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  1. Aero screen / aa windshield wanted - advice?

    Look at the current AA aeroscreen for sale ,it fits in normal pillar holes The one advertised may not fit your car but will give you an idea ,no longer manufactured but a fair few out there
  2. AA composite changeable screen

    Here’s a couple from the front .I forgot to thank Andy @,a15cro for coming to my rescue and sending the right pillars for a newer car ,also for recommending the mirrors edit how do you get. a15cro in blue
  3. AA composite changeable screen

    heres a couple, you can swap from full screen to this in 15 mins or so all you need to add is a set of mirrors , oh and a helmet .Cant tell you what a rush it is looking at nothing but a bonnet as you go for a blast
  4. Half doors with screens

    Truly impressive well done , a much better less claustrophobic option than the standard doors.What make of half doors do you have ?
  5. Helmet intercoms

    now I've gone to aeroscreen and me and my passenger are helmeted up what's the best [value } commas system out there ? Can they be switched from helmet to helmet ,I've 3 regular passengers with different sized heads

    Explain in simple terms Dave as I've said I'm not that knowledgable, it's been suggested I should look at a rebuilt type 9 box with a long 1st gear which I'm looking into .
  7. AA Composites aero screen

    Just a thought ,tell me what you think ! Ive been doing a bit of reasearch on the uprights, by way if reading old threads ,it appears that they made 2 versions.One was for the cars with the steel windscreen uprights ,the other for the ones using metro style mirrors which I have .Would the scuttle types would be different if so perhaps they've not been trimmed but are for a different car,after all why would anyone want to alter them ?
  8. AA Composites aero screen

    Thanks Russ , Been offered a full refund by seller ,decent chap , Ive also managed to get hold of another pair so all is well Is the screen fixed to the pillars by the 2 fixings that can be seen Steve
  9. oops,don't know what happened there pm sent 

  10. AA Composites aero screen

    Thanks for the picture Mike ,it appears that someone has trimmed nearly half of the front away on the set I've bought rendering them un useable I'll contact the seller .
  11. AA Composites aero screen

    You havnt got a picture of yours by any chance Russ ,to compare the 2 there's something amiss
  12. AA Composites aero screen

    Thanks for the reply Ollie ,the fillet worked fine with the full windscreen and pillars so can't understand why not now . You don't know what size the widebodied one should be per chance that way I would know if it's been shortened ?
  13. Good news the screen arrived today Mike many thanks ,I've trial fitted it however my screen fillet appears too short {see my post for pics } any ideas ?



    1. Kit Car Electronics

      Kit Car Electronics

      Great, thanks for letting me know. I can't post on the forum until I renew my membership (expired today I think) but I think your uprights have been trimmed, not the fillet. My uprights have more meat on them than yours...

  14. AA Composites aero screen

    Come on guys someone must be able to help,,the windscreen fillet is not long enough why ? can I buy a longer one and cut it back ? Any ideas .
  15. AA Composites aero screen

    Just bought one of these from another member anyone got ant pictures of what they look like fitted ,a couple of close ups of the pillars and windscreen fillet would be useful,so I can see how they sit .Do you fix the Perspex to the pillars Thanks in advance .