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  1. Harnesses in yellow.

    Anyone interested in these before I Ebay them?
  2. Odd egg

    All these egg jokes are cracking me up! I how you didn't have to shell out for a fresh one! Sorry. Couldn't resist...
  3. Oh how I laughed..............

    That's a good saving! I'm thinking of a bulk buy and flog them off to Caterham owners at Stoneleigh...
  4. Oh how I laughed..............

    And a tube of glue to stick them on - £40!
  5. Harnesses in yellow.

    One pair of unused harnesses for sale. These are extremely long harnesses that I believe are designed more for rally cars than seven types, but they will adjust to suit our type of cars. The only real issue for me is the bottom lap belt brackets seem to be bent the wrong way, but I maybe missing something... These are unused but they do have a few small marks where they have been in storage. I suspect a damp cloth will take these out. I'm open to offers on these, unless you happen to have a pair of black ones you would like to part with. The yellow colour matches really well to the chrome yellow Westfield colour too.
  6. Where is Thrustyjust

    Don't know about TJ, but I've finally managed to find wally in that picture! Only took me about half an hour....
  7. Car SOS

    Excellent, if somewhat sad, episode. I'm quite new to this program, but from what I have seen so far, its very enjoyable. Delta Integrale has always been one of my dream cars (along with Westfields obviously!)
  8. New here! Hello and looking to buy my first!

    from Norfolk!
  9. Wet Tyres

    from Norfolk! I couldn't help but notice a lack of photo's. We like photo's!
  10. Windscreen wiper kit. SOLD

    Thanks Dave.
  11. Windscreen wiper kit. SOLD

    If you don't happen to have a lot of interest Dave, would you be willing to split, as I need a pair of the wheel spindles with the nylon spacers and wiper arms. I already have the motor and cable/tube assembly.
  12. How many have you had?

    Lol! No betrayal, just pure senility....
  13. How many have you had?

    I used to keep a list but got bored after number 40. Not chronologically listed and some will be best forgotten... Boring cars : Cavalier diesel Peugeot 306 diesel Peugeot 106 diesel x2 Mini 850 van Ford Cortina X2 - 1.6 & 2.0 Datsun 180B (don't even ask) Vauxhall Carlton 1.8 Rover 114 GTA Rover 420 diesel Mk2 Escort estate (donor vehicle for locost) Focus 2.0 Ghia Escort 1800 Ghia X Current car - Ford fiesta 1.2 Fun cars : Fiat 127 sport Escort XR3 Lancia Delta 1500 Lancia Delta Turbo Sierra XR 4x4 Fiat Strada 105TC Fiesta XR2 Fiesta ST Peugeot 205 Gti 1.6 Peugeot 205 Gti 1.9 (absolute favourite to this day) Mini 850 saloon (slow but epic!) Toyota MR2 (mk1) Ron Champion Locost (self built) Mk1 Golf Gti Mk2 Golf Gti Saab 900 Turbo Other current car - Vauxhall Mokka Turbo (shouldn't be fun but it is!) I've forgotten lots plus a few motorbikes to add but that's most of what I can remember.... I can't believe I forgot to add the Westie to this list!!! I'm now off to suitably punish myself....
  14. Happy Birthday Webmaster Chris

    MHR Chris. The weather looks a lot better there! Bring some back with you...
  15. The Rotary Westfield

    Looks really neat! Plenty of cheap Mazda RX7s on the market now too. Mind you, they are cheap for a reason, one of which being reliability I believe...

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