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  1. Workshop floor

    Thanks Steve.. my mate got some one in..and the 3k included 60 tonnes of muck away.. he is going to price for me too... For a slab with hardcore under materials are around 2k so it's doable for 3k...
  2. Workshop floor

    Thanks Mark.. Shame you aren't local..sounds like you could have helped me out! Thanks again
  3. Workshop floor

    I guess I was seeing it as a slab for putting a light weight building on it.. and appreciate the size..if it was under 30m2 then under building regs and realistically a simple proposition.. there are enough slabs around here which are put down with hardcore and then the slab.. I will take further advice and as you said Oliver get a structural Beng to draw up... It is looking more complicated than the foundations for a similar size extension to my house! Thanks both of you.
  4. Yanny or Laurel?

    Yes I saw it on TV and could only hear yanny.. then they changed the pitch and only hear laurel...
  5. Workshop floor

    Thanks Mark Good access no trees subsoil not sandy or clay.. Muck away included on high price on other includes spreading on field.. Cheap cost just fibres added don't have details of steel in the other but the builder was confident it would easily meet regs with the steel he has allowed for Yes I have been in contact with building control ... But am getting costs together so I can weigh up what size to go for.. A friend just did 60 M2 including a lot of muck away no reinforcing and no building control for 3k... So trying to understand the pricing.. So I guess you will suggest getting in touch with BC and agree spec...
  6. Workshop floor

    Just had prices in for new workshop floor.. I was hoping for around £3k.. dimensions are 6.2*12.2m going to put one course of engineering bricks then wooden structure on top. Will use for storage and working on Westy plus storage of ride on mower plus general workshop. Going on good dry ground.. Quote from local decent builder £5900 plus vat including £900 for insulation under Vs £3450 from another guy with out insulation. Builder including £550 worth of steel reinforcement other only quoting fibre reinforced. Does the slab need mesh for the intended use? Have worked on 150 mm of concrete more round edge, plus 100mm of hardcore. Do the prices seem to be ok? One high one low? Which spec? Thanks
  7. Donnigton Evening Session June 15

    And July 20th... But if you do the evening have a great time it's a fab track..
  8. Favour req. Polo/coolex rad dimensions

    Hi I recently changed my Polo rad for a Coolex one..which has helped with water temperature.. one comment on welding on brackets without rad in your hands or detailed drawing.. I would want to be certain where I positioned the rad plus any other items like oil cooler etc.. I would not necessarily put in the standard WF position and with their standard bracket arrangement. Plus if going for Coolex rad you need to allow for rubber mounts.. So maybe worth getting the rad in your hands.. If no one else comes forward I can measure my Polo rad later this week..
  9. Donnington May 11th

    Thanks Andrew.. I have attached the procomp settings sheet.. I am interested to see what you think and how they compare with others..
  10. Donnington May 11th

    Haha..you beat me to it! Will dig my settings sheet out and let you know.. but need to firm up the rear end..!!'
  11. Donnington May 11th

    Thanks for the video Andrew, good stuff..first time I have seen my car on track close up..and to see the amount of body roll... Shame the sparks and flames not visible!
  12. Talk to me about chassis coatings.

  13. Talk to me about chassis coatings.

    Depends what is driving choice.. ecoating then powder coat will give long lasting rust protection..if you find some one who can ecoat a chassis.. I would have thought powder coat after blasting should be good...
  14. Donnington May 11th

    Just rolled in after a stop over in castle Donnington..local pub great beer, fab food and live music..what more could one want after a great day on track..meeting Andrew and his fast pinto car.. good to see Russ and have some laps with him.. Donnington just a great circuit, still not mastered it but just so much fun..back again in July I think.. Now to look at solving some high speed under steer.. Andrew I hope the trip home was ok..
  15. Donnington May 11th

    Ok see you Friday..

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