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  1. Getting oil of the garage floor

    You will all laugh at this but Johnson Baby Wipes have been fantastic for removing oil from my painted garage floor!
  2. Oil Catch Tank?

    Thanks for all the help @Thrustyjust ... that's very useful. @Kevin Wood ... there is a small filter on the cover on the other side of the engine which doesn't seem to breath that much. This side must have been different and a tank added to collect the excess. It doesn't seem to give me a significant amount of oil compared with my old X-Flow so I'll have a think on what to do next. I doubt I'll be taking Maverick to a track which seems to mean I won't be so restricted on what I can do.
  3. Oil Catch Tank?

    Glad it's not just me that thinks the same Forgive my lack of knowledge but is there are reason for the breather / filter being at the bottom of the tank? On my previous vehicles it's been at the top (either directly mounted to the top or on the side but very close to the top.
  4. SOLD - Tunnel Bag - Soft Bits for 7's

    I'll have this if CrisisWolf doesn't. Have sent you a PM.
  5. Oil Catch Tank?

    So I'm assuming the sports bottle is a home made oil catch tank? What I find strange is the filter/breather that goes down the side into a plastic bowl (looks like a cap from a spray can) ... is this normal? I'm wanting to replace it with something that looks nicer and is more secure (e.g. has a bracket attachment to something solid instead of the two plastic tie wraps). Which one would you recommend?
  6. Yorkshire breakfast club, 18th February

    Ditto and yours is looking great @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO Where does Steve @BugMan live?
  7. Yorkshire breakfast club, 18th February

    Good for me
  8. Air Conditioning?

    Love the bucket and spade
  9. Air Conditioning?

    On the passenger side the fans are mounted on the left pointing downwards to where your knee/shin would be. There is nothing else there to cool and behind it is fibreglass. It's quite high up and not close to any hot objects. Any photos would be fantastic. Also I notice you are in Alton. I'm in Yateley & Farnham on a regular basis (that's where I'm originally from) and my parents are the Alton side of Basingstoke so if you fancy a beer in the warmer months (when I'll be bringing Maverick down South for a run) then let me know.
  10. Air Conditioning?

    It would be great to hear from anyone who's been part of Mavericks life. In regards to those fans ... do you know if they were installed for air flow / air con? Also do you know where the nickname Maverick came from? I'm guessing it's due to the number plate finishing MAV but was there a different reason for the name?
  11. Air Conditioning?

    Maverick is still a dream to drive and is looking stunning. Are you still in contact with the previous owner(s)?
  12. Air Conditioning?

    There are a few that I've noticed and they will be removed!
  13. Air Conditioning?

    Been looking around Maverick and have found two of these fans in each of the footwells. Any idea what they've been installed for? The car went to the US on a road trip and I'm wondering if it's for cool air to be directed at the occupants feet? TBH I'm expecting to have the p*ss taken out of me for missing something obvious so please be kind
  14. The Windmill Returns, Sat 10th Feb

    As the forecast is rain Maverick and I won't be attending The long range forecast looks good for next weekend so the first outing will be at the Yorkshire Breakfast meeting all being well.
  15. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    This is it in my older car but it works just as well in the SEiGHT.