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  1. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    and does SC ECU use MAF sensor ? looking at the pinout table it seems yes (pin 23, connector A), in that case it has to be considered in the air intake arrangment... the Ford (e.g. Fiesta st180) airbox has this sensor integrated, but that airbox seems not so easy to put under the bonnet
  2. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    ...ops... I forgot the thermostat is still there even without solenoid valves...
  3. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Grazie David, Very precious help. You mean both solenoids have to be removed, including the one installed on the engine outlet ? So how the temperature is regulated ?
  4. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    ? and is the SC ecu able to drive the removed solenoid ? cheers, mauro
  5. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Hi David, I've seen you removed the water pump solenoid. I'm a little confused about cooling plant and I need some help. The inlet you removrd I think it is normally connected to the oil cooler outlet in the std. ford installation. So where the oil cooler outlet ilhas to be connected ? More in general, I've tried to search some cooling system diagram but I did not found it. Someone can suggest me where to find clear info
  6. Heater and wiper kit

    As in the title, i'd like an heater and a wiper kit in good condition if anyone has something please let me know, thanks, Mauro
  7. Water to air intercooler

    Any picture?
  8. SOLD - Gauges set

    Concerning size, they are 80mm speedo and rev counter, 52mm the others
  9. SOLD - Gauges set

    Pm answer sent Craig
  10. SOLD - Gauges set

    I will check tonight
  11. SOLD - Gauges set

    Reduced to 95 including water temp sender, oil press sender, rpm sensor, speed sensor
  12. SOLD - Gauges set

    Hi, For sale the set in the picture. Good used conditions. 120 GBP for the 5 items including PP. Cheers, Mauro
  13. Gauges for dashboard.

    I have this set (see picture). If you are interested let me know
  14. A few bits for sale

    Heater still available ?