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  1. Mazda gearbox chassis mount - picture request

    Hi Tim, I used the sdv chassis if that makes any difference? I ground off parts of the gearbox as well to clear the sides of the tunnel but the mounting was way off. I believe the sport 250 tunnel Is much wider to accept the gearbox. I don’t hsve much space in the tunnel
  2. Mazda gearbox chassis mount - picture request

    I've also done this conversion and had to cut out the chasis rail and move further back.
  3. Aeroscreen black

    Will take this please
  4. Sport 250 (2.0 ecoboost) prop length

    Also ordered mine from dunning and Fairbank in a mx5 mk3 to Sierra. £188 delivered new. Same length as mikes above.
  5. Duratec Oil Filter /Pressure issue (2.0 HE)

    Millers 5w 50 same as what caterham recommend
  6. Duratec Oil Filter /Pressure issue (2.0 HE)

    I'm in the exact opposite situation. My oil pressure gauge is over 8 bar on start up. Duratec 46k with race line sump. 5w 55 oil. Not run it long enough to see if the pressure drops once hot.
  7. Vinyl kick strips (black)

    As title I'm after a pair of vinyl kick strips in black. thanks
  8. Weight..

    Think a duratec weighs 92kg
  9. Duratec ecu coolant temp

    There's no earth on it. It's a two pin plug and only 2 wires got to it. As per ford set up.
  10. Duratec ecu coolant temp

    Fired up the engine for the first time today after 18 months of build. All good apart from the coolant temp reading as minus 30c. This didn't change even after I got the engine up to temp. Sensor definitely being picked up as when I removed the plug the ecu defaulted to 80 and dropped the revs. I'm using the standard ford sensor with an emerald ecu. Is this just a setting things?
  11. Duratec Intake Noise

    Think I'm in the same boat here. I bought some used AT Power tbs which are longer than the standard webers and I also need to cut out part of the bonnet. Thinking I may fibreglass my existing filter for a mould and bodge a poor mans caterham Airbox.
  12. Areo catches

    I think most people who fit these use the ones with the internal flange. This allows the catch to fit on the lower part of the bonnet
  13. Let me know if Adrian doesn't buy David. Thanks al
  14. FW headlight spats

    Still available
  15. FW body harness bolt locating

    A damn fine idea! Shame my body is on now. Will have to have think about this. I might be able to see more once the role bar holes are cut