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  1. My new Schroth Harnesses.

    Did not know that - 30 sec job to swap the straps over thankfully
  2. 2009 SEIW

    I like that a lot - a seriously well sorted car by the looks of it
  3. My new Schroth Harnesses.

    Ordered the same ones from GSM, the harnesses are great - apparently most are shipped direct from Scroth - found GSM a bit hit and miss with communications / updates
  4. Custom wax

    That's not a lot of money for a top end wax nowadays - a bit of a passion of mine
  5. Custom wax

    I worked with Obsession Wax - have about a dozen of their waxes but wanted something special and unique for the Westfield You start off providing details of your requirements, ease of application, removal, durability, beading, colour, scent etc About 2 weeks later you get a sample to try, make any amends which will get you another sample Once you are happy with everything, advise of the colour pot, name of your wax and its created and delivered All in cost is £85.00 but considering that leaves you with all the sample pots, the final product and all postage etc its damn good value http://www.obsessionwax.com/waxes/
  6. Custom wax

    Been working on this for a couple of months now, finally got a blend I'm happy with. Was not bothered about durability - just ease of removal and depth of gloss - always nice to be able to select your own blend, colour, scent, jar colour and lid design
  7. Quick Jack car lift

    I am seriously tempted by one of these https://www.cjautos.eu/MINI_TILTING_CAR_LIFT_p/cl03.htm
  8. Great days run out

    Sunday was a great opportunity to enjoy some Autumn dryness with a run out. Arranged to meet up with some others (Tiger Sixs, Ultimas, Robin Hoods etc) at the Chocks Away Diner (highly recommended) on the aviation park just outside Chester for a full English. Run over to the Ponderosa at the top of the Horseshoe Pass for cake and hot chocolate and then I split off, across country to Bala, Lake Vyrnwy and back to Shropshire. Road from Bala to Lake Vyrnwy was superb, about 12 miles of single track road, which I believe is being used on the Wales Rally GB Car, as always ran faultlessly but required a serious clean before being put to bed on Sunday evening Got to really appreciate the comfort offered by the heated seats, made driving in low temps much more comfortable What I did find amusing was the Ultima GTR simply could not keep up with me across country - all I heard was "My car has too much power and if I used it I would find myself in a ditch"
  9. Westfield SEI Narrow

    That's true old school and none the worse for it
  10. Carbon V8 bonnet

    I'm interested
  11. Is Jackie Stewart still 'relevant'?

    I think Jackie Stewart is still entirely relevant - he has never really left the motorsport arena since his retirement and is incredibly knowledgeable
  12. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    What time are you planning to get down to the Elan Valley - I'd be coming over from Telford
  13. How heavy / light should my stearing be

    Steering on my SEiGHT is very heavy at parking speeds but at anything above walking pace its absolutely fine and I'm nothing like Geoff Capes
  14. Indicator swop

    Fit a pair of carbon fibre canards - doesn't fill the holes but will hide them
  15. FW400

    I nearly bought an FW400 that was for sale at Paul Matty in the early 2000's - think it was about £22k at that time - I had just got divorced and had a lump of cash burning a hole in my pocket