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  1. Whats out there ? Cheers .
  2. Hi - I have a couple of Momo Fighters available. They are round and about 320-330mm if any good.
  3. Please let me know what you have. The car is an FW if that makes a difference. Also looking for dash board. Cheers.
  4. Have a quick read search here. https://www.avforums.com/threads/home-cinema-speakers-vs-pa-systems.2041822/#post-24014612
  5. No idea Russ if it will fit tbh. If it's out you're way not to worry. I did a deal on a Westy that included the hoist but I guess I'll have to let it go ..... Apprecite the offer though ......
  6. Such dreadful news and needless loss of considerable life. I had a firemen pop in to the shop today and informed me they expected the death toll to be well into treble digits but the'rekeeping it hush hush at the moment for some reasons .........
  7. You're doing such a splendid job Kevin. We appreciate you and keep up the good work ! Couple of ideas: Arrange a club meet at Aces cafe? Fish and chip run to my shop? Lol Duxford museum day out ?
  8. Russ - might have an engine crane to be collected from IV10 8SP - Inverness I believe. Can meet you at Milton Keynes to collect off you if it will fit in the Pathfider. Is this possible and also what's the cost ? Cheers.
  9. Depends on how waterproof your waterproof area is I guess! As for Bose speakers, there are much better ones out there for less money. I have a Bose system in my bedroom and it's dreadfull to be candid. However, I have it as it looks good,lol. It's a lifestyle system not a quality one. Drivers are dreadful on them!
  10. Crazy but great idea, lol. I'm in AV systems but no idea about outside one . Try this forum which I find very helpful - https://www.avforums.com/forums/ . Good luck and share your project when you finish it!
  11. Shame - working on Saturday and was so looking forward to this...... Well have fun chaps.
  12. Its this for the saturday or sunday ? If sunday count me and my 2 boys in please.
  13. Hi Stuart. The cable has a small ball shaped end ion any good ....
  14. Booked!