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  1. SEight Donor car / engine & transmission

    Hi. Sent you a PM. I’m interested in the whole car too
  2. SEight Donor car / engine & transmission

    Hi. Could you PM me your thoughts on Price. And initial estimation on what’s definitely not savable.
  3. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    They are thirsty aren’t they. And per CC versus other engines , less powerful per CC. But it’s just about the Torque and the sound. I really enjoyed our IVA trip
  4. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Farmer John on the Tractor. It’s quite a funny photo. You would expect a man of his vintage to be telling someone like me off for a stunt. I really enjoy our area club. True Characters.
  5. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Hi Jeff. Just seen this. Looks a Ace Run. Just waiting on DVLA with my V5.
  6. Momo Wheel Leather. Immaculate.

  7. Used but immaculate. This has the rare horn push too. I will try and dig out the countersunk black 6 Allen key fixings £130 plus £10 postage.
  8. Boot Box Photo Enclosed

    This is why WSCC is great value. My initial thoughts were fibre glass etc and I would have made a proper mess. What a smart idea. Thank You.
  9. Boot Box Photo Enclosed

    Can I pick your brains. Photo enclosed. I have decided not to use a full hood, this therefore means I have two holes in the boot lid/box where the collapsed hood would sit. Has anyone had the same and invented a clever way of weatherproofing that’s simple. Kind Regards Rod
  10. Road Speed Sensor ( image enclosed )

    Thanks for that bollockybill. What you mention seems to make some sense. I will research it a little more . I’m getting to understand V8s and EFI systems a little more I can take my time as Fortunately my mate has lent me his spare car to blast about in.
  11. V8 under slung Exhaust

    Ok. .... it passed. Having discussed the adjustments with the inspector at the test centre and his boss they seemed to both agree the car is “ proper “. I still cannot understand why if Westfield Cars have “type approval” for the model from VOSA and you build it to that spec why it should fail. The inspector said if Westfield had presented the car then it would have passed Anyway... I sorta think it summarises, welcome to the world of kit Cars. Nothing actually is common sense. Pass your Iva and then you can change the car bits to almost as you wish.
  12. Cheshire & North Staffs Christmas Curry Thursday 7th December

    What a great idea lol. Christmas Curry. Enjoy lads.
  13. V8 under slung Exhaust

    I ran it by VOSA. They said it seemed a reasonable solution. I had a re test. Car passed. Phew. Thanks for your help and input Kind Regards
  14. Road Speed Sensor ( image enclosed )

    You maybe right Chris. Speedo works fine. Engine can cut out when changing down the box. Someone said it maybe be because the ECU cannot read road speed.
  15. Image enclosed. I have a Seight. This speed sensor is located behind the dash. It's wired into the ECU loom. Speedo is working fine and is running off a sensor on the differential. What do I connect this speed sensor to so it starts to give the information to my ECU about road speed and idling. The engine is a 3.9EFI and a R380 gear box for what it's worth