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  1. Convert Headlamps to Led

    Hi Westi. We’re they sorta plug and play ?
  2. Full cage IVA

    If you present the car with a full screen then obviously it has to have washer and wipers and be able to Demist. You may be better therefore presenting it with a aero race type screen only. The iva people are actually helpful. Pop a call into them. Or email them.
  3. Convert Headlamps to Led

    Dave can you remember which ones you fitted. I’m really keen to have integral DRLs too
  4. Convert Headlamps to Led

    Hi Table Yes. Gadgetman Dave was telling me he swapped his over. But I wonder if there’s better Gains swapping the complete interior of the housing.
  5. Convert Headlamps to Led

    Hi, I have a Seight with what I think are 5 3/4 inch headlamp bowls. Considering trying to convert to LED lamps , Harley Davidson types that have DRLs pre fitted. Anyone done this ? Always good to get your opinions. Apologise if this has been asked before
  6. IVA Covers etc (SOLD)

    Sold to Phil J Will PM you
  7. IVA Covers etc (SOLD)

    Having a clear out. Don’t want to split them sorry. The four bonnet catch covers cost £15 alone. Probably £30/£40 quids worth there at least. Bonnet catches. Nut Covers . Bottom spring covers Top and bottom wishbone Covers. Track Rod Covers . Headlamp Arm/ Bracket Covers. Windscreen sidescreen mounting covers £10 plus £2 postage or collect from Chester Paypal or bank transfer
  8. Very Posh Westfield Car Mats (Sold )

    Sold to nemesis
  9. Almost new. Need a hoover. I have just fitted a Navigators foot rest on passenger side so I cannot use them now Took Months for Westfield to send these to me Off my V8 Wide Bodied £25 Pick up Chester, cash on collection or add £8 for Postage PayPal or Bank Transfer.
  10. Allegro Splined boss and Westfield steering wheel. Wheel cushioning has a small mark in it but these wheels are normally only used to get you through IVA and changed after IVA Indicators are the shorter ones and came off a 2003 SEIW £25 collection free or add £10 postage. Bank transfer or Pay Pal or cash on collection.
  11. Matt, John is storing his red car in my garage. I have the keys to it ....Laughing. On a serious note, Johns car is a cracker. He took his time with the build, 2 years I believe and it’s perfect. It’s running twin 45s really well balanced and the induction noise they make is quite chilling. You will not find a nicer Westfield or better built Westfield anywhere. He really is torn about selling it, many of the lads up here think he should keep it However John is a sucker for a project, he just helped me get my own car finished and through IVA and already has his own new project on the go, engine and gearbox bits all over, hence why he is storing his red one at my house He really knows everything about Wessies Don’t miss out on this one mate
  12. 2.0 XE SEiW

    That bunny has done trips to Scotland and Wales and the IOM. You cannot include him in the sale surely.
  14. These are the wider ones that will take bigger wheels and tyres. They are IVA compliant as they have the rolled edges underneath. They are pre fitted with IVA complient side repeaters. Currently yellow but you can paint. Some markings on them. Zoom in. Measurements on photos. Pick up Chester or I can post. £70 plus additional £8 if you wish them posted out.