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  1. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Sunday, 27 May 2018 After family duties today only, a little bit of an update. So first of all, while playing with RaceStudio yesterday and with the latest version it is now easy to have multiple displays that you can toggle through. Now while I did this yesterday I had not correctly configured the RPM and SPEED settings so that needed fixing quickly. I also finally noticed that the AIM dash actually had a protective screen on it which I removed – RESULT my display is now much clearer. (Read I’m a knob-head) Now with the car facing inward I had a look over the front end with a view to getting the front mudguards on, but actually got a bit distracted, so only about 10 minutes on the front with a bit of de-burring of one of them. So, after AdgeC sent me the suspension setup diagram from WF (Again massive thanks and I still don’t understand why I find this sort of info is like Mission Impossible, why the hell is it just not given out or made public) I decided I’d stop and get this setup using the idea from TJ with string and axel stands. Starting with camber on the front wheels, set with just a little bit using a spirit level as a guide to get both sides roughly the same. Don’t know of a better way and intend to get the car setup properly not long after it’s on the road. Then with the string/axel stands found with my steering wheel centred both sides were pointing slightly right, so I centred up the steering and then adjusted both sides to centre up both wheel’s. I then started tightening up all the front-end nuts and bolts, and managed to get the LH side done, RH will wait until tomorrow.
  2. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Very happy after about a years’ worth of work to get to this point, just a few setup jobs to do and the front mudguards and indicator repeaters. Car now back in the garage after the photo session after a good hovering and clear up. All in all a GREAT DAY.
  3. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I then snapped a few pictures of a walk around.
  4. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Saturday, 26 May 2018 So today was the day I had in mind to make my car move under its own power. Both cars moved off the drive and Son and Wife press-ganged into making the video.
  5. BugMan

    Aim mxs info thread

    tc3nitro, I'd say having got to grips with RS, I think I have a pretty good understanding of what you can do directly from the RS software. The update I pulled down yesterday for the main RS now lets you add further dash lay-outs to your setup, so I'm currently experimenting with them. My car actually moved under its own power and I have noticed i have no Speed or RPM on the subsequent dash layouts, so I'm going back to that next. From my own experience calibrating the fuel tank was quite fun, once I stabilized the electrical connection with shielded separate wire run so I have no interference from the WF loom, I now have a consistent mV value on the live reading from the dash. I then added 1L of fuel at a time up to about 5L and then 2L at a time until fuel was full at 29L which gave me a good fuel map.
  6. BugMan

    Howwwww much!

    Been a WorldOfTanks clan leader for about 6 years, WorldOfWarplains and WorldOfWarships for about 3 and 2 years and Armored Warfare for about 3 years. Was on the alpha/Beta test for the last 2 but TBH I've just lost interest the closer the car has got to being completed. Still play on AW, with the odd WoWs but kind of dropped all the others
  7. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Thanks Dave, is there an easy or appropriate way to best check toe?
  8. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    And its bl**** raining here today
  9. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Agree about the potential stiffness of the 2 part glue, and have in my mind possibly a fillet of something less hard or even a bit of fiberglass fillet around to give it a bit more strength. My mental plan was to get it on the road and keep a close eye on it to see if it needs attention at a later date. It does require a little careful handholding to take on/off as the bonnet has a bit of give over the top to get it to locate, which I think might go away with a bit of careful adjustment, but for now it a job ticked off of the list. Have to say cutting bl**** great holes in a very visible panel like the bonnet scared the crap out of me, but has come out quite well. If i were fitting again I would have done the work on the bonnet with the Dremel and the cutting disk first before touching the catches. YES the bottom of the catches needs removing to get them low in the bonnet, but on reflection I could of ended up with "more catch" on the top and each end for adhesion which I found on the 2nd catch compared to the first. The catches need to be at about 30mm up from the bottom to get them in the flattest part of the bonnet side, and to me that was the most critical dimension, you can't really go much higher as the profile of the bonnet then gets in the way, and you can't go much lower as you run into the bottom of the bonnet and the flat where it meets the side panel and chassis. As I have learnt along the way WF is a lot about compromise as nothing is perfect, just get it to a stage you can live with. Really starting to run out of mental jobs now as sitting in the car last night at about 10:30 playing broom-broom in my head, I'm now really just faced with setup of the front-end which I think I have no toe-in at all after putting her on her wheels and the front mud guards/indicator repeaters. IVA forms next I think to get it moving, and ready over the weekend to have a very quick spin um my cul-de sac road to see if it stops/steers/brakes and self-centres. I'm guessing I should have a small amount of toe-in to self-centre the steering?
  10. BugMan

    Howwwww much!

    I think it's very much a matter of personnel perspective, yes in my mind I payed a lot of money for me complet 250 kit, but to me thats only a small part of the Westfield experience IMHO. For me my personnel journey into building my kit has opened my upto a new chapter in my life as I now no-longer sit in front of a PC with my clan mates fighting battles on various games every night for long hours, and while I have nothing against the "Gamer" title I have just moved onto a better lifestyle with a different focus, better social life with my local WF buddies. Now I'm very fortunate in being at a stage in my life where I can afford to do this and have the support of my wife, in getting my backside off the sofa and being more active. I'd also echo the point that I've never experienced anything negative about my own 250 from the forum or from anybody I have meet along the way from the WSCC, in fact I'd have struggled to be where I am with my project if it were not from the contributions from everybody here, and I take a positive position to try to help others as others have helped me
  11. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Thanks Dave, just trying to follow in your footsteps
  12. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    And then I thought would probably be a good idea to Velcro on the edging strips for the cockpit as well. Found my last remaining Westfield badge and applied this to the nosecone – spent ages trying to ensure this was in the middle Then next on my mental list was to go back to the AIM dash and the fuel tank. So first the car was dropped onto here wheels and I found that RaceStudio had again been up-dated. Just the Windows application not any of the FLASH/BIOS for the dash but noticed its now easy to add in other dash displays, so had a bit of a play around with that for a while. Along the way switching from KPH to MPH noticed the wheel dimension was off a bit, so re-measured outside diameter and entered in. Was about 4” difference so will ask Mark about this just to confirm. So back to Petrol, and setup to add 1L of petrol at a time, taking note of the mV values from the live AIM dash, and then entering that into the fuel tank map. NOTE TO AIM USERS, there are just about enough table entries in the map to do 1L up until about 5 gallons, then switch to 2L steps. Continued on this after a quick trip to the petrol station and managed to get 29 Litres in the tank until it was “brimmed”. Another quick job was to separate all the keys I now have onto 2 keyrings, driving set with Ignition/Boot/Fuel cap/Aerocatch and the other with all the spares, and I then went on to cut up some more rubber pond liner to go in the bottom of the sandwich box (boot). Finally, this morning I quickly took a couple of pictures of the passenger side bracket for the Aerocatch And then another for the driver side I think I will try to find something to fill-in the holes cut in the locating lugs for the bonnet and then paint them black as I have seen on another build as I think that finished them off really nicely
  13. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    So back to my box of bits and next thing was the Velcro to hold on the edging strip for the dash. When I un-wrapped I was surprised to find a bunch of rivernuts in the pack. LESSON FOR ALL BUILDERS – If I were doing this again I’d unwrap absolutely everything Anyway, applied Velcro to inside of dash cover strip and to the dash (hooks on the crash-pad)
  14. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Thursday, 24 May 2018 So today I had arrive, from eBay, some more 2-Part adhesive, and I stumped up for a proper applicator gun which was about £18. So after fixing the in 2nd catch on the RH side and applying a bit more adhesive around both joints it was back to the mounting catches. Driver side was just to easy to use the sheet metal box used for the fly-by-wire to not follow Steve’s example from his 250 build. Taped up, bonnet put in-place, marked through with a shaped pencil, drilled and then the locking catch fitted after being cut roughly in half. For the passenger side I made up a simple bracket from some bent aluminium which I’m going to river to the chassis after drilling out one of the previous rivets for the sheet aluminium on the top surface. Bent, drilled, chamfered and then I filed a bit of a slot for the red locating peg/bolt so I could adjust for height. After a bit of adjustment and a bit applied bending of the locating pegs the bonnet is now attached. This involved, as per usual, a bit of jiggling around of the various panels but it’s a fit I can live with now. Driver side Passenger side
  15. BugMan

    Howwwww much!

    Yet again it’s back up, with a new price, that’s the “classic” bit

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