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  1. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    My handbrake gaitor made from rubber trim and an eBay gaitor. Came up ok
  2. FW style boot lid lock's

    I have been recently supplied with these from the factory for my fw. Boot off for the Iva for me.
  3. Fog light issue

    next issue Dave!
  4. Fog light issue

    Thanks for your help Facebook will give it a go with a new switch
  5. Fog light issue

    Nope I purchased from cbs myself doh! Fog light comes on when illuminated on switch. Yes blue wire is the feed from the headlights. Yellow is the feed to fog
  6. Fog light issue

    Any idea where I can get one of these switches from Dave?
  7. Fog light issue

    Video now attached
  8. Fog light issue

    Standard issue rockers
  9. Fog light issue

    Hi, im approx 2weeks from my Iva and have come down to my last wiring niggle. The issue I’m having is that the fog light switches on on its own when the dipped/ full beam is turned on. I realise there is quite a archive of info on here about the new Iva requirements for fog lights however i believe this new reg came in act in circa 2013. As my loom was made in 2017 i would hope westy would have upgraded to current regs? I am however running a duratec and the loom was specially made due to westy no longer selling the sport 2000 so I guess my loom maybe to old regs? see video which hopefully summarises my issue. Do I just need to buy myself a cartek fog light kit to sort the issue or have I bigger wiring issues at play thanks al
  10. Al's duratec FW build (mx5 gearbox)

    Sorry I’ve been pretty poor at keeping this thread up to date. Update: Car is pretty much complete less a few bits of wiring and trimming to interior and mirrors Car has now been corner weighted and setup and also rolling roaded. Results 187bhp / 560kg. since then I’ve been sorting out a few leaks here from here and there and just this weekend had her running nice and hot so gave it a few blasts on my driveway. (Can’t seem to upload video on here unless someone can help me) iva paperwork being sent tomorrow however I believe my hopes of making stoneleigh will probably not be achievable. Looking forward to hitting the road and many happy blats ahead! See you all soon al
  11. Westfield four point harnesses for sale

    yes please. Pm sent
  12. To suit Sierra 7 inch open diff. Suitable for bolt on Lobro joint type with 100mm flange plates. Shafts were fitted however never used due to a change of heart and upgrade of diff. Includes postage. £50
  13. Engines.. 2.0, K series and the Eco Boosts

    Russ what power are you making from your duratec. How heavy is your car as well? Just got mine set up and weighed yesterday at 560kg. Car is now at the dyno shop hoping for 190bhp from standard engine with throttle bodies but interesting point about you seeing one make 199bhp!
  14. Mazda gearbox chassis mount - picture request

    Hi Tim, I used the sdv chassis if that makes any difference? I ground off parts of the gearbox as well to clear the sides of the tunnel but the mounting was way off. I believe the sport 250 tunnel Is much wider to accept the gearbox. I don’t hsve much space in the tunnel

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