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  1. Wishbones/water rail and alternator

    yes please to the wishbones if they are still for sale?
  2. Tyre Advice

    I've just fitted toyo r1r to mine from DT and I must say they have been fabulous.
  3. stone gaurd

  4. stone gaurd

    Does anyone know the best place to purchase Carbon rear arch gaurds as Carbon Mods seem to have discontinued
  5. Westfield Front Indicator Pods

    Do you still need/want front indicator pods?
  6. Thankyou Martin for rear axel cantwait to get her in now
  7. You wanna meet at esso at baynards green then ?
  8. I'll be going and it would be great if there was some more westies to join me
  9. Tyre pressure

    Thank you for all your advise boys
  10. Tyre pressure

    Was just wondering what tyre pressure to put in my new r1r tyres 205 50 15 old ones had 18psi ? Any thoughts lads...
  11. New boy

  12. Hi

    Hi and welcome
  13. Raceline

    OK ta its just that I've got to inform dvla of an engine number.