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  1. Aero....

    What have you done to make your 7 a bit more slippery? I'm not taking about the obvious things like, Aero screen, and under tray. What are the more novel things you've tried?
  2. Donnington 2nd of March

    I'm going with Opentrack.
  3. Donnington 2nd of March

    Anyone going?
  4. Carbon aerosceen widebody

    Do you know who made that? Its an awesome idea.
  5. Brand new, surplus to requirements. £10 delivered
  6. Trailer weights

    Ah. That makes it easier.... She would be fine. From the DVSA "Where the sum of the maximum plated weights of the towing vehicle and of the trailer added together exceed the plated GCW of the towing vehicle, this is not a problem as long as the ‘actual’ weights of the vehicle and trailer (which may not be fully laden at the time) do not exceed the plated GCW."
  7. Trailer weights

    Depends on the trailer in regards to the DVSA. Most trailer manufacturers will re plate (Downwards only, or back to OEM spec if already down plated) with a new certificate for your trailer, if the trailer is reasonably new, for a small fee. (Ifor Williams is £80, Brian James is £100). Re-plating of Horse boxes has being going on since the 1997 driving rules came in, so young ladies can tow (Generally with a 320d Estate) once Dad is fed up of it! If the trailer is of an undetermined make or year a simple home replate will be enough. (My trailer is German made from 1996).
  8. Trailer weights

    If you passed your licence before 97 it doesn't matter as you are B+E by grandfather rights. If you have a B only Licence then... Its max weight on both occasions. Licence is based on Maximum articulated mass (MAM). So trailer will be max plated weight = 2600kg. Car will be max laden weight (You can get this figure off your V5) On my old B licence I had to 'downplate' my trailer. I used BMW E91 Touring - Max weight - 2095kg (Braked towing capacity of 1600kg) Down plated my trailer to 1400kg. My MAM was 3495kg. 5k under the limit for my license. You can down plate a trailer yourself using plates off ebay. You will be limited by the tow car though. I just bought a Range Rover for towing so had to do my B + E test as even my downplated trailer would technically have put my over the 3500kg MAM limit. Once you have a B+E having a trailer plated for higher than your cars towing capacity isn't an issue, as you should load the trailer only to the tow cars capabilities.
  9. Rover K series engine value?

    Does anyone know roughly what my motor would be worth? 1.8 Scholar 'Evo 2' Block Omega Hi Comp forged pistons DVA Power EU2 Head with Paul Ivey Valves Piper 285 cams Piper verniers Solid lifters Dry sump pump with 1x pressure and 2x scavenge Custom 4-2-1 Manifold and exhaust Jenvey DTH throttle bodies The engine has made 200bhp - 150lb/ft on two separate occasions at Emerald. Current rev limit is 8000rpm. I guess the market for this engine might be more focused at the Lotus/Caterham boys?
  10. Another set of Compomotive CXRs

    Hell! Those rears are huge!
  11. Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    Happens to the best of us. I only noticed them due to fitting a set of those to my track rims last week!
  12. Solid tonneau covers

    That’s ideal too. Make another and send it to the UK please haha!
  13. Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    Sorry I was just curious!
  14. Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    Are the front tyres on backwards for a reason?
  15. 2.0/2.3/2.5 Duratec Westfield

    Are you following me....