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  1. Starting at the Bottom of Westfield ownership 11 months ago

    They look great on the car Pete , it loooks so much better , it gives a more stealth like look instead of startled . Are they an easy swap or do they require any additional wiring ? Steve
  2. Misfire

    Hi Bob I know sod all about cars ,but as said After all the advice all I did was change the plugs and crimped a wire at the location marked by the red arrow .I haven’t got a clue if I have one sender or two . Hope this helps ,if not don’t worry one thing I’ve learned after a lot of car paranoia is it’s never as bad as you think it is Steve
  3. Misfire

    Just a quick update re the misfire in case anyone is searching through old threads Changed the plugs and fixed a wire on the water temp sensor and it’s running better than ever I know all cars are different but if your worried sick and thinking the worst don’t panic it’s never as bad as you think Steve
  4. Compression tester for zetec

    Well good news, compression results passed on to Dunnell all ok ,he mapped the ecu and was confident that all was well with the map and ruled out bore wash ,he told me to check the water temp sensor .He said this ,if faulty ,would send wrong info to the ecu possibly causing the rough running and missing on a cold start . When I checked there was a loose connection so I sorted that and since then all ok on start up .As said previously there was a bit of stutter under load however as the sun was shining I took it for a blat today (2 and a half tanks worth) and all my car paranoia has gone it drove exceptionally well . So all in all a great ending I’ve crimped a wire changed the plugs and the car is running spot on . Steve
  5. Compression tester for zetec

    No probs Terry,the plug link was useful mine look ok I think and I learned something new which is the whole point owning these cars . Ive been told the end on the extension bar is tapered to the same width of the thread so for anyone with a zetec you’ll need one .The testing kit was as good as £40 from Argos and the bar is another £20 ish .A quick look around the web and I can get the same tester delivered for £15 and the bar for £16 so I’m off back to Halfords for a refund . When the new gear arrives I’ll have a go myself but how will I know what compression I should have,after the work by Dunnell will it be running higher compression ,do I need to ask him or will I look a tw@t .Or is there a figure from ford it should be ?
  6. Compression tester for zetec

    @Terryathome Tried to do the compression test but failed ,as the thread on the black tube isn’t long enough ! Does the solid shaft extension.have a tapered section the same width as the thread,(it looks like it does in the picture ) On the plus side whilst finding this out I was shown the process and am confident enough to give it a go myself and I changed the plugs. Here’s a picture for any plug readers I wouldn’t know what to look for.
  7. Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    Nice looking car Pete ,sensibly priced too ,shouldn’t be too long before someone snaps it up . what make are the headlights ?
  8. Compression tester for zetec

    Thanks Terry If I buy the item in the link is that all I need to carry out the test .You mentioned an extension,do I need to get one ? @Terryathome Thanks Steve
  9. Compression tester for zetec

    That’s what I’m after but want to know where I can walk in and buy one ,if I can get one tomorrow from somewhere a mechanic I know will help me this weekend . Due to other commitments he’s not available for another month or so
  10. Compression tester for zetec

    I’m looking to buy a compression tester ,there are a few available but I understand some are not long enough or have too short a thread . Can anyone tell me which one suits and where I can get one off the shelf Halfords or at a motor factors place . While im asking which performance plugs for a 2.0 zetec blacktop Steve
  11. Misfire

    The fuel is never older than the last suny day,the tank only holds £22 quid or so and lasts about a hour and a quarter Ona brisk blat . It’s a 2013 car so lines new then.
  12. Misfire

    @CosKev I had a sniff and wasn’t convinced smelt a bit treacly, how strong would it smell ,does 2000 mile oil smell like new oil or would it have a tinge. First thing I’m going to do is check the plugs ,if they’re soot free does that indicate no bore wash ,is a compression test easy to do and ,if all is good with the compression can I breath easy . Steve
  13. Misfire

    Thanks Kev ,The starting issue only happened once the last time I used it ,and the misfire is a recent thing . ive still got the oil from the last oil change in a sealed container in the garage ,it’s 2000 ish miles old I’m off for a sniff
  14. Misfire

    Thanks for the reply Quinten I haven’t ruled out anything yet as I don’t really know what to look for hence the post . is the coil patch the thing with the red and blue wire coming out the bottom ? what are the symptoms of bore wash ,am I right in thinking you do a compression test to check this /
  15. Misfire

    Thinking back my Misfire ,I think,only started after my fuel leak.The hose from the regulator to the fuel rail came loose and fuel was leaking out .After I’d fixed it by tightening up the jubilee clips the misfire seemed to start ,could it be related or just coincidence .On a trip out over the weekend on initial start up when turning the key the engine sort of stalled followed by loud backfire ,it then started fine. Any ideas ? I want to try the basics before taking it to a garage and paying them to work through a list charge a fortune and tell me it was a loose wire .So what can I check myself ? I assume plugs ,and leads what do I check for and how .do spark plugs need torquing up ,if so what setting on 2.0 zetec blacktop It ticks over ok at the minute and only seems to misfire under hard acceleration ,if the sun comes out is it ok to keep driving as is ? Steve

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