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  1. Heated Seats?

    The heated seats by Intatrim are superb, really easy to install and have two heat settings, both the base and backrest that are heated - make a real difference when its cold
  2. Early 2018 update

    Bit of a new year update:MOT passed last week with zero advisoriesInsurance renewed, slight increase but that was down to Agreed Valuation needing to be increased to reflect recent sale prices of other SEiGHTs Wheels refurbished in a slightly darker shade of grey -n they were 99% oerfect as they were but just wanted a subtly different look to them New Caterham CSR vented style carbon wings ordered from Carbon NVRun out yesterday - over to the superb Chocks Away diner with a few Tiger and Cobra replica owning friendson the Broughton Airbus site followed by a run over to the Ponderosa on the Horseshoe Pass then back home via Oswestry - a nice 130 mile Sunday run, even if trying to put down 330bhp on cold, damp roads was pretty challenging
  3. A-Plan insurance renewal

    Another years insurance for the Westy arranged with A-Plan. I checked around and yet again they were the cheapest and have by far the best customer service. Thanks Carlie - you made spending the renewal premium (almost) a pleasure. Slight increase on last year but only due to me increasing the agreed value figure based on what other SEiGHTs have sold for recently
  4. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    I bought this last year, perfect for storing wallets, phones, keys in
  5. Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    This is the first Westfield I have seen that has me wondering whether I should sell the SEiGHT and buy
  6. Today, I managed to ........................

    Hoping to get mine out for a spin tomorrow - in these temps and with the hardcore Federals fitted it may literally be a spin
  7. Funding the NHS

    Whilst the above is absolutely terrible and should never be allowed to happen its far from clear that the problem was caused by lack of funding - more likely to be poor expenditure of funding, poor management, poor training etc etc In this day and age the answer to every problem appears to be the same - throw more money at it A far more in-depth look at why the NHS is struggling would be far wiser before we resort to simply spending more - perhaps more money is required but lets sort out how effectively the current 145 BILLION per year is spent first
  8. Hi Mark


    If its not too late I would like to take advantage of your New Year offer and order a set of front wings for my SEiGHT.

    Not sure of the style, would appreciate your thoughts on what may suit my car best - have attached a current piucture for you.

    Look forward to hearing back from you.




  9. Need a new car, inspire me.

    Anything but - all the road tests stated very clearly that it drove better than the A4 - Seat worked on the suspension and steering and it steered, rode and handled more sweetly than any A4 ever did. Also it used the far nicer dash of the A4 cabriolet that was never fitted to the A4 saloon Probably a very safe used buy and I would imagine prices are low because people just don't know about them - for it just to be labelled "an old A4" is doing the car an injustice
  10. Need a new car, inspire me.

    Can't go wrong with a Saab 9-5 Aero
  11. Funding the NHS

    My belief is that it needs a complete rethink and restructure More doctors, nurses, social care staff (front line) having a say in how the money is spent Private operators only where it is proven to provide more efficient service Take the NHS out of politics - its used as a political football and guess what - any plans are made for a 5 year term only -how the hell can the NHS be run properly on such a short term strategy. Lets have a cross party group, combined with clinicians putting a plan together that will work Completely combine NHS and social care - completely under one roof Change the way doctors surgeries are run - my wife has seen it - huge amount of A&E stuff could be handled by surgeries that seem to be run as a money making machine for the partners at the moment Put the focus back on provision of care rather than the measurement of it Stop some operations / treatments being on the NHS - controversial I know but things like IVF, sex change, non required caesarian births should be chargeable - lets get the focus back on what is really required then we can look at a "nice to haves" It would be a long and painful process, probably with lots of jobs lost (but many more created where it matters) - have any of the political parties got the nerve to do it - of course not as results would take more than the term of a parliament to be seen .
  12. Funding the NHS

    If my wifes experiences of working in and around the NHS is anything to go by there is certainly not a shortage of money in the NHS - what there is a glut of is stupid, ill-informed kingdom builders who are wasting money like its going out of fashion
  13. Westfield - Future classics?

    I can't help think that the bubble HAS to burst but I have been saying that for the last couple of years. 911 prices started to show signs of softening last year but nothing significant. Frankly I do not care whether the value of mine goes up or down - I bought it to enjoy tinkering with, enjoy driving and hopefully to pass on to my 10 year old son at some point in the future
  14. Well sorted road car wanted

    I'm also happy to meet up with you - have a look at mine - quite different spec to what you are looking for but built to an extremely high standard (not myself)
  15. Whereabouts are you located - very interested if reasonably local