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  1. New Member Introduction

    Nice.... welcome....can we have some pictures of said beast! Do like a mega
  2. First Grid girls now Peter rabbit

    I think I'm allergic to blackberries. When in crumble form and served with custard I get severe rounding of the belly and feel quite sleepy.
  3. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Ah the Fred Flintstone mod.....nice.
  4. Fuel hose for injection

    I bought continental (as in the decent tyre make) 5/16 R9 injection hose off these guys http://www.flexiducting.co.uk/contact-us/ It ain't cheap at £9 a metre but they will cut you a half as well. Hope this helps
  5. Got a pic of your first car?

    Niiice ps13.....Great engines yes but they are rather tall so people that have done it have to get creative. Mine ran that power faultlessly for years, amazing really. It suprised quite a few cars. I kept it stock looking bar wheels, midrange was crazy quick. The only thing was, it sounded like farting in a baked bean tin. Tuneful it was not CA is better I think for kits but nowhere near as strong.
  6. Got a pic of your first car?

    Did have a 309 gti for my first but have no photos My second and a labour of love was my 200sx had it 10 years 366bhp when it left me, big brakes nismo suspension sparco seats the lot.. Tried to kill you every drive, it was awesome
  7. Newbie from Norfolk

    It the only show where there are more people on it than teeth
  8. Hi I was going to put these on the bay but some one might fancy these as they are nearly new and cheap I bought an 8 I'm really an 8.5 but I did not want to rattle about in a 9. They are fine for me when driving but to walk about in they are too tight for me. Very thin soles for good feel and they are all black so are quite discreet when your trousers pop over the koden bit. I have worn these twice in the car for short drives and thought they might loosen up but I am going to admit defeat and get the 9 (they don't do half sizes). I'm doing a special on these. Buy 1 for the price of 2 and get 1 free £15 and £3 to post.
  9. Newbie from Norfolk

    Pretty car... welcome!
  10. Trailer weights

    The Grandads are off again must leave thread before the war stories start Quite frankly the whole license thing is a pain in the posterior. Seems a way to make money if you ask me
  11. bike tyre help?

    I've commuted for years on my bike and I don't bother doing anything to the tyre I'll be honest. I have puncture resistant tyres but glass does get through on occasion. I make sure it's out of the tyre, patch tube or if feeling flush a new tube.... on we go. The odds of hitting that spot must be slim surely. This is on a road bike. Cheers
  12. Zetec Throttle Bodies

    I did the same when mine needed to go to the garage for something, no nose or bonnet. Plod saw me too.....not interested.
  13. New Member

    I don't think victor bought it in the end then? or he did, and he did not have it long. I just recognised the seats. welcome to the club. Great fun cars I was looking at ebay at ones for sale (we all do it) and this is in north wales, so near you. Its the other end of the scale but it will be quick!, but worth a look if its close? Get a feel for what you might want. As it gets pricey if you want more powerz https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-Kit-Car/192433856978?hash=item2ccdf3a1d2:g:QU0AAOSwODFaZJVi
  14. Westfield value

    You lot are hard work . I'd pay anywhere between £1500-£14000 for it, hope this helps Looks nice have fun