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  1. I don’t want to be part of a club that accepts me as a member. Im out John. Stay in touch. Let’s get a run out soon.
  2. Hee Hee Nic. Your pretty safe in a dentist asking for the guys. Jus be a bit more carful in the bars of Ullapool lol,
  3. You dashed my hopes. I thought you were being serious that two new members Ben and Phil had joined us. Lol Not to worry, watching the tumbleweed blow down the road can be somewhat comforting as well I guess On a very serious note. Have you got your flywheel back . I’m away this weekend with my daughter but free at short notice for rainy days sorting your car or sunny days further setting up my car Let me know
  4. Please do read the following in jest. Do Ben and Phil meet just Thursdays ? I’m actually interested in joining them. I’m actually interested in firstly meeting them. Laughing and joking of course I hear what your saying JD. Nothings broken and nothing needs to change, we just need to follow protocol and it will work fine. If Ben is going out for a run with Phil on Thursday then they need to text Mark so that he can send a text as Mike’s not on his iPad thingy lol And farmer John well, John and Mary are still only contactable by telegraph via their local village PO I did get a calendar as you mentioned. I have added Oulton Park onto it and the Scottish Trip too. If there are other trips I need to add, will these be sent to me by text, email, Facebook, this forum or will I get a telephone call ? All the above said in jest but on a more serious note Do you have an opinion on why we as a local branch struggle to both attract and retain new members. Is there something more you could be doing to get them to engage and get involved? . It would make for a more vibrant and interesting club I feel I sadly won’t be at the meeting Tuesday as I’m in Manchester in the day and by the time I eat then all I will want to do is swap my cardigan for my paisley pyjamas and have a glass of Red Let’s try and get a run out later in the week Regards Rod
  5. Another good point to discuss. ‘A mince pie run was organised which sadly due to snow had to be cancelled. Thanks Jeff ‘I had 4 guys with Westfields turning up that have never been out on a run or have done so before and gone on to join other clubs and don’t today visit our branch or attend meetings Sadly the run never happened ‘Why does this happen? Why do people come along to a meet or two then go their own way alone ? Or go out on other club runs but don’t bother with ours. Do they not know there is a run ? I love our little branch, I enjoy being part of WSCC too. I have met so many good friends who have helped me so very much. People like yourself ‘But I fear our friendly little branch of WSCC is stagnant. I really don’t have the time, the desire or the heart to be emailing about geeing people up to give it another go. I have zero desire to be driving this forward but.. How do we attract more Westfield local owners to get involved ? How do we retain them ? How do we communicate ? what do we want our local branch to be or not to be night
  6. Mike, I totally agree. It’s a good point you raise Sometimes it’s a text, other times it’s not. Sometimes it’s on WSCC but you need to log on and check daily. Sometimes it’s individuals texting when others would be happy to tag along and make it a better party if they only knew it was a run out Maybe at the next monthly meeting John and Jeff could talk with the group regarding communication and the best way to organise meets. Im not sure I will be at the next meeting but hopefully it gets discussed
  7. Ha ha. I obviously got the screw in the tyre and Halfway to yours felt the wheel wobble. Anyway you really can fix anything.
  8. Oh, sorry, I’m trying to learn how to edit this post, it’s a bit late, I will ask my daughter next week. Sorry, sorry, thanks for today.
  9. Good to hear from you Jeff. I’m chuckling, last year was your final trip ?. Looking forward to it this year again. I mean this sincerely. Thanks for the trips out you organise and the time you put into ‘ googling ‘ routes. People who give their free time to make drives out so enjoyable and stress free sometimes don’t get the big thanks they deserve as towards the end of the drive we split off towards our home routes. Catch you up soon.
  10. Last minute decision. John Dolan and I took an impromptu decision to have a drive out. 10.30 John said, pick me up.Crikey it was almost 10.00am when he replied, great ! ahah, I thought but hey ho it’s Been a while since we got a Wirral club drive out. It snows up here all year round you know Set off to pick up JD. wobble wobble. Puncture. Damn. Arrived and JD suggested we get a repair rather than stick on the spare. 1 hour later and a brew, we set off. Hes so “ proper “, I suggested stick on the spare tyre, no no he said, let’s get the wheel off and get it repaired. So old Skool I wanted JDs opinion on my V8 just passed IVA car so suggested he drive. How Brave Eh !, it’s never easy as a passenger In your pride and joy Ponderosa for a barm ( northern, it’s barm ) and then in into Wales and onto some of JDs favourite drives. He asked me if I wished to drive but I secretly knew he was loving my new V8 To cut it short. After many many stops. My V8 handles like a dream suspension seems fantastic and the accelerator is smoother and so much better. He had me happily under the car setting up shocks every few miles He even gave me a short “ to do list “ to get the car even better. I’m on it like a car bonnet Never think you know Westfields like the guys that have driven em for decades Best Sausage Barm I ever invested in ... JD got a drive out as his car is SORN as he’s doing a something special V8, he is a very brave man as his 4 Pot is probably one of the best cars I have seen and he’s flogging it. See adverts I got to sit as a passenger in my car being driven in safe hands and able to concentrate on the bounce and handling, whilst having a smarter guy than I advise me. Total cost £4.20 for his Sausage Barm and a brew Win/Win. Thanks John Dolan Photo below is JD in David Bailey mode trying to get my V8 with a river backdrop Please always remember to say thank you to our mentors like JD and Joiner Jeff, it’s guys like you who are the dovetail of our local club. I do hope the less active guys in this part of the country come along to a Weekend drive out soon. Joiner Jeff knows some amazing drives. We need to pressure him to plan some. By the way. Who’s up for Stoneligh ? Jeff the Joiner ?? Jeffs last year, AGAIN ? Lol.
  11. Momo Wheel Leather. Immaculate. SOLD

    It’s sold. Sorry. I thought I had updated the advert to show so. Good luck in your search
  12. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    You actually take good photos Jeff. Car looks well. I have John Dolan here this week. Changing filter and dropping oil on my car, now run in at 1000 miles. Will drop it again at 2000 miles to be sure also testing his ECU for him on my V8 to see how it looks on diagnostics He states he is aiming for 1st April to have his car back on the tarmac. There really isn’t any reason why it couldn’t be 2nd week in Feb. All his bit are in his garage. He just needs Peer Pressure and a little bullying I think !!!
  13. 2.0 XE SEiW

    A guy on the Westfield owners Facebook site earlier today looking for a properly built Westfield. This car has his mates name all over it. Ticks every box of his criteria. Have a look.
  14. Cartek IVA safe fog lamp controller.

    Bargain that was. Use it for your IVA and then get your tenner back.