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  1. Ok I've put nigh on a litre in to get it where I think it should be as it's the colour of golden syrup and hard to see properly .Apparently the engine and oil are just under 2000 miles old question is where did the oil go ? there are no visible leaks ,no smoke from exhaust . Does oil evaporate if it runs a little hot ,there's some sort of tank on the bulkhead with a pipe from the rocker cover going into it There's a plastic viewing tube on the side of it when oil is that clean what's the best way to check dipstick ,I found if you pulled it out and held it vertical you could see where it started to run down from . Im still none the wiser as how to tell when your getting low on oil from inside the car will oil pressure drop off temp rise what ? finally if it's been run whilst low (still performing ok ) and caught in time and topped up I assume all should be ok what oil pressure should you have on a 2l Zetec anyone know ?
  2. How much oil does a performance engine use / burn how often would you be expected to top it up ?
  3. I was having a look around the engine of my new car and checked the dipstick , there was no visible sign of oil however when put on a tissue left an absorbtion mark . The previous ownetr had the engine rebuilt and upgraded at a reputable company and oil changed 500 miles a go ,could it be that clear . it runs ok and the oil temp sits steady at 90 ish what should the pressure read on the top of the dial gauge ? This also got me thinking on a run if you started to loose oil how would you know , would oil temp go up pressure drop etc. As you can tell I'm tell I'm not at all mechanically mind and am used to having dirty oil on a dipstick that's easy to see or an oil warning light . It's a 2014 ford blacktop engine would it be possible to fit a warning light thanks Steve
  4. I know they're not road legal ,but what size are they and where do you get them from ,?
  5. Possibly fat fingers on an I phone , spellcheck or too much Guiness ! Tracy probably does make for a good ride , but I meant. TRACK days.
  6. The title says it all , now I've got my car I was wondering is there anywhere that allows children as passengers on track days . There are loads of track day experiences for kids online a lot of which allow the kids to drive ,my 10 year old is car mad and wants me to take her to a race track what are my options ( if any ) Steve
  7. Thanks .
  8. Thanks for all the replays so far they have been very informative and I now know a little bit instead of sod all. I live in Rutland and the seller is in Aberdeen couldn't be any further apart, Sod's law apparently the car is owned by a fellow member and is well known on the Scottish Westfield scene .The area organiser is called Rab any idea how to get hold of him ?
  9. Whilst browsing the web I came across this ive never seen one what about the rest of you ? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Westfield+fw+kit+car&client=safari&hl=en-gb&prmd=ismvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiEg9KfpKfUAhWiLcAKHaLSANkQ_AUICSgB&biw=1024&bih=672#imgrc=6dld5ZeASzlphM:
  10. still on the search for my first car I've come across this , https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/other-models/2012-westfield-fw-234bhp/7179852 it looks a good car but would you be worried about a rebuilt engine in a newish car ,does getting 234 Bhp out a 2 litre engine mean it's more likely to fail or would be less reliable than a more standard lump ,I assume that if it did go wrong it would be more costly to fix than a standard motor or am I wrong ? Is the FW a wide bodied car, Thoughts on price and spec from those in the know please. Steve
  11. Ideally I would hove bought Ben30R 's car but that's been withdrawn ,I'm a after a B road blaster that's ready set up for track days ie fit to thrash . suitable sump ,decent brakes well tuned motor prefer full cage ,seat of your pants kind of stuff .Ive heard all the facts these cars can bite etc ,but had a few big Bhp jap imports I'm my youth so am used to skittish rear ends
  12. Thanks Dave ,as someone looking to buy my first car it's not as easy as one would think ,just a thought but how about a thread to show cars for sale that those in the know recon to be well specked or good value. thanks Steve
  13. To my untrained eye this looks good value ,what about the silver top engine ? iis it better to get a black top or come to think of it Vauxhall red top ,I'm not very good at the patiently waiting bit I'm still looking frustratedly https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/other-models/2010-westfield-se/7178657 this one I know is not a westie ,but cortina uprights sound prehistoric ,how much would a diff fitted cost roughly. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK-Indy-Duratec-Engine-/172699826282?hash=item2835b6386a:g:N74AAOSwaeRZKthY
  14. Thanks Dave well described ,if it's a narrow body it'd be no good to me I'm too tall and wide . Im going to get to my next local meet ,however if you hear of a car set up for a bigger driver that's suitable for a good blast on B roads and track days ,let me know . budget between 8 -15, for the right car steve
  15. Don't know a lot about mechanicals but had thought it strange that the area around the gear stick was open,or does that mean nothing ? I'm looking for a bit of a B road car that would be good for a few track days ,when you say it's limited for road use what do you mean by that ,excuse my ignorance I'm new . i know it's a how long is a piece of string kind of thing but what in your opinion would be a fair price for the car considering the cost of the things you would want to do to make it right for road and occasional track use ?