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  1. Donington Park end of Jan - madness?

    Ha ha, you've just got bigger b*****s I could be up for that one £99 is cheap for Donington. I might wait until nearer the date to book though.
  2. Donington Park end of Jan - madness?

    I did Donington a couple of weeks ago with Javelin which was also 98db Drive by and had no problems at all. I'm sure my car is louder than yours @RussH
  3. Made a new friend yesterday

    Ahh, hi Albert. My Lab is 4yrs old now and she is such a loyal companion and I wouldn' be without her. The training is tiring but labs are so obedient and she never chewed a thing!
  4. A really bad day

    Chin up Russ. Being in a traumatic situation like that certainly makes you reflect on life itself. Take Care buddy.
  5. Donington Park Sun 19th Nov

    Not even damp from the early morning dew!
  6. Donington Park Sun 19th Nov

    Fab day at Donington, track was very cold first thing and with cold tyres understeered of at redgate on the 2nd lap (whoops), had a spin a bit later, dipstick somehow dislodged itself in the afternoon so the engine oil decided to coat the inside of the bonnet (and everything else backwards of the engine) and due to the high speed nature of the track, the plastic cycle wings decided to feed themselves to the front tyres and disintegrate. All in all, best day out I've had in a long time Couple of videos to follow when I've got time to upload them. P.s. Nice to meet you Steve, and sorry for using all your tissue! Scott
  7. Dash 2 backlight not working!

    It was a bit of a mare driving home in the dark with no back light and the display went off completely for the last 10 miles or so.
  8. After a very wet journey to Cadwell a few weeks ago, water managed to get into the Dash 2 by running down the display and into the bottom of the frame. This caused the Dash to malfunction and at one point the display went off completely! It's all dried out now and all working fine except the blue backlight that should come on when switching the lights on. Any ideas?
  9. Donington Park Sun 19th Nov

    I'm aiming to be there around 7.45 as it's only two junctions down the M1 for me.
  10. Donington Park Sun 19th Nov

    Don't mind a bit of cold weather (putting 3 layers on) At least I won't feel like a sponge this time . Did you get hitched the other day?
  11. Donington Park Sun 19th Nov

    Yes almost! Removed the wheels and gave the discs a rub down with some fine grit emery cloth. Put back together and Hey presto the judder had become hardly noticeable. Think I will remove the discs over the winter and give them a proper rub which hopefully will completely rid the issue. The advice on here is invaluable!
  12. Donington Park Sun 19th Nov

    I'm off to Donington Park on Sunday 19th. Anyone else from here booked yet?
  13. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    The silver s***ter? Please enlighten me.....
  14. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    I might come to this one (weather dependant) I'm going to book it a few days before if it's going to be dry. Who did you book with & how much?
  15. Got my first westy - Yay!!

    @jimbobtcc206 Nice Motor! Look forward to seeing you out in it. Does it make a nice noise?