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  1. Lucas/Mini style rocker switches. (Set of four)

    I will take those as well (only need one fog lamp switch so disregard my previous entry), PM me some payment details and I will send some money
  2. Doors, Wiper motor, Wiper arms & Blades.

    PM re hood frame and hood
  3. Wiring loom plugs Help

    Which multipin plugs are you looking for?
  4. Lightweight Alternator - Nippon denso SOLD

    I will buy it if it is not suitable for jimbobtcc. Thanks, Phil.
  5. Clam arches & narrow boot box

    Hi Sean, Sadly I don't think I can get it to fit over the tank without some serious surgery, so its thanks but no thanks, Phil
  6. Clam arches & narrow boot box

    Hi Sean, thank you, I will measure up over the weekend and let you know.
  7. Clam arches & narrow boot box

    I might be interested in the boot box, how deep is it from the ground up to the lip? I'm not sure that it will go in over my fuel tank. Whereabouts in Cornwall are you - a postcode will do. Thanks, Phil.
  8. New Year Clear Out

    I will buy the wheel straps if Syman decides he doesn't want them. What offset and bolt spacing are the wheels, what do they fit?
  9. In car intercoms

    I made a pair today, they were easy to make and the sound quality exceeded my expectations. I've not had the chance to test the range on the road but around the house they are very good, thanks for the information on how to make them
  10. FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    Just a thought, does it tick over if you use just a hint of throttle, it could be the throttle stop screw needs a slight adjustment. Being a new the engine it will be tight and need slightly more throttle until it loosens up. You will not be able to use the throttle balancer without it ticking over on its own.
  11. FW Special Build Thread by Complete Novices

    Quick answer, will it fit the space and brackets you have and also are the terminals in the correct places for your wiring.
  12. help what do you think about this car???

    @akor7 I hope you are aware that in UK we have a 'Q' registration plate which shows that the car may have been built from parts that are the correct age but the car itself was registered at a later date. I sold a kit car to France some years ago but as it was built from one donor car so it was registered on its original (the donor vehicles) registration date and it had a normal registration number and not a 'Q' plate. The car you started this with shows that it was registered in the advert as 2017 which might be a problem to you, this car is a Q registration.
  13. Rivnuts

    You might find that it is 7/16 AF which is the equivalent.
  14. Rivnuts

    Yes, as long as you only use just enough force to set them or you can tear out the thread from the alloy. Don't just keep winding - its a matter of feel, as others have said try it on some scrap metal of similar thickness to what you are using it on. You can get replacement puller shafts for the cheap grip type tools - I found out as I broke my original one by being too determined to get it tight! I will try to find where I got the replacements from but it was many months ago, they were only about a pound each and I can still use the tool.