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  1. Easter Sunday Peak District Run 1st April

    Would love to but I'll be in the White Mountains (New Hampshire) starting my 40th birthday celebrations a few weeks early by hunting large animals, ice fishing and drinking whisky next to a roaring fire I've made from scratch. At least that's what I've been told will happen but I suspect when all that fails because I'm not an experienced woodsman ... the holiday will be spent finding a bar with a nearby McDonalds!!!
  2. Ramair Filters

    I've got a Ramair on my X-Flow and it's been fine. Can't compare it with others in regards to performance but I've had no problem and it seems quite robust ... it rubs slightly on the bonnet yet hasn't fallen apart or ripped.
  3. GBS Cars and Coffee, Sat 24th March

    Looking unlikely I can make this one as we've been up all night with poorly children If I can get out this morning I'll meet you there instead of at McDonalds.
  4. GBS Cars and Coffee, Sat 24th March

    Weather is looking good so I'll be along for cake and cake and cake. Where in Yorkshire are you heading @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO?
  5. Yorkshire breakfast club, 18th March

    Sorry I can't make this ... my daughter has a horse riding competition. Enjoy the breakfast.
  6. Peak District Scenic Stunner Sun 11th March

    Sorry but I would be in HUGE trouble if I missed the one day a year my wife doesn't have to lift a finger
  7. GBS Cars and Coffee, Sat 24th March

    I should be up for this one.
  8. Wunoff

    I paid £220 (without postage) and that included them making a piece to fit between the silencer and manifold pipework. If you are trying to save on money can pick up and delivery be organised through the club members?
  9. Peak District Scenic Stealer, Sat 24th Feb, 10.30am

    Sorry I can't make this one ... I'm on the train to watch Grimsby vs the Mighty Exeter
  10. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    ROFL FYI I have now taken my "fan" out as it made a slight rattle noise which I thought I was a loose wire or something under the dash.
  11. 3.9 V8 Sump leaking oil

    @cjdad76 ... Have followed this thread out of interest as I'm also having to fix a similar problem on my engine. Could you let me know which part numbers you ordered (from Rimmer Bros) for the gasket, bolts and sealant?
  12. Chrome / Silver Windscreen Wipers

    That seems perfect ... thanks for that. In the meantime if anyone has any second hand going spare please let me know.
  13. Alpha 300mm steering wheel - SOLD

    As everyone took the p*ss out of my 350mm dustbin lid at the Yorkshire breakfast meeting yesterday I'll take this from you. Will send you a PM.
  14. I need the passenger side windscreen wiper after mine came off on the A34 when I picked up Maverick (of course it was raining at the time!). Happy to buy the pair if someone has a set spare. Needs to be in chrome/silver but quite happy to have a set of black if the fittings are the same. Or if anyone knows where I can buy one new at a reasonable price?
  15. Getting oil of the garage floor

    You will all laugh at this but Johnson Baby Wipes have been fantastic for removing oil from my painted garage floor!

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