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  1. FW luggage rack

    Any idea of postage cost ?
  2. Taller windscreen

    Got an email from the factory yesterday saying they had just received a delivery of windscreens and that mine was ready ,result ! i went over to collect it and had a look round the factory ,one of the lads I talked to me confirmed it would just slot in,he also said as I have a playsschool roll bar and no wet gear and due to the fact I was keeping the existing uprights I could keep the existing doors {that I never use anyway] without the need to adjust the rake . obviously the windscreen would sit a little proud of the top of the door but with no roof to line up with it wouldn't mater ,maybe not ok for the purists but fine to stop buffeting if your bothered . As advised by you lot he advised to loosen the uprights and warned me to be careful when tightening the grub screw that grips the windscreen as over tightening can easily crack the glass. as far as the mastic goes he said to run a Stanley knife along the bottom of the screen . I'll take a picture of the new screen and may even dig the doors out and fit them .
  3. Taller windscreen

    All interesting information ,which was sadly missed by the parts department when I asked what was involved / needed to make the swap. I don't have a heated screen so that's not a problem ,as far as the rake of the windscreen goes as I'm not going to be using side doors can I not just keep the uprights as they are and fit the screen ? I never built the car and am not very mechanically minded so a question if I may ,when it was built at the factory would the nuts or whatever takes the bolt fixing the arm to the body work be bonded to the back of the fibreglass ? if it's only a slight adjustment does it require re drilling ,if so how do you get a nut behind the bodywork to hold it in the new position? Have I wrongly assumed that this is a relatively easy swap as I was led to believe ?
  4. Taller windscreen

    Yes ,yes and yes . You simply undo the Allen screws remove the existing windscreen and slot in the taller one .(according to their parts department ) Steve
  5. Wind deflectors

    If you get the hinges I'd be interested in a completed ready to use pair . Steve
  6. Carbon NV aeroscreen - fitted

    Wow ! what a transformation it's a beauty , Steve
  7. front splitter and canards

    A couple of questions if I may ,how effective are they ,do they make a difference to handling or are they more a cosmetic good looking addition . Secondly has anyone fitted a front splitter to a FW flip up style bonnet ,if so does it still open for maintenance or does the front of the splitter hit the ground and stop the bonnet lifting ? Steve
  8. Taller windscreen

    Glass and Frame ,unheated ,no stock around 4 weeks I was told .. Steve
  9. Taller windscreen

    Finally got round to ordering one today prices not available on website so for those who want to know the cost is £239.40 you also need the padded box for delivery £35 ish wasn't paying attention as I'm going to pick it up . Steve
  10. Aeroscreen

    I would be interested in seeing a couple of pictures ,can it be fitted without drilling additional holes ?
  11. As it says really ,does anyone make an eeroscreen that is fixed by the same holes that hold the windscreen ? Someone must have come up with a solution .
  12. Taller windscreen

    Thanks for the replies so far I've not got any wet gear yet and have a lowered floor ,although 50 mm doesn't seem a lot it would give I feel better vision ,anyone know how much they are to buy ? I looked on the Westfield parts site but couldn't see the taller screen . i have doors in great condition so could sell and get the bigger ones. Steve
  13. Taller windscreen

    As a taller driver I my line of sight is slightly obstructed by the top corner of the window frame so to compensate I hunch down a bit . I understand the 250 sport windscreen is taller than than the normal one which has got me thinking ,how much taller is it ,would it be possible to fit one to my 2012 FW wide bodied car if so can I buy one from the factory and how much ? thanks Steve
  14. Handbrake light coming on .

    Don't worry Chris, I like you know sod all about the workings of an engine but I managed ,just top it up and leave it about 20 mm below the top of the main body of the reservoir . follow the copper pipes from the reservoir all the way to the brake callipers and check all the joints are dry and there are no leaks (damp or oily patches ) If so you have a leak and have a problem that can be fixed so park it up and get it looked at I think that's sound advice but as said I'm still learning ,I topped mine up and all is well not gone down since Unlike my everyday road car I check my fluid levels on the Westie before every trip better safe than sorry . hope you enjoy your car as much as I do Steve
  15. Half hood with FIA roll bar

    I want to use my car as often as I can ,however as it has an aftermarket roll bar so standard wet weather gear won't fit . I understand soft bits can custom make a half hood which will offer some protection ,has anyone local ish had one made that I can have a look at ,and also help me with the measurements required ? Steve