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  1. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Newly re-furbed TSW's
  2. PCB Geeks Required

    I bet any deep thought in thrusty’s garage leaves him dripping in condensation whether the heat is on or not!
  3. PCB Geeks Required

    You southern softie!!..... up north we don’t need heaters through the winter
  4. Cheshire and N. Staffs monthly meet Thursday 3rd May

    hmmm, just thinking of the logistics of this........ I could pick @6carjonup in the Kuga (if he would like a lift?) and then go from the Pheasant as passengers in Westfields to end up in the Swettenham Arms......... how do we get back to the Kuga in the Pheasant to get home?????!!!!!
  5. Cheshire and N. Staffs monthly meet Thursday 3rd May

    Not sure I will make this month - had surgery last Friday and so will have to see how I am by Thursday evening.... car not quite ready either ....... just some finishing off to do but not going to be able to do it this week
  6. Petition to sign

  7. Carbon fibre bonnet bulge

    @1960dave did you get sorted Dave?
  8. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Finally started my list!!!!!........ Done in the last 3 weeks...... OMP suede 300mm steering wheel with Rapfix quick release fitted. JAP bar removed and replaced with RAC rollbar which was stripped and re-powdercoated. LED high level brake light fitted with wiring concealed in rollbar. Boot box cut to accommodate diagonal braces, reworked with sleeves for brace bars and completed by painting satin black Existing fuel pump moved inboard and away from rear wheel (as per standard Westfield recommendation!) Fuel tank purged, polished and refitted with improved restraining strap fittings. Fuel sensor recalibrated so car shows full and empty accurately. New SAE J30 R9 fuel lines from pump to carbs using stainless fuel hose clamps. Wiring tidied up, joints soldered as necessary and shrink tubed to finish. Inside of boot area degreased and washed down before boot box replaced with new fastening bolts. Softbits half hood fitted. Oil and filter changed. Remaining to do..... Powder coat wheels gloss black Replace rubber heater hoses with silicone Wash and treat Pipercross air filter Cut a further 1/8 inch off bonnet air filter cut-out to prevent pinching the foam filter. Wash and polish!!! Car started and running after been SORN and standing since mid-November. Taxed from 1st May and hopefully out and about the week after
  9. SEI (narrow) Now Sold

    Benetton Westfield!
  10. Where is Thrustyjust

    You were obviously off shift then!!!
  11. Where is Thrustyjust

    Me and my BIG mouth!!!!!!!
  12. Where is Thrustyjust

    Glad to hear all is OK now and everyone is on the mend. We do miss your input on the various posts........ actually, let me think about that...... no, honestly we do! Watched the whole vid and suspect you were the fastest away from the junction....... looks good
  13. Welcome Jordan

    Nice one Jordan
  14. Weber set up

    I think Dave should have said NOT BE MOUNTED RIGIDLY...... Webers need to flex slightly to the manifold
  15. Where is Thrustyjust

    Maybe we should try and find one of those "Where's Wally?" type photos ...... "Where's @Thrustyjust?"..... Or possibly a competition for the funniest reason he may be in hiding...... after all, he's not around to defend himself!!!!!

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