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  1. Don't worry Dave I don't take things personally, and yes it is a shame. I possibly should have done a bit more to try secure the deal but when people don't seem to be on here a lot and posts don't get answered, it is difficult. I bought the vented discs off here and it took days. I understand that we are all busy and a lot of members don't seem to check in regularly, but we got there in the end. Personally, I think saying you will have an item on the post should put you first in line then details sorted by PM.
  2. I said I would have them 6 days ago!!? And I bought some discs on the strength of it!
  3. Payment sent
  4. I've sent you a PM
  5. Anything happening, meet-wise in Yorkshire this weekend?
  6. Where in Leeds are you? I'm only in Ripon
  7. Will these fit these hubs -
  8. Hi David, I'm sure they will fit, could I have them please? these are my hubs -
  9. If the calipers will fit my car with the vented discs that David Johnson is selling then can I have them please?
  10. Thanks, it's up for sale because I've bought another one
  11. If they will fit my car, I will have them, please. I will check tomorrow and let you know.
  12. NOW SOLD - thanks After a lot of consideration, I've decided to sell the Crossflow Westy. The car is in excellent condition and underneath is the cleanest I've ever seen. It has a very special X-Flow heart the spec is - Dry Sumped 1840 X-Flow 80.8m stroke steel bda crank Cosworth rods Cosworth bdt pistons AX Ford competition block Cosworth A6 Cam Cosworth valve gear/ duplex Reworked head - larger valves, bronze guides. Titan 5 port oil pump Mocal remote filter housing. Twin 45 webbers 170bhp - runs and ticks over lovely. This is mated to a type9 gearbox with hydraulic Super Clutch and Cosworth Sierra LSD The engine was built for the original owner by a good friend of his, Graham Hickman, owner of Teme Valley race engine design, now overseeing engine builds at GB Motorsport. I rang Graham and he was more than happy to chat about the engine etc. A very interesting and knowledgeable fella. It has a lockable boot and comes with full wet weather gear with frame stored in the boot, hood and doors. The only thing that could do with doing is the rocker cover could do with repainting. Wheels and tyres are like new. The bodywork is excellent and so is the interior. MOT till October. £7750 Anyone wanting a car that makes you laugh out loud when you drive it then this is the one. Give me a bell on 07966 414017 if interested. Thanks - Jim
  13. I didn't see the caravan coming either lol. I'm after a Westfield more touring focused than track.
  14. I'm looking for a well spec'd tourer for around the £10 mark. What's for sale? Thanks.