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  1. Yorkshire breakfast club, 18th February

    I'm in Shelley,just up the road from breakfast Currently scratching my head with pipe work
  2. Not cool, will try to avoid that
  3. Cool Robin, thats really good of you bud
  4. Thanks crew, very much appreciated will get it on order.
  5. That looks bl**** clever, so it replaces the top of the reservoir so I guess then there is no foot-pedal work and the air-pressure does the work 4u? G4062_Instructions_GB.pdf
  6. Like this on Dave? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gunson-G4062F-Eezibleed-French/dp/B009WPGAQW/ref=sr_1_2?s=diy&ie=UTF8&qid=1518781698&sr=1-2&keywords=Gunson+Eezibleed
  7. Ok team, got some brake and clutch bleeding/filling in my near future, and TBH I've not done any of this since I was about 19, on a knackered yellow Ford Escort Mk1 So I'm after some recommendations on what I need, what makes it easiest etc. Seen a whole bunch of stuff if you Google it, but after what is best/easiest to use, and ideally make it a 1 man operation ?
  8. Aluminium Panels

    Same here, I split mine into 2 and am due 2nd part next week. Cant imagine how people build a complete kit in a single garage in 1 go, as I've spent ages moving stuff arround and I have a double garage
  9. Aluminium Panels

    Start a build thread, and have a read through what others have done, which is how I started to get a job flow in my head. I would personally recommend fitting and drilling all the panels first, as you will likely hit the odd extra hole (I did on the passenger side inner tunel panel. Get some Dinitrol ML to spray into the chassis as you drill to help prevent rust etc. I then sprayed all of my panels with Dinitrol 445 black paint, which I got the idea from Dave's build diary, along with a hole lot of other ideas. While you early in the build a build diary will help with advice if you have any questions, as the forum have stopped me making quite a few basic mistakes, that were not obvious to me at the time, can't recommend this enough, and we love pictures. I never considered getting the panels powder coated at the start as it had never occured to me, but a few other have done so and in some ways I wish I had as the finish looks great.
  10. New Member Introduction

    Welcome from Yorkshire, as others more pictures please, we love pictures
  11. Rich's S2000 Build

    I had the same issue with the driver side panel, the tube is correct in that its smaller, and the holes don't' line up. I fitted my panel in the passenger side, and locked it in place with cleckos, then scribed 2 lines either side of the back rail, then took the panel out and cut it down to match as I was concerned about overlap and it chafing anything. I then drilled holes between the 2 lines in the panel on the bench. Then put it all back together, and drilled it in the fram, through the new holes in the panel. Bit tricky because of the access, but better done now with nothing else in the way. I've used both a flexi-drill and a 90 Deg drill but it is tight in there. Hope that helps a bit? As it turns out I've had no interference with anything down that side of the tunnel, so was a bit over-thought/engineered as my electrics are on the driver side.
  12. ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    Yea I did think that it very much depended on the battery. I had a similar problem with a conventional battery in a Renault Laguna that after having a car phone kit commercially fitted lost its mind as it f-ucked with its computer brain, finally fixed with a new battery under warrintee, after being back to Renault 4 times.
  13. ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    I know it might be a scary thing to suggest, but if you have a multi-meter and disconnected the POSITIVE from the battery and then put the meter in AMPS's mode and connected it in series (assuming your meter has a current connection for the leads) that would show if there is a leak, probably in the milliamp range, but start with the meter in a high amp setting. Did a quick google for a pic, and this is the closet I found, showing how to test a bulb, but I hope you get the idea? I would not expect there to be any draw with a car in the off position, but TBH I've never tried it, I guess if you have a car alarm or something hard wired, this would influence it, for gods sake through don't try to start the car with a meter in circuit or there would be a big bang as a starter draws a hell of a current. This might give you a clue if there is a current drain, or it could just be the battery. I assume that the batter size in all WF's is just about big enough to start the car, with not much capacity to spare as that would be more weight Just my 2p worth
  14. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I'll pass that message along, bud, but I'll be standing by the door just in case
  15. ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    Yep, I'm in the same camp of the bat sitting on a conditioner, and would be keen to see the results Exitus?