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  1. Westield sold

    Today the westfield I bought to use while I was building mine was sold. Far too cheap but its gone to a good home. He liked the little build plaque donated by Dave the best
  2. Half hood/ Shower cap for narrow body

    Not had chance to sit down and read it yet I've been mad busy
  3. Im after a shower cap type hood for a narrow bodied car as the car isnt going to be used in the pouring rain.
  4. High line or Low Line Bonnet

    If you were to go standard you could lift the engine up a touch to give you a bit more ground clearance.
  5. High line or Low Line Bonnet

    Forget what I said I have just measured my low line it measures 6 1/2 inches and my standard bonnet 7 1/2 inches. If you want a contact number for a new lowline bonnet and nose let me know. Keep it low line they are the best looking in my opinion.
  6. High line or Low Line Bonnet

    It is a standard bonnet not a lowline ive just measured my bonnet. The nose on mine has std etched into the mould as well. Good news is Westfield still have the mould for the standard bonnets but not for a lowline however there is a mould for the lowline bonnet and nose in your neck of the woods.
  7. Accumate trickle battery charger.

    I just bought a AGM battery from Advance batteries today for £45 nice small big powered battery.
  8. Narrow Body Carbon Body Panels - Ever Made?

    Sorry got the name wrong https://www.aerodynamix.co.uk
  9. Narrow Body Carbon Body Panels - Ever Made?

    Might be easier ringing Neil pm me if you need his number
  10. Narrow Body Carbon Body Panels - Ever Made?

    Try NDS / Carbon dynamix
  11. Getting oil of the garage floor

    Dishwasher powder. Just sprinkle a bit of water on the floor then the powder and let it soak
  12. How Wide? How Narrow? Will It Fit? What's The Width Or Length?

    I have a 88 post lit I thought the 89 would be a poat lit. Are the rear wings smooth or do they have the swage on the edge?
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sealey-VS820-Brake-Clutch-Bleeding-System-Fluid-Bleed-Tool-2-5-ltr-Bleeder-New/172325092345?epid=1858175614&hash=item281f603bf9:g:1eEAAOSw6WdXiScF This is what I use I find it great for clutches on mid engined cars
  14. Xflow 1740 4speed clutch help

    Get the engine red hot before you try starting the car in gear. I once drove a Datsun 180b from Telford to Stockport without a clutch the dam thing didn't unseize until the next morning
  15. Flywheel screws kent xflow

    As its a crossflow I would have thought a 5/8 unf 12 point socket. The crossflows are all imperial sizes.