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  1. Bike or car Engine?

    One with the most power lol, had a go in hyabusa one that was 180 ish bhp and that was nice, but open to ideas etc
  2. Bike or car Engine?

    Right decided I want to go for a bike engine So if you see any nice ones for sale or you are selling please point me in the right direction, want a nice spec for track mainly as have a nice road car already and may be in the future I will see about the speed series, but first I need to find a car and get out and drive it
  3. Bike or car Engine?

    Hi, got a few mates with Porsche and BMW cars that they take on track, but all are tin tops I just fancy the westfield as it's a good bang for the buck type of car and one which I can mod etc as and when, plus should be fun on track As for type of track days then from mallery to Silverstone and anything in between But I don't want to be stuck behind cars that slow you down round the bends only to pull away a little from you down the straights as been there before, but guess I would hope to do track days that are run by westfield or for that type of car as that sounds the best thing to do
  4. Bike or car Engine?

    Yes it was my first taste of bike engine, but been in a more normal westfield but that was about 10 years ago Only really want it for fun on track as have a GT4 for road etc and yes I know the GT4 is a great track car, but with insurance being 10% of the value of the car in excess I don't want to lose 9K PLUS if it all goes wrong Any rides out I can get would be good, but in no rush to jump in but I do like a quick fun car and I know that I will want something quick or I will get board of it quickly as I have done in the past Track cars I have had in the past or used on track are, Gartact escort in 2.8 turbo 4wd, gartact stripped out racer, escort cosworth running over 500bhp, stripped out saff cosworth running 450 bhp and was an ex race car, mk1 focus RS and mk2 focus RS running over 420 bhp, so like a fun quick car on track that I can push myself in and have fun Cheers dunc
  5. Bike or car Engine?

    Well I didn't think I would like them, Why? Well because I have heard a few bad things about them, being torque less and not lasting very long etc Well had a go in one tonight and loved it, the thing was quite metal, running 180 ish bhp and the light weight frame etc, plus the bonkers gearbox, it just went and pulled very well even with 2 init. So just me it would be even quicker, don't know how well it went top end as we couldn't try it but 10000 red line and the noise was very nice I must say The guy has done a few track days in it and is only selling as he has another one quite the same but was turbo charged, wanted to go out in it but as the roads were a bit damp in places he wouldn't which was a shame as I can only think what a monster that would be Anyway back to my question, is the bike engine a good choice for track or are they are bit weak top end and more likely to give me hassle over a car engine? As I don't want to be doing engine swaps or rebuilds every year as I want to turn up to a track day, rag the A*** off it and drive it home hopefully and then repeat, yes I know every engine can let go and more so if highly tuned etc, but I don't want to be messing about to much with it as I don't really have the time. But like I said it did surprise me and I did like it very much and any advise would be great guys before I jump in and make a mistake
  6. Just signed up

    Hi will do my best to pop over, but all depends on work plus you are right about the car, after a nice chat tonight, I am going to view the car Saturday
  7. Just signed up

    Will do
  8. Just signed up

    Cheers for the hi's as said Northamptonshire, and a local meet would be great to find my feet, been looking in the for sale section and see one very local to me that looks very well set up and could be worth a look even if it's just to see what's it all about
  9. Just signed up

    Well hello everyone just signed up to this forum as looking to get into the world off Westfield. hope to get a car very soon, to use for trackday fun and maybe even enter the speed series if I am quick enough, but hopping to just have fun with likeminded people. have done quite a few track days in the past but in tin tops, but looking for a new fun, quick and lively rwd car and the Westfield looks just right for that. anyway hope to find the right car soon and any help that you can offer would be great as I haven't got a clue about them, but think I would be better off with a car engine, due to my size (15 stone) plus I like to have passengers, also I do like speed lol, so would like to get a car with a strong power to weight ratio, other than that like I said any advise would be great and if I already have it wrong then please say as I am not one to get all upset about it as like I said I no nothing about it all cheers duncan

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