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    New owner

    I think you got a good car there well done!

    Cat c Westfield

    If you were saving loads of money I'd be up for it but 8.5k gets you a decent straight one. That needs paint so put another 600 on it roughly and your in the realms of real decent cars

    It should have been so easy.....

    My missus rolls the eyes when I dissapear into the garage and say I'll be half an hour!

    Another Westie Wannabe

    Welcome! Good luck with the search. I was buying around winter and as thrusty said I found not a lot for sale. Did get one though.....and its great

    New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    Missing out on the first big drive! I insured my mate on my car, road trip down both of us. Simple tools for in the "Support" car for the way home....cost me breakfast and petrol. If you don't buy it it's a day out with your mate

    Bought myself a new toy

    You could be underwhelmed by a drive in a e92. You have to rev them up to get them to go, but when you do oh my god they are good. great car. Sold my E46 m3 to do Westfield nonsense. Don't regret it one bit, but m's make great road cars and I do miss having it as a daily.

    Advice on what to buy

    When I bought my "complete perfect package" you warned me of upgradeitis....I can't leave the thing alone....I could reel off 5 things I want to do to it now. Has anyone ever actually "finished" one ?

    Breathing heavy

    Sorry zetec I assume baffled as the car was made as a light weight no crankcase breather just at the top. I have since googled it and it does seem common with high revs and higher speed cornering

    Breathing heavy

    So track day today llandow but the car throwing a fair amount of oil out the breather. Normal or not. Does not do it on the road
  10. SXRORY

    Reasons/criteria for Q registration

    And also it's nothing to worry about Pro's no emission rules. well kinda of....is it smoking? Is the test?.... so you can run cat less for more powers! Cons You can't have a private plate Insurers we use are not bothered by it at all
  11. SXRORY

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Love the pug wheels.... reminder of my old 309gti.
  12. SXRORY

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Have a good think before you paint them black, they look really smart as is. I think you loose detail when you are further away with a black wheel and if you tyres are not tyre shined to the max they look odd. Just my opinion of course, It's your Westfield....
  13. SXRORY

    The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Any excuse to post a photo. Mini- lite reps refurbed in gold (think they are two gates) 14 inch 185 / 60
  14. SXRORY

    Screw in tyre (can it be fixed?)

    So we are fixed but not without some double jeopardy....."yeah I can fix it but I might scratch your wheel." I have had a powder coat refurb done only 50 miles ago...... " The machines are borked going everyday they are pretty worn out" So i asked him the odds of a scratch he said 1 in 20. That's pretty good odds in my eyes so went for it. I m a winner! Phew! No scratching

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