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  1. Racing alternator

    Great info, thank you . Any link as to the exact one I need mate?
  2. Sold - Brian James Mino Academy Trailer

    Obviously not, lol.
  3. Sold - Brian James Mino Academy Trailer

    Sold? Thought we had a deal?
  4. Herts, Beds and Bucks, Area Meeting, August 2017

    Might try to make this as I'll be visiting AB on Thursday.
  5. Essex Area Monthly Meet

    Should be able to make it too.....
  6. Racing alternator

    The car has a Zetec 2L and revs to 7,250. Crank pulley is 13cm and alternator pulley is 6 cm so on the face of it, the sizes appear correct. So by my calculations 7250rpm at the crank will equate to 15,700 rpm at the alternator....... Maybe I just got unlucky.....
  7. Racing alternator

    Hi all. After a trackday, my 3k mile brand new alternator decided to die me. Looking for a racing one that an handle a few revs...... Cheers.
  8. Sold - Brian James Mino Academy Trailer

    PM sent Paul. Cheers P
  9. Snetterton 300 20th September 2017 - Javelin Trackdays

    About to book this too. Can't let you chap have all the fun alone now can I ? Will there be a garage to share so I squeeze Diablo in, and I'll obviously split costs, or shall I book a garage ?
  10. SOLD -Brian James Twin Axle Trailer

    Ah ok. Thanks for offer syman84 and thanks for letting me know it's sold Tony. Cheers.
  11. OMG Wheel and tyre specialist needed

    Glad you finally got them sorted Tony!
  12. SOLD -Brian James Twin Axle Trailer

    If a WSCC courier can help with delivery to Sunny Essex, maybe we can do a deal...???
  13. SOLD -Brian James Twin Axle Trailer

    Tempting but you're so very far far away......
  14. 7j wheels 13 or 15 inch

    I have 2 sets of 23/25 eta I believe.15", 7J. 1.2 Team Dynamics. Both sets minty. Part worn 888s. Looking for £400 ono each. Cheers .
  15. SOLD -Brian James Twin Axle Trailer

    Hi Terry. Yes dimensions please to see if it will fit in the garage. The wheels seem to be a tight fit on the trailer and looks like one can damage the wheels if not perfectly aligned. Is this the case or just camera angles? Do you happen to have a tyre rack or tool box case to go with it? Cheers.