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  1. Cheesehead from across the pond.

    I went for my first Westfield after watching a TV series about one being built. I did look at the other manufacturers but thought that the affordability of the Westfield beat the others hands down. Obviously I'm slightly biased, and it's not something that you will notice that much being based in the US, but when you visit the Westfield club stands at major events everyone always seems more open and willing to include you in the group ... whether you own one or not. Finally the wealth of knowledge on this forum and the willingness to answer all my stupid questions is worth a huge amount and I doubt the other kit car types have a group this good.
  2. Yorkshire breakfast club, 15th October.

    Sorry guys and girls ... still waiting on my steering column and it won't be here till next week so I won't be able to make it
  3. Santa Run, Sun 3rd Dec, Peak District

    Santa Andy_R reporting for duty Although I seem to recall having to drive through the a*se end of Rotherham in the dark last year so I do question about getting home in the light However it was a fantastic day out so I'll be there unless the weather is wet.
  4. Must be a new model...

    I went for the silver on black and was happy with the results as I felt it suited the car.
  5. Must be a new model...

    I got a set of the Demon Graphic ones and they've been great ... haven't faded or fallen off so well worth the money.
  6. Yorkshire breakfast club, 15th October.

    Assuming my steering column/wheel is delivered this week and fitting goes smoothly I'll be there on the 15th.
  7. Bonnet Catch Identification

    I actually think you are right @RussH ... I believe the original builder put them on this way as the swept wings got in the way if done correctly. It still works though and I don't see any movement even at high speeds so it should be all good. Glad to hear the Quality Manager has given it a seal of approval ... now I just need to get it to a mirror finish
  8. Bonnet Catch Identification

    I finally found them on RS of all places. Very proud to announce all four have been replaced and they look SO much better. I know it's a little thing but when you roll with the vehicle of @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO then you need to make sure your bling is looking good
  9. Boot box ideas

    I used some 3mm aluminium which I got power coated. Total cost was £40 inc. two locks and a long piano hinge. Over the winter I'll be improving it by getting two locks keyed the same, adding a handle and water proofing the very thin gap between the two pieces of metal. I know a few people that have put some bars on theirs to act as luggage carriers and I might do this as well.
  10. Cheesehead from across the pond.

    It's getting a lot more popular over here. The "International" games are drawing big crowds and nearly everyone stays till the end of the game (you don't get a mass exodus of people leaving at the end of the 3rd quarter for example). They keep talking that a UK based franchise will happen in the next few years but I'm not so sure there is as much enthusiasm for that in the US as there is in the UK. Also if you had a home team based out of London then that team would need to be play off contenders (at the very least) within the first couple of years or the fans may loose interest. The Jags, who have had home advantage over a few games in recent years, are currently not at that kind of level ... although they seem to be having a good start to the season this year so you never know. I have attached some pictures of my seat that I'm very lucky to get when I go to the games in London.
  11. Cheesehead from across the pond.

    Welcome James I myself am a San Diego Chargers fan having seen my first game in SD when I was in my teens on holiday. And yes I'm very much aware of the "San Diego" typo Sorry to hear you are a Cheesehead () although your fans always come out in force at Wembley ... no matter who is playing!!
  12. Yorkshire meeting, 3rd October

    I'll be there in tin top.
  13. Quick Question on Steering

    That's fantastic news ... thanks for confirming that.
  14. I've removed my steering column and in doing so ruined the upper column bush & bearing. I can get a replacement nylon bush from Burton Power but it doesn't appear to have a bearing. Do I need said bearing or will the nylon bush do the job just as well? Steering column is a Escort Mk2.
  15. I went up Ben Nevis a few years ago. It was March, the snow line was quite low and it was snowing slightly at the top but I had the proper gear & enough experience that I felt confident walking the easier route. Very near the top is a plateau and without the right gear you could get lost ... especially in bad weather. By lost I mean you could easily walk off a cliff edge when visibility is poor! So there I was half way along this part (and very near my goal of the summit) when three guys came out of the snow (from the direction of said cliff edge) and asked me if this was the path! They had short sleeve t-shirts and flip flops on and said they had been trying to find the path for the last half hour!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I nearly had a heart attack on their behalf. Even feeling the cold they wanted to get to the summit but I suggested it might be better to get down of the mountain and helped them to the zig zag path below the plateau (which in the snow is still slippery and treacherous). I watched them as they walked down and then went to the summit wondering if I'd done the right thing. On my way back down I met them again, struggling to walk downhill in flip flops. I ended up helping them down to the lodge near the bottom of the mountain. I'm a 100% certain that they had been metres from falling off a mountain. By the end of it I was proper angry and the lodge owner had to ask them to leave after I explained what they did. What made me really angry? On my back throughout my walk was a small bag that had enough gear to allow me to survive the walk AND at least a night on the mountain. It wasn't expensive and it wouldn't have been the Hilton thats for sure but I would have survived AND been able to assist the emergency rescue services if it was needed. These idiots didn't bring a map, compass or even have the proper footwear! Darwin Award for sure! So in answer to @DonPeffers question ... very 'steep' (pun intended) rescue fee along with public humiliation for starters. At the time I would have also suggested bringing back the stocks and allowing kids to throw rotten fruit & veg at them!