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  1. Sensible advice, if necessary could take it to a local engineering works to drill out, or replace the boss!
  2. Presume your talking about the lower bolts that go into the bosses welded onto the chassis, photo would be useful. You may not have used the wrong bolt, it could have "picked up" because of powder coat in the threads. Useful to run a tap down any such boss before fitting a bolt. Just make sure it's the correct thread. My initial thoughts are, if you've drilled out the boss on an angle, and gone all the way through, you could just fit a long bolt with a washer and nyloc nut on the other end. It might not be very easy to redrill the hole to "straighten" it. Alternative is to cut boss off and weld a new one on, bit of a drastic solution though! As TJ suggested, stick a photo or two up, sure others will come up with alternatives. Don't beat yourself up about it, it can be fixed, we've all had those sort of days
  3. Evening Campers....

    As said, check the chassis plate yourself (under the bonnet) before parting with cash. Some dealers may have poor eyesight, and tell you what you want to hear!
  4. Peter's S2000 Build

    Good work on the rear panel to side panel joint. One of most frustrating challenges of the build I found, well done
  5. Front wiring loom earthing? Lights, horn etc...

    Mine certainly doesn't. All earths are on the stud on the rear, nearside diagonal chassis member in the engine bay.
  6. Oil catch tank/breather

    ARF make very smart catch tanks at reasonable prices. You can select fitting sizes, delivery was very prompt. Filters available on eBay. http://alloyracingfabrications.com/
  7. @BugMan Fully support previous comments. You'll have the indicator repeater wiring to incorporate as well. Something to tweek when build complete, and you're nervously awaiting IVA! Couldn't keep my brake flexibles away from wishbones not matter how hard I tried, so put split conduit on, and double cable tied onto wishbone. Inspector checked brake hoses, but didn't comment.
  8. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    And he (Carbon-nv) is offering a new year discount to club members till Friday
  9. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    You're going to have to bite the bullet and put the engine very soon. You can't put it off much longer
  10. Evening Campers....

    Be sure to check payloads. Some have a very low payload, in an ideal world check unladen weight on a weighbridge, and compare to max. gross weight. Some manufactures figures are a little "imaginative".
  11. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Personally wouldn't put foam tape in battery box (I used a piece of rubber sheet). I'd be concerned at it soaking up any spillage. Probably harks back to days when steel battery trays would tend to "disappear" over a remarkably short time!
  12. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    The ends of the rack are not an exotic alloy, and can easily be cut with a hand hacksaw, if you don't fancy using a cutting disc. As per Monty's post, I would suggest it prudent to wait until the car is at full running weight and on the ground before considering trimming the ends of the rack.
  13. Steve's Zetec build thread

    No the "certificate of newness" is for the car, once built and passed IVA, provided you bought it as a complete kit, using all components supplied by Westfield, which I believe you have. I'm guessing you may already have a certificate for the engine? Mine was supplied when I collected the kit, quoting the engine number.
  14. Steve's Zetec build thread

    Well done, just registration to go, then on the road. Expect you know, but contact Mark for a "certificate of newness" asap, also take copies of your IVA cert. Original goes to Swansea, and you don't get it back!!
  15. Wiper blade part number

    Got a pair of these https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/10-ridged-bayonet-fit-ss-or-black-wiper-blade.html and cut them to suit, simple design, but works on a flat screen.