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  1. New member

    from Norfolk... Nice looking Westy
  2. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    My insurance is with A plan... And one of their standard terms is car is only insured at night at home if in garage.. away from home then ok on trailer.. I think there is a time quoted say 6pm to 6 am... So something to consider or be aware of...
  3. Nankang AR1 review

    Russ..I was so close to buying these too..so will be good to see how they go..and if they maintain their performance after a number of heat cycles...
  4. Wireless house alarm

    Thanks Captain.. will have a look at that one..only one left!!
  5. Blyton this Saturday 24th Feb

    You are right..looks cold but sunny..have a great day..
  6. Newbie from Norfolk

    Not good Nel guess it's going to take some work getting sorted.. at least you weren't hurt.. hope you get sorted ok..
  7. Shower cap for cage

    Also soft it's are currently looking at a cap to cover cage..which would be a step forward..
  8. Shower cap for cage

    Craig the trailer cover looks good for overnight whilst on trailer, but I don't think for traveling.. Dave I did look at a half hood.. but don't think it will stop the rain sufficiently.. Is a tonneau cover fine for leaving on while on the trailer as that looks the best option at the moment..
  9. Shower cap for cage

    I am trying locally but not found anyone yet..however I would have thought that with all of the tubes to clip on to it would not be too big a challenge.. If not will have to look at tonneau cover.. I was just trying to avoid press studs on the car... But in fact would probably solve the water issue plus people medling..
  10. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    Yes the girl with the grinder could have had a nasty gash!! She should use protection!! I loved the courier falling in the fish pond, getting wet.. but still delivered his paperwork!! Great stuff..
  11. Wireless house alarm

    Got a problem with my wireless house alarm, type Enforcer... showing fault of wireless low battery.. so long story short changed all - in bell, in PIR x 2, in door contact and now just took both key fobs apart - did not change as dont have new ones, but did take out hoping that would do the trick as if they were not there... Still same alarm showing.. only other one I can think of is the back up in the main box... Will get new batteries for the fobs... but if there are any experts out there then open to ideas... Thanks
  12. Bedford autodrome GT

    Excellent.. would be good to meet up..
  13. Bedford autodrome GT

    Have chosen first play day as Bedford on Saturday 14th April.. should have everything back together by then.. so if anyone else is available to join would be good!
  14. For Sale threads with no contact details

    I agree!
  15. Minor G'box leak advice

    Morning gents Thanks for the offers to come and take my engine out next time I need it doing..even bringing your own hoist even better! Actually I wouldn't want to do it for less commercially.. But good to know the club spirit is alive and well..you could even enjoy a boat around Norfolk..and have a pub at the end of my drive!!!