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  1. Stephen W

    Supercharging a Duratec

    I can imagine, I'm nearly done on my 300bhp NA duratec install. 100% the first thing to go bang will be my english axel...
  2. Stephen W

    Supercharging a Duratec

    How have you gotten your engine so far back?! Mines an inch further forward than that!
  3. Stephen W

    Oil cooler kit 13 Row new fitted but removed

    What length are the hoses?
  4. Stephen W

    Padding on roll cage

    Do not use pipe lagging. FIA stuff only. You only have one noggin.
  5. Stephen W


    Ash.... further to my PM I think I have the engine side hose for this too...
  6. Stephen W

    13" Rims and tyres

    Would you courier them?
  7. Stephen W

    ZK Carbon Parts

    Hi All, Does anyone make nose cones, bonnets, scuttles and rear arches in carbon for the ZK type body work?
  8. Stephen W

    Slave cylinder issues

    I took my angle grinder to it tonight. All sorted.
  9. Stephen W

    Slave cylinder issues

    Apparently I can just cut the front old style bearing support tube off the front cover.
  10. Stephen W

    Slave cylinder issues

    Right I have a new Titan bellhousing and Titan release slave cylinder. Bell housing looks like so.... The slave cylinder looks like so.. The central shaft of the slave cylinder won't fit over input shaft shrowd on my Quaife. Do I remove the input shaft cover from the box, or do I press the central shaft out of the slave cylinder? Thanks!
  11. Stephen W

    Duratec engine mounts

    They might be fine although my 300bhp might test them. The Raceline ones would fit but they can’t get stock for a while and I can’t imagine they’d want to sell the engineering drawings.
  12. Stephen W

    Duratec engine mounts

    My dry sump set up is in the way of the Westfield ones. I did order the plinths but they are the wrong angle too and Westfield part sure don’t seem to concerned about me returning them.
  13. Stephen W

    Duratec engine mounts

    What have you got?
  14. Stephen W

    Big Power Duratec Conversion Project

    Well it’s a good bit longer than my old K series short one! I have measured it too.
  15. Stephen W

    Big Power Duratec Conversion Project

    So it looks like I’ll be going hydraulic clutch then. I will order the parts from Westfield, will they arrive within a year?! Also as you can see I already have a bell housing but it’s a long one and my input shaft is a short one.... So if I get a new short Bellhousing will I be able to use the current hydraulic release baring which is fitted to my current Bellhousing?

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