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  1. Wobbly Webs

    I could be interest ed in a set but will wait till I have seen the images of them. Cheers Tony
  2. Light & Fog switch wiring issues - HELP

    Great news
  3. Building my Eleven

    Thanks Simon. Have you done your rollover bar yet ?
  4. Building my Eleven

    Do you have a link for Jacob engineering, as I would like to look into getting one. Tony
  5. Hello Xl owners

    Went and picked up my doner car on Saturday, the photo's make it look a lot better than it it is. It's what i would class as a 20 foot car (looks good from 20ft) I've had to leave it at a friends for now as I have a new roof going on my workshop this week so I hope to get her home and start work in the next two to three weeks.
  6. Hello Xl owners

    HI Jon I believe this is your Xl just being finished off by Mark who only comes in to work on the Xl's as and when required by Westfield for the last 10 years he come across as very nice happy chappy .
  7. Hello Xl owners

    Thanks a lot for your post Simon that has given me peace of mind I've now got got a 550 mile round trip to pick the car on Saturday which should be fun with trailer, But looking forward to getting my donor....... Have you done anymore to yours Simon ? Jon will post the photo tonight, I've have really been enjoying your build thread and anxiously waiting for more updates Tony
  8. Hello Xl owners

    I see what you mean by what to do about a donor as I have been going backwards and forwards on what to do here as I want a dateless registration and wire wheels, but don't want the 1098 engine. So I have decided to look for any midget that is complete other than any holes in the body and after trawling the internet for about 2 months and seeing the prices just rising and rising, well that the way it seems when you are looking to buy one. Well I have finally found one that's not silly money but with steel wheels, it's been owned by the same person since 1984 and last on the road in 1991 but the engine number doesn't match the engine number on the log book. The owner has told me this is the engine was in the car when he bought the car so I have asked him if he could write letter stating this as I will want an age-related number plate. Does anyone on here see a problem with me doing this and still getting an age-related plate ? As for it not having wire wheels on this car e-bay has been my friend and last night I went on a 200 mile round trip to pick up a complete wire wheel front/rear axle :-) John I think it may have been your car we see being finished off when we were there, Fiona took a photo of it being worked on (I can send send you a copy). Look like I'm going have learn how post up photo's :-) Tony
  9. Hello Xl owners

    First of all sorry it's taken a bit for me to get back with some feedback from Stoneleigh as you all know life just take's over some time's. I would like to thank Simon (Sunbeam Lotus) for spending so much time and enthusiasm talking to me and Fiona about the Xl as well as answering 101 questions that I asked him what a great chap, he even let me and Fiona sit in his car thank you for that Simon Rob you were 100% right about me seeing Simon car and on the Sunday before leaving the show I went and put my order in for my Xl and if it goes wrong it's all down to Simon We went down to the factory yesterday to go over the build and option Now that put my mind in to overtime so much so that on our way back we stopped off for some lunch for about an hour or so only to come back to the car with a flat battery because I left the lights on (been raining). So the journey has begun and I've still got to found a donor car yet Simon how are you getting on with your ROPS ?
  10. 21st May, Yorkshire Breakfast Club

    I will pop along to this as I have just bought an Xl but not taken delivery yet, see you all later. Tony
  11. Hello Xl owners

    I hope you are right about when I see Simon car Rob (I'm sure I've made my mind up ready and I'm just going through the process ) as in the photo on here it looks fantastic, do you have a build thread for it Simon ? Rob I've been reading your thread with interest as you are building it for sprinting as it something I will be looking at doing with mine Have you been sprinting for long ? I done two round with WSCC at Blyton park in my Elise back in 2015 but that's another story. Looking forward to seeing more progress on your build. Tony
  12. Hello Xl owners

    Thanks for your reply Simon looking forward to seeing your car at Stoneleigh have you had it long and did you build it yourself ? Cheers Tony
  13. Hello Xl owners

    Just saying Hello as looking to maybe building an X1 (been thinking about it for 4/5 years now and being a Lotus fan/owner the time is now), but would like to see a few in the flesh if that is possible before I start to build one. I'm base in South Yorkshire if there is any meets or anyone is around that area with an X1 that I could come and see it would be appreciated. I'm also planing on going to Stoneleigh to see any X1 there as well. Thanks for reading Tony