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  1. Speed Sensor for the ECU

    Yes I'd rather a proper target like an OEM abs ring based system. Picking up a random bolt isn't what I'm after.
  2. Duratec Intake Noise

    How about just a partial cut? Or does the Duratec end up with the bodies out of the side of the bonnet. Engine in mine, is a canted K series with 130mm trumpets.
  3. Speed Sensor for the ECU

    What have you guys used? The one I use for the speedo is a bit b*****k* over 90mph. I'm looking for an accurate wheel driven on for my ECU feed?
  4. Bonnet modification

    With the windscreen the base area of it is actually high pressure, so there would be a potential of stalling the air under the bonnet. I think where the Westie indents are they will be too far forward to suffer from this.
  5. Bonnet modification

    How many of you have opened the vents up in the 3 indentations on the bonnet? Did you see any benefit? *not my image.
  6. Snetterton 300 - 16th of October

    I use these guys http://www.insuremytrackday.com/ Cheaper to buy 5 separately here than add 5 to my policy.
  7. Wide body tonneau cover

    As per title. Pref with seat additions.
  8. 13" Tyre choice

    edit 12mm..... You'd gain 4.35% speedo error too. So 60mph = 60mph on your current set up. On 185's 60mph = 57.8mph.
  9. 13" Tyre choice

    Depends what you use it for. It'll also lower the car about 7mm.
  10. 13" Tyre choice

    I get mine from Tyre leader. bl**** cheap too. https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/nankang/ns-2r/185-60-r13-84v-450723
  11. LED Headlight bulbs

    Are they legal? That beam pattern doesn't look very controlled by the lamp housing.
  12. 13" Tyre choice

    Nankang NS2-R's are good in the dry and the wet. I run them all the time now.
  13. Where to buy this part.....

    Yes its an odd one. I don't want to lose the inlet length. I need to find some 120mm long 42mm ID stacks with a mount for the backing plate.
  14. Where to buy this part.....

    The bodies are 42mm Jenvey DTH's.
  15. Where to buy this part.....

    In this image there is a plastic inlet spacer that is around 70mm long. It can be seen between the throttle bodies and the air filter. Its black. Where can I get a new one? I've searched all over and no one seems to know. It looks worryingly home made.....