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  1. A friend of mine (who's Dad drives a Ferrari and was at Silverstone) has just found this video of cars arriving at Silverstone. Around 1:16 into the video you will notice a few dodgy characters driving in on Friday morning ... these include @Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO, @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary, myself and I think (but not sure so apologies to all concerned if I'm wrong) @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator.
  2. Yorkshire meeting, 1st August.

    Sorry Robin I can't make tonight ... drying out my electrics and testing my starter solenoid this evening. Have a good night.
  3. Problems from Silverstone!

    So Roary had some problems on the run back from Silverstone! Got in the car once my incredibly large () tent had been packed up. Turned the key and all the electrics fired into life with the fuel pump making it's normal noise. Pumped the pedal a few times like normal and turned the key ... then nothing! No noise of any kind (however all the dash lights were on as per normal). Tried again and nothing ... until three seconds later when it fired into life. Got out of the ground and onto the A43 when the horn decided to come on ... and stay on. Stopped at the BP garage close to the circuit sounding like the Road Runner on speed. Disconnected the horn (and covered the end of the wire with some duck tape for good measure) and all was good other than not having a horn. Car started fine at this point. I got to a services on the M1 to stretch my legs and when I came to leave the ignition suffered the same problem as in the campsite. Took longer to start (5 or 6 turns of the key and waiting for 5/6 seconds) but eventually it fired into life. However a loud noise seemed to be coming from what I assume is the starter motor (big red metal tube like part on the X-Flow underneath the exhaust manifold but near the bottom of the engine). Turned the car off and the noise still kept going. Took the negative lead off the battery and all went quiet. Hit the starter motor with a heavy bar a few times, put the battery cable back on and all went back to normal. Got home, breathed a sigh of relief and had a beer to celebrate not having to call out the RAC! Can anyone advise me on what went on and what I should be looking for? The car and engine bay got VERY wet during the heavy rain on Saturday night so I'm assuming that was a big contributor? All the dash lights and switches worked fine (except the horn). The battery (a red top which is only a month old) appeared to be at full charge and when it started there was no obvious sign of it struggling to turn the engine over.
  4. Silverstone Classic 2017

    I had more room in the Jet simulator cars
  5. Claymills Steaming Day, Sun 27th August

    I might be able to make this as we come back from holiday the Friday before.
  6. Sad eBay Purchases

    @Andy Banks - Chairman ... as discussed at Silverstone the eBay code for this is 382110664292. You can get left hand and right hand versions so make sure you got for the left hand if you want it in the same spot as mine. A search will find multiple sellers for this so you may find it cheaper.
  7. comfort features / accessories

    I have a USB socket, a couple of map pockets for storage, LED interior lighting (it's surprising how little you can see at night in the footwell) and have just purchased this rather lovely drinks holder/storage device from FleaBay that fits between the seats. Other than that I have a fire extinguisher, a tool roll, some spare wet weather gear, a 2 litre fuel canister and a large umbrella for when I can't be bothered to put the wet weather gear on the car.
  8. Classic car shows in September

    Thanks for the heads up on these @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator. I should be able to attend the Classic Motor show at Wentworth assuming the weather is good ... after Silverstone I've already had my fair share of driving in the rain .
  9. The Word Association Thread

  10. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    and cake aplenty
  11. Sad eBay Purchases

    The advert said it needs just under half an inch room between the seat and tunnel. Luckily mine is a wide bodied and the seats don't go all the way so I had a bit of room. I tried a cheaper plastic version but the cup holders were too large and didn't work with the movement in the car. This one (which cost around £15) seems to be perfect ... although if you see me at Silverstone covered in coffee or coke then you know it didn't work :-)
  12. Sad eBay Purchases

    So this week I've been a bit sad and purchased some bits on eBay! My first purchase was a drinks holder ... which of course had to be in matching colours and comes with some storage space! I know it's really sad but I use the car in the winter and to have a warm drink available will make up for looking sad in the car park. The other purchase was due to me wanting to take some window cleaner, polish, etc., to Silverstone. I'd ran out of room in the boot so decided to buy some small spray bottles. Only cost a couple of quid but the space saving is huge. My wife keeps saying I should be banned from using eBay
  13. Thanks for the recommendation ... I'm meeting Robin early evening to travel down in convoy and it just so happens I will pass a Sainsbury's! Will make a stop and will try and find space to fit it in the car :-)
  14. My lovely wife just went out and replaced the bottles for cans ... so it's just the wine I need to sort out now
  15. Glass: ALL glass bottles will be removed and disposed of by campsite staff on arrival or if seen on-site. Just noticed this on the Do's & Dont's section of the Woodlands camping. Apologies if this has been mentioned before in a previous post but how strict are they on this? I was planning on bringing wine & beer with me but if this happens I'll need to get creative with how I transport my beverages