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  1. In car intercoms

    Thanks for this, I just bought a set of these to make travelling to track days with my mate a bit more interesting. Hour and a half of braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap is a bit boring. These are also best offer and he takes £20 bargain
  2. Just bought my first kit car

    nice bits on that! Welcome
  3. New member - ex-wscc car?

    it'll keep! not worth the risk Pick up day always has a bit of apprehension linked to it, but its probably best that its not the "I wonder if I'll make it?" kind
  4. New member - ex-wscc car?

    I bought mine in January last year. Aeroscreen car 180 miles about 3 degrees.... crisp but dry! I was chilled to the bone when I got home. I was running out of daylight by the end and did not want to be on the motorway at night, so the for last shelp on the M5 the wick was lit. Hit Bristol with the sun going down. What epic trip that was Pick up day is ace ....Have fun!
  5. Most pointless modification

    ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ in my defence it was not all bad Big brakes and Billy suspension. Went well! Eye watering when it needed something though
  6. Most pointless modification

    Fully chav badged my m3 ......and made it look worse. The wheel badges fell off on the first journey those are the only two left.
  7. What I was thinkin' .....good luck with the sale 29years is a quite a relationship
  8. Reading material

    Yep sure I'll stick it up
  9. Reading material

    I had a "know your Westfield document" that came with my car. One of the previous owners had put it together. All about what it takes brake pads, oil filter, supension clicks settings for road and track. How to access certain things to get at stuff. It's fantastic, that few sheets of A4. It has saved me a lot of headaches.
  10. New owner from Spain. Seiw Zetec

    i heard its not so good at night welcome ! they are fun enjoy!
  11. New member new owner

    Oooo car looks nice..! Official welcome to the blacktop crew ... brum brum Brap brap.......cough splutter
  12. Is this a Westfield car?

    That roll bar is dental records low is it not?
  13. Exhaust Mounting - Bobbins

    @CrisisWolfThe bobbin on my exhaust broke on a track day so had to replace it. I could not buy one only 4 (ebay joy) have 3 spare. I see your in Bristol if you work in the centre of town we can meet up, I'm in bedminster down for a pick up a or I can send it to you, might help you out anyways. Ain't much flex in these though
  14. Locking Wheel Nuts

    Just Throwing it out there? Do you think you need them? Our cars tend to be kept in a garage and when I do leave it out its not normally overnight just camping etc when your with it.
  15. Half shaft questions

    Next job (do they ever end?) I have Mexico live axle. On one side it is weeping its not my brakes as I sorted this. Is it the bearing that keeps the fluid in. I assume these need to be pressed in place? Is it a big job for a garage ? Wise to do both at the same time? Cheers