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  1. fitting wind deflectors

    Excellent I'm glad you are pleased with it. What quick release and wheel did you fit?
  2. fitting wind deflectors

    Hi Wayne, how are you liking the car?
  3. Gunson track right camber gauge

    Is this sold?
  4. Full weather gear, access.

    This is how you do it..
  5. Ear protection against wind

    I've got some earplugs that I use when I'm using the shotgun, they do the trick when I don't want the doors on. I'm the same as you I get cold air in the ear and it is irritating. The only problem with the shotgun ones is you don't hear the popping and banging on over-run.
  6. Yaaaay!

    bl**** hell Ray, that's sounds like a rough time. I hope you are feeling a bit better mate. On the positive side, the weather has been ****e this season so you haven't missed much. Hopefully we might get some decent days before the salt comes and you can get a ride out
  7. Yaaaay!

    Yeah, no problem It is the cleanest I've seen, I'm well happy with it.
  8. Yaaaay!

    It seems so Ray Have you managed to get out in it much?
  9. Westfield seiw anti roll bars

    What year car are these off, please?
  10. Yaaaay!

    Yes, I've got some Mickmade sill and chassis protectors on the way. Th steering wheel will eventually be swapped for a quick release one and the type 9 gearbox will be swapped for a BGH box with longer 1st and taller 5th. I've got a set of groove and dimple vented discs sat here waiting to go on but I'm not sure they will fit the calipers without giving it a stiff looking at. And those front indicators will have to go..
  11. Yaaaay!

    I would love to but we have a family outing planned. Thanks though

    Welcome from North Yorkshire
  13. Yaaaay!

    Finally got the new car home and I have to say I'm over the moon with it! Thanks John
  14. Chassis rail protectors

    I've Just got Mick to make me some chassis rail and sill protectors, should be here next week he's says.
  15. Quick release steering wheels

    Thanks guys I will give the suggestions a stiff looking at - cheers