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  1. X-Mass

    How about one of these to hang in the garage or workshop . http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Cars-Workshop-Garage-Banner-Sport-250-Megabusa-Mega-S2000-/131821048057?epid=1889243197&hash=item1eb12590f9:g:oUIAAOSwCM5XPxBb
  2. More power 2l zetec

    Which means what ,forgive my ignorance as I know sod all about the mechanical workings of a gearbox .Is there an off the shelf gearbox with optimised gears ?
  3. More power 2l zetec

    Weight unknown I take it Id need to go to a weighbridge ,gearbox mt75 ,all I know is it has limited slip differential . I realise I could go down the weight saving route ,it has a fully carpeted interior comfy westfield seats and a big fat 6 foot 2. 17 stone driver . I wanted an all round car which I suppose I have ,I was just wondering if there was a performance upgrade for reasonable money ,if we are talking thousands I guess it would be more cost effective to go on a diet ! 5.9 lsd does that make sense or have I just made that up .
  4. More power 2l zetec

    I've had my car for a few months now and have enjoyed a few track days and summer blats around the country.,its got a Dunnel motorsport 2l Zetec blacktop and Has 235 Bhp at 7500 rpm. im enjoying the car and getting used to the power ,but as the old saying goes it's never enough .Does anyone know what ,if any ,options are available for more power and rough idea of cost .Ive seen a few zetec turbocharged cars up for sale so it must be possible .
  5. Westy wanted

    Weather gear without a windscreen may be a challenge ! 'A tonneau is just a cockpit car cover.
  6. Wind deflectors

    All sorted thanks .
  7. Temp garage up

    No need to apologise I wasn't stirred up or being funny ,just pointing out that a dehumidifier in this case was a wast of time I probably rambled a bit but the end point was that a timber garage is as good as it will ever get for your car as wood absorbes moisture. If you want opinions on engines ask a mechanic ,if your after advice on moisture under cover ask a camper or motorhomer .As said I was only giving advice on something I have experience in ,after all that's the whole point or so I thought
  8. Temp garage up

    A de-humidifier, in what is essentially a big tent ,would be a total waste of time all it would do is pull moisture out the air which is full of it .You would keep emptying it tipping the water away thinking your doing a great job and paying the electric bill however unless your in a sealed environment like a house a dehumidifier is pointless ,you may as well plug one in outside in the garden and see how much moisture you catch compared to that in your tent .It won't be long before someone tells you that you need a small heater but all that will do is create condensation as the warm air hits the side of the structure creating condensation and more moisture . I speak as a motorhomer of many years so know a thing or 2 about moisture and damp, the key is air circulation ,in the winter when it's really cold the sun will come up and your steel chassis will be cold as the canvas/plastic structure is warming up raising the interior temp condensation WILL form on your metal bits . My opinion is ,knowing what I know from years of camping and motorhoming The best all round solution would be a timber garage with a timber floor ,the reason being that wood absorbes moisture so your car is housed in natures best material ,There's a reason that Northen hemisphere buildings are made out of wood .
  9. 15 " team dynamic pro race 1.2

    Thanks however I've got a spare set of tyres so would prefer a couple of rims ,and ideally want ET23
  10. Wind deflectors

    They look great I'm genuinely impressed ,however I don't have a heat gun,workmate or the skill to make them . on the plus side I can't be the only one looking for a set so if you let me know what you want for them ,I and a few others may place an order .
  11. Wind deflectors

    I'm looking for a pair of wind deflectors ,complete with hinges please. Streve
  12. Fabric half doors

    As the title says I'm looking for a set of half doors anyone looking to sell a set not carbon ones . Steve
  13. 15 " team dynamic pro race 1.2

    Still looking for a good conditioned used pair ,
  14. 15 " team dynamic pro race 1.2

    I'm looking for 2 wheels 15 " pro race 1.2 in gloss black ,Good condition preferred .Someones maybe put wider ones on rear and has 2 gathering dust. 15x7 4x108 ET 23 Thanks . Steve
  15. Tyre pressure

    I hat 20t/50/15 r888r's fitted on Saturday and was asked what pressure but didn't have a clue,the fitter guessed at 30 psi ! I take it I need to let some out and get them to 18 .