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  1. Came across this stocklist from Terry Nightingales while clearing out my garage - list not dated but must be circa 1996/7 for general Interest - wonder how many of these are still on the road - if post inappropriate feel free to remove 99% certain that the 1996 Seight on stocklist became mine in that time frame Of the 3 different Westfields that I owned between 1995 -1999 only one is or was still around though on SORN earlier this year - more than can be said of the other 2 Westies - DVLA has no record of them apparently no MOT/SORN info available Anyone recognise there pride and joy ?? TerryNightingal-0001.pdf TerryNightingal-0002.pdf
  2. Seiw Sport Carbon 2.0 Zetec Blacktop. - Sold.

    Hi Chritiano - Assuming it's still available Which version of the engine is it pls Silver top or Black top ? and is the wiring loom in place for the Screen /washers etc - ideally looking for a Westy with fitted screen. See its set up for hood etc you didn't mention it - do you have a Tonneau cover for it ? and finally how close to Durham are you ? - i'm in Darlington
  3. Westfield Seiw £5250 SOLD

    Julian thanks - - looks like i may need to put any purchase on hold - house sale just gone through so is gonna take more of my time than I wish - Will be back looking once settled in new place. been too long since I last had a Westie Good luck with the sale
  4. Westfield Seiw £5250 SOLD

    Hi did you sell the car or is it Still Available ?
  5. Not to this pedestrian
  6. Hi - Sent you an email - let me know if you didn't get it
  7. Hi Bob Just joined the club is the car still for sale - i didn't spot a sold sign Regards