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  1. Hi all we are looking for a fast road camshaft for a Ford crossflow and vernier chane assembly . Thanks
  2. Small Parts Clearout

    Hi We would like the steering wheel boss oil breather union and the fuel pump blank thanks Will pm you tonight thanks chris and liz
  3. Rear suspension rose joints

    Hi sent a pm thanks
  4. Required 2 rose joints and 4 lock nuts for SEIW rear suspension arms 1 upper and 1 lower allso a steering rack. thanks Liz and Chris
  5. V8 radiator. Now taken.

    Hi we like the look of the rad will it fit in an SEIW frame the only problem is we live in Peterborough may be possible to get a currier to pick it up if ok with you. thanks Chris and Liz
  6. SEIW rear brake disc and calipers

    Thanks for all the advice think we will stick to the m16 calipers and solid discs as only a 1300 crosflow but are fitting a twin cylinder byas box and will have to work out the cylinder sizes. thanks Liz and Chris
  7. Roll cage required

    Pm sent
  8. Roll cage required

    Sorry put this in the wrong forum
  9. Roll cage required

    Possibly looking for a full roll cage in the next few months for SEIW hill climbe build. thanks liz
  10. MT75 gearstick

    Thanks for the reply sorry for late response we have the same part as in the photo and wondered if there was a shorter stick still with the reverse gate part or do you have to just make one without the gate pin. thanks Liz and chris
  11. Hi all we are putting together a kit of parts for our rebuild project and have new rear uprights but our ford calipers now won't fit, we have been informed possible vw golf if so What are the discs and hand brake cable off. allso we have cortina uprights with we think m16 calipers and solid discs is there a better option on a cortina upright. thanks Liz and chris
  12. MT75 gearstick

    Wanted a gearstick for a mt75 gearbox
  13. Rear upright

    Hi all help requiem with rear suspension uprights Is a upright with cast in part no of 4331083 rh and 4331084 lh ford or vw calliper and is the strut lenth the same thanks Liz and chris