bent the pickup in my chassis in trying to fit the original one but hopefully we can sort that - we being my neighbour. Still it's progress.
  6. Mazda diff instructions

    Thanks. I've just emailed Mark to say I still have the same issue and please factor my chassis/brackets into whatever solution they come up with to this issue.
  7. Mazda diff instructions

    I look forward to any updates. The fit really is poor. My neighbour seems confident we can get them to fit, but you shouldn't need 35years experience of fettling old cars to make something fit. As has been said earlier in the thread the bushes are also going to be heavily distorted which is not ideal and should the diff ever need to come out again (I really hope not but you never know) you have this nightmare all over again. I won't be doing anything wth mine for a few weeks so if you get anywhere with WF agreeing to sort the issue then I would rather go that route than force the brackets to fit.
  8. Mazda diff instructions

    Yeh looks just like mine too: Top one is even worse.
  9. Mazda diff instructions

    Let me know how you get on. I'm going to have to pick up the brackets issue again on mine in due course. Will be useful to know if they decide yours is wrong.
  10. Mazda diff instructions

    That's very similar to how far out mine are and the top one is even worse. I spoke with Mark and he sent another set of brackets which are just as bad. Won't admit the chassis is just wrong. For now I've given up on them and am off on holiday for two weeks, to pick up again when I am back. If you look at my build thread you'll see I've made a right mess trying to get it to fit and bent one off the mounting points on the chassis. I do have a secret weapon though in the form of my neighbour who restores landrovers and Harley's and he reckons he can sort it. So going to try that in due course. Best of luck with it and as others have said try not to get down about it. It's supposed to be enjoyable, apparently.
  11. Homer's FW Zetec build thread

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the advice and reassurance. Mark is busy checking all the diff brackets they have for the most generous set as he seems to think it still looks a long way off fitting. He's not admitting anything is wrong with the chassis but wants me to try another set. In terms of the bent mount and fitting the brackets, his advice was much the same so I will see how I go on with it. I'm going to push on with some other jobs for a while and then revisit it when I can face it/have some help. As an absolute fall back I am at the factory on 21 October to collect the rest of my kit, so can always run it back to them in advance to sort and collect with the rest of the kit. I don't fancy an extra trip down from Lancashire but if I just can't get it to work I may have to. Fingers crossed but we will get there one way or another. Not sure what I would do without the forum so thanks again for all the help.
  12. Homer's FW Zetec build thread

    Right I am really screwed now folks so any thoughts grateful received. New top bracket has arrived and it is much closer but to me still looks way off (photos below). However, it seems I am to persevere with the bottom bracket. Lots and lots of brute force managed to get the tips of the bolts in on both sides of the bracket, so here was me thinking Westfield and everybody else must be right. So I plowed on with having to really belt it to get each bolt to inch home. The problem is then exiting the back and going through the rear mount the fit is also awful so the bolt has snagged and bent the mount really badly. No chance of getting it in now. I've managed to get the bolts back out and the bracket off with a lot more time, effort and brute force, but have no idea what do do now I think I'm just plain screwed. Really nervous about having to use so much force again or on the top bracket for fear of damaging another mounting point. Thoughts please, yours a desperate man. First two photos are the damaged mount, with and without bracket. This photo shows how far adrift the diff mounts are.
  13. Homer's FW Zetec build thread

    So I've spoken to Mark over the last couple of days. He agrees it looks too far out to be made to fit and thinks the brackets are the likely culprit. So a new set is on its way to me and we will try those. Fingers crossed for a better fit. In other news my brother was over last night and ran through where to run the loom, so I'm happy with that and hopefully can crack on this weekend.
  14. Homer's FW Zetec build thread

    Thanks. This is where I am at the moment. I've tried again this morning with the benefit of being fresh at it, but the gap is huge I really can't see how they could fit, as you say the deviation is pretty big. I've tried all the approaches suggested but got nowhere. Ive got some better photos this morning so will speak the Mark on Monday and send him these.
  15. Homer's FW Zetec build thread

    Ah I'm with you. Yep agreed, plan to crack on with those bits as you say. The uprights don't really hold things up too much, just getting frustrated with this damn diff bracket which really won't go in, grrr. They said 3-4 weeks lead time when I picked up the chassis, then 2-3 weeks when I chased up after 4 weeks. I suspect when I chase up after the extra 2-3 weeks, they will say it will be another 1-2 weeks ....

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