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  1. Jim G

    Cat c Westfield

    From what I remember, it had had a bump on the near side front but it seemed to have been repaired well. The rear bodywork has some stickers in front of the boot lid, covering some light cracks. And the engine had a cracked mounting lug, in the offside front area, that had been repaired with what looked like araldite. This may have been fixed now though. The photo shows where the cracked mount was.
  2. Jim G

    Cat c Westfield

    I thought that car was sold? I had it in my garage for about two days..
  3. Jim G

    WSCC Magazine

    Hi Mark. Ive just had a look and my address is correct. Thanks - Jim
  4. Jim G

    WSCC Magazine

    I’m still on the winter 2017 mag. Have I missed one?
  5. Jim G

    Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    As long as there are plenty of build photos and receipts, the IVA and registration should be fairly straightforward.
  6. Jim G

    Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    Why is it any different to getting any other import registered here? If Pete has build photos, receipts and registration etc. what’s the problem?
  7. Jim G

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    Exactly what I think, Dave.
  8. Jim G

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    That’s how I read it Chris, that new kits will have to pass the latest emissions at MOT. “MOT emissions standards current at the date of registration” meaning if it’s euro6 or whatever when the kit is registered then that’s what it will have to pass every MOT thereafter, irrespective of what engine you use. Am I reading this wrong?
  9. Jim G

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    The proposal doesn’t state that kits will simply have to pass the bet test for 92 and newer engines, as I read it. I read it as all new kit cars will be tested on the current (at the time of registration) mot rules when they are three years old. 4.11 We are proposing that for kit cars, compliance with the MOT emissions standards current at the date of registration will be required, despite the use of an older engine. In other words the current relaxation for emissions according to the age of the engine will no longer apply. I’ve just found the clarification and I still think the same. If I am getting this wrong could someone please explain. Because the way I see the clarification is that Peter Bailey has taken Mike Lowe’s answer to mean that all a kit would need to pass the mot is a cat. I don’t think it’s going to be that simple as the emissions become tighter and tighter (as they will) hence my comment to get a partially built car registered asap. Because you won’t be able to mot it on the age of the engine, if the proposal goes ahead, as you can now. Peter Bailey of the Chesil Motor Company has now had clarification from Mike Lowe, Acting Head of Branch, Regulation, International Vehicle Standards. Mike Lowe says: “The change proposed is to treat kit cars as having a new engine and thus subjected to the MOT standards applicable to new vehicles (once they reach 3 years old). This is a test with a vehicle idling (for petrol).” Our understanding is that this would mean all newly registered kit cars would have to meet the requirements for production cars registered from 1992 onwards, this being a Basic Emissions Test (BET) requiring a catalytic converter.
  10. Jim G

    Newbie says Hi

    Welcome and that’s a really nice looking car, decent spec and the colour is sort of ok... but not the best
  11. Jim G

    Unfinished or instarted project.

    When was this raised and by who, Dave? Do you have a link please? I’ve not seen anything about it, all I’ve read are the initial proposals which state as I said, that any car passing Iva will have to meet the emissions in please at the time of passing irrespective of engine age.
  12. Jim G

    Buying 2005 SEIW zetec - some questions

    I have to say the lack of any paperwork/provenance would put me off unless I was very confident in what I was looking at or I was talking to whoever had built it. Why is there confusion over whether or not it’s a factory car? That should be easily sorted with a call to Westfield and giving them the chassis number. I would also have a look at as many cars as you can before making a decision, there will be more and more coming up for sale as the weather improves, a wanted ad on here can also turn up some nice cars, as it did for me.

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