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  1. FOR SALE - Various Parts

    No worries Billy, thanks for letting me know though, Cheers, Craig
  2. FOR SALE - Various Parts

    2nd dibs on the mirrors if it doesn’t work out.
  3. HI, thanks for that - could I send a courier in to collect? If you can tape the tyres together with packing tape, they'll ship as one parcel. Please let me know. Thanks, Craig
  4. Hi, will you ship them by courier. If so can you price it up? Thanks
  5. Wind deflectors

    It's just that I have a set and am about to fit them - just wondered. Thanks
  6. Wind deflectors

    Can I ask what was wrong with them?
  7. [SOLD] Standard Rear brakes with lines

    I take it these are sierra rear calipers. If so, I'll take them. Can you let me have shipping costs to Sheffield please.
  8. Zetec Oil Stem Seals *Sold*

    thats great and thanks for the update. Cheers,
  9. Raceline Duratec water-rail for Sale

    Hi, pm sent
  10. Zetec Oil Stem Seals *Sold*

    I'll take them please. Pm sent, cheers, Craig
  11. *SOLD* RMD steering wheel *SOLD*

    Hi, I'll take the wheel please. PM me for payment details etc... Cheers Craig
  12. Tonneau cover SOLD

    2nd dibs?
  13. Aerodynamix carbon dash with switches

    Shame, it was the package I was interested in. Thanks though, C
  14. Aerodynamix carbon dash with switches

    Hi, is the dash and switches still available?