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  1. 1960dave

    Westfield SE

    Not a pre lit mine starts with 88 and thats a post lit SE88242 so I can only assume it was the 242nd post lit made.
  2. 1960dave

    Cat c Westfield

    Insurance companies normally devalue a write off by 25% cat C is the worse one to put back on the road as the repairs should cost much more than the value of the car. It is also recorded on the log book that would put a lot of folk off. Personally I wouldn't buy a cat c unless it had a new chassis or knew the person or garage that repaired it. I have seen some really dodgey so called repaired cat cars mainly because I work for a large insurance company.
  3. 1960dave

    Westfield Vinyl Hood - Where can I get one?

    I know a good man for seats I will dig his number out and as if he does hoods.
  4. 1960dave

    Edd China Lives....!

    Big fail on the rear brake pipes as it should have a flexi going to the caliper and a bracket welded to the axle.
  5. 1960dave

    Westfield Vinyl Hood - Where can I get one?

    Where abouts are you as I know a trimmer in Swansea that only charges £300 for a mohair hood for a MR2 roadster.
  6. 1960dave

    Westfield Vinyl Hood - Where can I get one?

    If you need a hood as a pattern I have one with a small hole in it and a hood frame.
  7. 1960dave

    Westfield Vinyl Hood - Where can I get one?

    Jim the trim has never been known as cheap.
  8. 1960dave

    Carbon fibre bonnet bulge

    That would work to get my engine to fit. I will take it
  9. 1960dave

    Freeing a Jammed Starter Motor

    Try putting the car in 2nd and rocking the car to free it.
  10. 1960dave

    Clear out. Last few bits

    sdh2903 Thats great send me payment details please
  11. 1960dave

    Clear out. Last few bits

    I will have the radiator if you would post it please
  12. 1960dave

    SEI (narrow) Now Sold

    Nice project for someone.
  13. 1960dave

    1991 SEIW Steering column question

    Looks like a Mini doesn't even sit the same as the Escort or Allegro column
  14. 1960dave

    Engine mountings info needed

    When you mount the engine the crank should be 19mm off centre towards the n/s of the car. This makes sure the filler cap doesn't hit the bonnet, that is according to the Westfield build manual.
  15. 1960dave

    13” minilite wheels

    Have you got 6 front and 7" rear wheels? if not just go for the same size tyres and get hubcentric spacer on the rear to push the wheel out.

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