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  1. cleared the room
  2. which Julie said
  3. Hi @stephenh ... I'll have the Chrome surrounds at £5. Will send a PM to confirm.
  4. stunk like a
  5. to beat a
  6. And remember to service them on a regular basis. A few years ago I did a car boot at Sodbury (big Landrover event near Newbury) and at the end of the day I had two very old (over 10 years) fire extinguishers left. Instead of binning them me and my brother decided to use them (as you do after a couple of beers). Despite being correctly 'charged' hardly anything came out. Now I keep a log of the extinguishers I have in my phones diary as a reminder to service or replace them at set intervals.
  7. Very nice ... might have to put that on the list for next year :-)
  8. Was given a long sleep in this morning and got to open my Fathers Day presents ... a pair of 'classic' Sparco racing shoes and a framed embroidery of 'Roary'. Well chuffed and I'm just going out on a 'short' blat to test out the shoes :-) @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO please thank Elizabeth again for an exceptional piece of work that looks great in the frame. She has a real talent and I bet there are others on the forum that would love something similar.
  9. ROFL
  10. It's Fathers Day and the kids will kill me if I'm not around so will have to send my apologies.
  11. Lovely car @Ian Bunker and incredible price for your "Number 1 Star"!
  12. @Davep1 ... WOW ... what stunning views. Need to add both of those to the list! Thanks.