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  1. Megablade

    Thanks guys. Thought it would be a long shot. I will contact AB Performance for a quote!!
  2. Megablade

    Sorry, may not have been clear enough. I currently have a 919 powered megablade and was wondering I the CBR1100 (blackbird) engine would fit the 919 engine cradle?
  3. Megablade

    Does anyone know if the cbr1100 xx engine fits the 919 engine cradle?
  4. Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Thanks to you all for the support, should be a great day out
  5. Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Thanks for the support guys
  6. Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Good morning all, I hope this post is allowed and the right part of the forum to post it. I have been asked by a friend to invite wscc club members to an event he is organising, This a charity event and entry is free. It’s the first time this event has been held and it’s open to anything with wheels!!!! There are various car and motorcycle clubs that have been invited along with trucks vans and agricultural plant and It would be great to have a few westys all lined up. The event will take place on the 3rd of June at Farringdon football club anyone and everyone will be welcome. If the event is a success, it could become and annual event.
  7. MX5 Gearbox

    Ok Chris thanks
  8. MX5 Gearbox

    Will this fit a narrow body westy
  9. saab powered westfield

    Stumbled upon after a google search. Thanks for the pointer
  10. saab powered westfield

    I know this is an old post but what engine management did this guy use? I have a 919 megablade and looking to swap out for a more conventional set up. Looks like a type 9 box as well? Really interested in the out come of this
  11. Narrow body engine options

    I believe it was originally a conventional set up and was converted at some point,to be honest I had very little in the way of history with the car when I bought it. I have contacted Westfield about the history of the car for that exact reason. My bother in law has a westy too and underneath it's almost identical so fingers crossed.
  12. Narrow body engine options

    Mainly touring with an odd track day here and there, but still plenty of power to put a smile on my face when at the lights if you know what I mean. I don't want to have to modify much and ideally not cut holes in the bonnet. I currently have a 919 fireblade engine and it goes very well so looking for something with similar performance when required.
  13. Narrow body engine options

    Right I am sure this has come up before and after searching through the forum I have come accross a number of different threads. So the first thing I would like to know is, what engines will fit the SEi narrow body westy? I have see threads on Zetec, V8 and even one for Volvo T5 (which is very interesting). Any advice or direction on this would be appreciated.
  14. Interesting option for those wanting a 6 speed gearbox

    Hi all, just started thinking about engine swap in my westy. Currently got a 919 fire blade engine but that's coming out and going for a zetec. I was wanting to use the RX8 gear box until coming across this discussion. So the question is, will the RX8 gear box fit a narrow body westy ??
  15. Se narrow body bonnet

    Hi yes, they have already contacted me. Neil is getting back to me today thanks you anyway

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