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  1. So far

    Yep it's frustrating when your trying to optimise body fit. However as Sycho says it's something that your perception of changes over time,, cow poo makes a good body filler as well. You can fettle the joints using sanding blocks on faces, and good old Dremel on locating blocks and mating holes. Would highly recommend just standing back and thinking carefully, before attacking each stage of body fit. As the saying goes "it's easy take stuff off, not so easy to put it back on".
  2. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I've put 3mm neoprene tape on the bonnet to nose joint. Thought it would stop grp fretting on itself. Just been to Gurston hillclimb today (120 mile round trip) believe me you won't hear any squeaks from that far forward!!
  3. I used an offcut from the convoluted hose that connects to the heater vents. Found, usefully, that I had a reasonable length left over. Just fitted through the birds nest of wiring under the dash on my 250.
  4. Peter's S2000 Build

    Guessed you'd be top of it! If you can maximise the boot space front to back, worth doing, means you can pack a sandwich made with thick cut bread rather than thin!
  5. Peter's S2000 Build

    Looking good. I found my boot box had to be packed up on o/s to bring the lid up flush with bodywork, might be worth a check. Ive only used 2 SS nuts and bolts to hold the boot, seems to have survived 1100 miles. I fitted them each side, in the right angle cut out IYSWIM.
  6. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Yep, fan is plugged in to the engine loom, on the n/s. Just fished out the "starter for ten" datum dimensions. They are from chassis front to front face of first locating block on side panel, 953mm o/s 923mm n/s. Would suggest being careful shuffling the body about, being as you've cut and fitted the fuel filler already. Although I guess there will be some flexibility there. Might I respectfully suggest, don't get too hung up on dimensions, use them a guide, but stand back (have a beer!) and see if it looks right. My perception of body fit has improved over time, I think it will always be a compromise, as frustrating as that is.
  7. Exhaust fitting

    If memory serves, Mark suggested a light smear of Copperslip. Wouldnt swear to it thought. I didn't use anything else, bear in mind the exhaust gas temp. Is in the region of 900+degC !!
  8. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Sounds promising on oil press front. Presume when you changed sensor type in RS it read "bar" in terms of units. Just me being ultra cautious, if its 2bar (~30psi) that's similar to what I had. In terms of body fit, it seems to be all a juggling act, although I started off working from the front chassis member to bonnet locating lug dimension, and played from there. Don't think the mouldings are particularly symmetrical mind you
  9. Have used the guy below for black SS fixings and washers. Excellent prompt service, and offers custom sizes, if not a stock item. https://www.carbolts.co.uk/ Have you tried putting the "top hat" on the spindle. There is a dimple in the spindle that the top hat grub screw sits in, the underside of the top hat should have minimal gap to the top face of the threaded sleeve. I put a smear of silicone grease between the faces. Sorry posts crossed!
  10. Peter's S2000 Build

    My rear tub fit was similar. No matter what I tried, couldn't get the top face level(ish) on the chassis,at the same time getting the lower return level on the mounting angle. If that makes sense. Ended up with a compromise, biased toward the top looking level IYSWIM. Are you in a position to roll the car forward, to look at the tub fit overall, from the rear, Standing a few feet behind the car? Might be beneficial, if you can, suprising how different the fit looks from even just a short distance! In my humble opinion, the rotation of the top shock mount can't be much over full suspension travel, so could be tightened now, but I'm no expert. However, If you can get an open end on it, don't think you've got a problem.
  11. Disaster, Maybe.

    Good news, enjoy your run around the countryside. Sunshine makes every thing feel alive.
  12. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Don't forget to note the range, mines 0 - 10bar. Think I'd be inclined to double check sensor identification first hand myself, for peace of mind. But that's just me! Found I could see all round it with small 2"" X 1" mirror. Nearly there, get your video ready!
  13. What have I done now.....

    Been out of circulation for several days, just seen this. Good to see you've started investing in the motor industry again! Enjoy your new project, will be following with fascination.
  14. Rich's S2000 Build

    Well done, another challenge surmounted, on to the next

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