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  1. hi chris I haven't got a green and black/white wire the wires I have are red black brown and purple which I believe that the black is earth brown is 12v switch purple is signal wire from ecu red is speedometer wel that's what it states on the wire its self lol
  2. oh right ok chris that would be good info if you can find it cheers mate
  3. hi all don't know whether ive posted this in the right place sorry if not I'm trying to get my vdo tacho gauge to work with emerald ecu and wiring chassis ive been at it 3 weeks + and still carnt get it working I'm open to any ideas many thanks
  4. As it got the cat in the silencer aswell please
  5. Have you still got the roll bar
  6. Sorry guys didn't know you was out or we would have come didn't see the post till now never mind hope you all enjoyed it
  7. Hi Julie yes count us in for deffo and yes that would be fine to call for us I will inbox you me address
  8. Hi folks sorry we won't be there were on our jollies as well hope you all enjoy
  9. great video Julie I didn't know deputy dog came along aswell lol great day
  10. I have mate sent you a pm
  11. I've sent you a message mate about your wheels cheers Andy
  12. Really enjoyed the run today but it was a bit embarrassing when Julie tried to destroy the cafe we called at on the way back home lol
  13. And you forget me lol
  14. yes we hopefully be going were can we meet Julie if it doesn't snow lol