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  1. Starter.motor troubles

    Thanks Ian ,My Daughter plays netball just round the corner so I know the area well ,I’ll phone them on Monday many thanks Steve
  2. Starter.motor troubles

    Thanks Ian ,the battery post is good, the problem is with the ignition post because if I tap this one she fires up.when you say a repair shop what kind {do I just google solenoid repair shop } The car was factory built then the previous owner sent the engine to Dunnell ,do you think they fitted the starter if it’s odd Why would this be
  3. Starter.motor troubles

    Hi again Mr Thrusty , on my second picture the lead direct from the battery the thick one was top left ,the dodgy one causing the problem had a white and red single cable ( thin) and that was on the small one I’m pointing to. The one on the bottom had two thicker brown ones on. The car has a Dunnell engine in it would the starter motor came as part of the package with the sump flywheel and other bits ? Would blacktop to mt75 mean anything
  4. Starter.motor troubles

    Hi Kev I’m new to this hands on mechanic thing {always used garages before the Bought westy} so I took all the nuts off in case the new starter came without any . Is the earth post the one from the starter (copper wire) all three threaded bits had nuts on
  5. Starter.motor troubles

    I had trouble with my starter motor a few months ago ,one of the threaded bars on the solenoid was loose and you had to wiggle it to get it going. I drove it to our workshop where one of the fitters took it off and went to a motorfactors place and came ack with a new one which was a dud .To let me going he used some powder weld stuff round the nut and all was well,until now .It has packed up again ,I know it’s the same problem because if you tap the stud it goes . As my mechanical knowledge is expanding and I’ve bought some tools , I’ve took it off .I can’t see any serial numbers on it and the sticker is worn so no info visible ,it’s off a 2.0 zetec blacktop . How can I identify it ? Can you just buy the solenoid ? Thanks Steve
  6. Best tyres for a Westfield

    Hi Russ ,I don’t go out unless it’s dry and have a set of r888r on the car I don’t push it too hard at this time of year just in case .I get the point that they work best when they’re warm but surely on a dry cold day a softer compound rubber will give better grip than a harder one ,or is this not so .
  7. Carbon aerosceen widebody

    That’s how I read it ,do you know if it clears the stalks ?
  8. Carbon aerosceen widebody

    Do you know if it fits over the wiper stalks or do they have to be removed
  9. local club activitys

    Hi Simon ,I’m not too far away from you and quite often take a run out through Stamford ,Market Deeping and surrounding area .Good roads for a blast, when your sorted drop me a message and I’ll gladly meet up .My nearest meet is Northampton but I’m working away during the week at the mo so haven’t made it for a while . Steve
  10. Team Dynamics pro race 1.2 x 3 15x7 gloss black 2 sold

    Hi John are you sure the et is 24 ? mine are 15 x7 4x108 And the ET is 23 . funnily enough I’m looking for 2 more ,may stretch to 3 .
  11. Newbie!!!!

    Should fit ,that’s the size on my car ,15’ team dynamics .and Toyo tyres 205/50/15
  12. This is why you shouldn’t film runs out on the GoPro

    Watching that reminds me me of my first track day last year when I got overconfident and tried to keep up with the big boys .Lucki;y it was on an airfield because as the driver I thought I was shadowing turned sharp right ,I continued through the cones and up the runway .Unlike the rider on the clip I only hurt my pride and manager to turn round and skulked back to the pits,just goes to prove there’s a time and a place to push yourself . I get the feeling the bike in front was being ridden by a more experienced rider .
  13. Half hood /Playscool bar

    Thanks for the reply ,was yours the one for the MSA rollbar from westfield ?, How do you find getting in and out ,I’m 6’2 and 17 stone hence thinking the easy. In option with the zips would come in handy .Do you know if you still use the roof rails with the easy in ?
  14. Half hood /Playscool bar

    I’m looking to get an easy in half hood so that I’m not as limited to trips out and about .My cars a wide bodied FW and has a playscool roll bar ,does anyone know if it’s the same width as the MSA or caged one Westfield and soft bits for sevens don’t seem to offer one for the playscool roll bar ,I see I have to measure from the center of the windscreen to the middle of the bar to get the right fit but this is the only measurement soft bits seem to ask for does this mean I can assume they’re the same width Anyone got one with a playscool bar ?