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  1. vdo tacho wiring

    Cheers mate all will try that
  2. vdo tacho wiring

    Yes you know on the back of the vdo rev counter how's the jumper set
  3. vdo tacho wiring

    No mate I put a resistor in and still doesn't work I haven't got a clue what to do next lol
  4. vdo tacho wiring

    yes mate it does
  5. vdo tacho wiring

    yes it is the wiring loom dave
  6. vdo tacho wiring

    hi dave don't know mate ive got the wire harness for the vdo clocks and I think that I have got it right theres a purple wire which is the signal wire and a brown wire which states gauge which I assume that this is for the switch 12v power supply to the clock then theres a red wire which states speedometer
  7. vdo tacho wiring

    not sure dave we have just plug it in to the emerald wiring chassis is there anyone you know who lives clode to chesterfield lol
  8. vdo tacho wiring

    Hi ya Dave Its a new build and the clocks was bought of the forum and the ecu is brand new from robin hood and no I've not touched the dip switches
  9. vdo tacho wiring

    hi ya chris ive got a 1k resistor and put it acros the signal wire and the power wire and it still doesn't work have you any ideas mate cheers andy
  10. vdo tacho wiring

    hi chris I haven't got a green and black/white wire the wires I have are red black brown and purple which I believe that the black is earth brown is 12v switch purple is signal wire from ecu red is speedometer wel that's what it states on the wire its self lol
  11. vdo tacho wiring

    oh right ok chris that would be good info if you can find it cheers mate
  12. vdo tacho wiring

    hi all don't know whether ive posted this in the right place sorry if not I'm trying to get my vdo tacho gauge to work with emerald ecu and wiring chassis ive been at it 3 weeks + and still carnt get it working I'm open to any ideas many thanks
  13. westfield silencer

    As it got the cat in the silencer aswell please
  14. Roll bar , exhaust , zetec sump

    Have you still got the roll bar
  15. Peak District, Sun 7th May

    Sorry guys didn't know you was out or we would have come didn't see the post till now never mind hope you all enjoyed it