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  1. Donnington Track Day

    Do you know where the noise meters are located?
  2. Donnington Track Day

    I didnt have any issues with noise and I wouldn't say mine is the quietest of cars.
  3. Donnington Track Day

    I did Donington in Nov last year and really enjoyed the high speed corners. I'm up for it again this year.
  4. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Interesting topic. I too have disc judder (another S2000 owner) which started happening on a track day at blyton. At the time, the discs were only a thousand miles old. I removed the disks and sanded the surfaces with an orbital with medium grit then re fitted. Although the feeling of a sticky spot had disappeared, I can still feel the brake pedal pulsing under foot. Seems a bit of a coincidence that a few of us are experiencing the same issue!
  5. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Hopefully, can't commit to anything at the moment as currently buying a house. Once I know completion date I will be able to confirm if I'm joining you all.
  6. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    The revised div tax rates/allowance stinks!
  7. Uploading Videos

    Tried to upload my first video earlier today and got a message reminding me the max file size is 139MB! How on earth is that possible if your video is longer than 5 minutes?
  8. Oulton Park track day 10th April

    Possibly up for this if it doesn't interfere with me moving house. Can't confirm until I have a date.
  9. Dash 2 backlight not working!

    Sorted Dash is back from RT fitted back in car and all is working as it should Can't fault Race Technology, great service and a pleasure to deal with. It only took them 2 days to repair and return the dash2 to me and they have also re-sealed it so hopefully no more water getting in. Thanks @Mistercorn
  10. Waiting for delivery of some carbon fibre cycle wings from carbon-nv to replace the plastic ones that i destroyed at donington. What have people been using to coat/cover the insides? I'm thinking along the lines of reducing the noise of stones/debris hitting the inside. What is the felt stuff that is fitted to tin top production cars?
  11. Dash 2 backlight not working!

    Update: Backlight is still not working, so Dash2 has gone back to Race Technology for 'inspection'. Turns out their factory is just down the road from me so I dropped it off this afternoon.
  12. Compression tester

    Possibly, that's a bit beyond my capabilities though.
  13. Compression tester

    Cheers. I'll take you up on that offer When is convenient for me to pop over?
  14. Compression tester

    How do you get in to tighten it up?
  15. Compression tester

    @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary Yes it is for an S2000. Can you recommend one?