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  1. Absolutely stunning and has me wondering whether it would be worth putting my V8 up for sale for
  2. andy665

    Soft Bits Boot Bag

    I have the 60 litre Lomo bag and its superb. I would also recommend a set of ROK straps, much better than bungee cables (although I still use these as "back-up")
  3. Yes, not sure which day yet though - probably be weather dictated
  4. andy665

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    15" x 7" OZ Ultraleggaras, not sure of the offset
  5. andy665

    Carbon NV ducted aero cycle wings

    I' running 15" wheels and they sit very tightly - so much so that the bracket has to be loosened off before I can take a wheel off - small price to pay for such a snug fit
  6. andy665

    Carbon NV ducted aero cycle wings

    Was pondering on whether to do it to mine but decided to leave them, I would have gone for a series of round holes but as I'm OCD I concluded that they would never be perfect enough and it would drive me to distraction
  7. andy665

    Club benefits

    Very interesting topic and I'm sure we all have our views. I enjoy the magazine and that alone justifies 50% of the membership fee, the forum more than justifies the other half. Having said that I do believe that there is a real shortage of activities - I'm a member of the North West Kit Car Owners Group - set up and pretty much run single handedly by one man. Recently we have moved to a £12 per year fee of which 20% + goes to support a childrens hospice. We have a very lively Facebook page (members only) but where it really excels is in its attendance at a huge number and variety of events (local shows, breakfast meets, runs out etc) Like many people I have a fairly hectic life but having access to such a great number of events is superb and I'd say I get to 1-2 per month - this is where this club could I believe do better, or maybe there is a lot of stuff going on that just does not get promoted well enough
  8. andy665

    Few more jobs completed

    Few more jobs completed.Replaced the old carbon effect front wings with 100% full carbon fibre items from Carbon NV, fabulous quality at sensible prices. Decided on the CSR style wings because the extra moulding lines at the top of the wing provide a slight but noticeable increase in rigidity.Really wanted to save the old wings as I could have sold them on but they were bonded to the brackets and the one thing I can say about Tiger seal is that once its set nothing is coming free too easily.The bracket is mounted to the front suspension by three bolts but cannot be entirely freed from the car unless the wing is removed from the bracket - after a while of attempted and failed efforts to remove the wing from the bracket with no damage being done to the wing I gave up and cut the wing across its width, thus enabling me to remove the bracket / wing from the car and getting good purchase on the wing to break it free.Once separated it was a laborious job to remove all the existing sealant from the bracket, rub down and re-paint (so much more satisfying and so much cheaper than replacing them)Position the new wings was relatively straightforward, couple of key measurements taken to ensure that each side was identical then a single run of Tiger seal on each "leg" of the bracket was enough to hold each wing in position.24 hours to allow the sealant to harden off and then more seal applied to fill in any gaps and job doneOnly downside to the new wings is that they fit so closely that to remove the front wheel now requires the wing bracket to be undone and moved slightly up and across - fortunately access is good and only tales a couple of mins per side BeforeAfterSecond job was to balance the Jenvey throttle bodies, I had a feeling that they were out of balance side to side and despite reading up on the matter I was slightly concerned I might make things worse.Having acquired a synchrometer to measure the pressure it was a case of winding down the main idle bleed screw, measuring across all 8 trumpets and then adjusting each pair in sequence, once equalised the main idle could be adjusted.I may have been lucky but it was not a difficult job and the car responds to the throttle much more sharply and has got the V8 burble it was missing, they were definitely out of balance before and whilst maybe not 100% balanced now they are not far away
  9. andy665

    Newbie says Hi

    Welcome - nice spec and a great colour
  10. andy665

    Advice on buying a Westfield

    Get to look at / experience a number of different engines. No such thing as "the best engine" for a Westfield - all havevpros and cons. Pop over to Telford and have a look at mine - happy to pop the kettle on - its a V8 that people either love or hate - obviously I love
  11. andy665

    The hunt for a kit car, what to get and why?

    Welcome Your questions I suppose raise more questions than definitive answers and I will restrict my response to Westfields as I have no real knowledge of other comparable cars What I discovered when looking for mine is that there is a Westfield for everyone and if you can't find the exact spec then it only takes time and money to make it in to your ideal spec I ruled out bike engine cars as I find them quite one dimensional - awesome if you are in the mood but hard work if you're not I went V8 because for me it offers decent performance, great noise, durability and it can be whatever you want - very quick or a very relaxed docile beast I find it very relaxing to drive, even with just an aeroscreen its easy to do 300 miles in a day without being worn out Best thing is to nail down exactly what it is you are looking for in terms of price, performance, usability etc and get out to a few meets / shows
  12. andy665

    New member saying "hello"

    Lovely looking car - definitely a car from the "more is less" school of thinking and all the better for it
  13. andy665

    Autonomous cars

    Its a deeply flawed technology that is nothing like as advanced as the manufacturers would have us believe. Just a couple of years ago I was doing some work with Lexus and the documentation relating to the circumstances when things like pedestrian will not work was far longer than the circumstances when it does work - some instances when it will not work - below and above certain heights, carrying shopping bags, holding an open umbrella, pushing a pushchair, heavy rain, snow, fog etc etc Let us not forget how inherently stupid a large number of people are - a level of autonomous driving ability will give them the ability to switch off to an even greater extent than they already are Its all great in theory - the execution of it is a minefield and the technology is simply not there yet to bring the concept to a full reality
  14. andy665

    Luggage rack

    Sadly Julian has sold his - waiting for Paul to let me know whether he has one available
  15. andy665

    TomTom Bandit action camera

    Absolutely as new condition (barring couple of tiny marks at very end of lens casing) and with all items found in brand new product. Original box, instructions etc - even the original screen display protector is in place Complete with adaptor to allow use of GoPro mounts and two unused sticky mounts Included is a SanDisk 32GB mirco SD card and adaptor and the official TomTom mic adaptor to allow use of 3.5mm jack external microphones Receipt from Amazon will be included to maintain warranty through expiry on 9th August 2018 Great camera with lots of functionality but crucially, really easy to use Only selling as I got a great deal on a GoPro Hero 6 so this is surplus to requirements £120 including postage Product details Product Information With this TomTom Bandit Helmet/Action camcorder the users are able to film whatever they see while keeping their hands free. Helmet/Action camcorder records and plays 2160p video formats. The device supports media types such as microSD. Product Identifiers Brand TomTom Model Bandit EAN 0636926073462 Key Features Type Helmet/Action Storage Type Removable (Card/Disc/Tape) Media Format microSD, microSDXC Screen Size 0.9" Memory / Storage Integrated Memory Size 64 GB Supported Flash Memory microSD/HC/XC Display Display Size 0.9" Other Features Features Bluetooth, Built-In GPS, Built-in Wi-Fi, Time-Lapse Recording, Waterproof, Weatherproof, Wi-Fi Ready Miscellaneous Color Multicolor High Definition Video Support 2160p

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