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  1. Oulton Park track day 10th April

    Could be up for this.
  2. Blyton Sunday 17th September

    I'm game, I think a deadline is what I need!!!
  3. Slave Cylinder Leaking

    Not a bad shout Russ! I'll enquire tomorrow. For anybody that is stuck on this, basically the sleeve inside the housing goes backwards towards the gearbox end to reveal an additioanl o-ring in a face groove. Clean up on the lathe and shes a peach!
  4. Charcoal or Gas

    Charcoal, with one of these bad boys to get it going! doesn't take any less time, it just makes them all the same temperature. Although there is an art to emptying onto the grill without setting your flip flops on fire.
  5. Project Binky and Edd China

    He will come out smelling of roses, he's basically the reason why most people watched wheeler dealers!
  6. Bargain Halfords Socket/Ratchet Set

    Yeh, I didn't know if there was some amazing website that someone knew of that was exactly like that. The garage equivelant of espares sort of thing!
  7. Beefburgers - cheese and/or coleslaw..?

    I had a burger the other day with mac n cheese on......I've not stopped thinking about it since.
  8. Project Binky and Edd China

    Awesome, I'm watching this at work during my break tomorrow, nice one Russ!
  9. Bargain Halfords Socket/Ratchet Set

    I've had a big set for years now and they've seen me through some serious work. I'd love to say the gaps in the set are due to overuse but unfortunately I just lose them! Anyone know if you can order them seperately from somewhere else?
  10. Fog light and reverse light

    You need a "guy" Russ!
  11. Strange Problem

    I might have missed something, but isnt the obvious choice for the negative cable onto the block/bell housing? no issues with corrosion, easy to get to and face contact without relying on threads.
  12. Slave Cylinder Leaking

    Evening All, It's really not been a succesful year for me and its always the small things that let you down! I've fully stripped and rebuilt my type 9 box over winter which was a great task to undertake without an issue but in my haste forgot to replace the slave when putting a new clutch on. Hence the lot is back out for a seal replacement on an APC5 (http://www.burtonpower.com/hydraulic-clutch-cylinder-nose-apc5.html) concentric slave arrangement. I've bought a new seal kit for it (http://www.burtonpower.com/seal-repair-kit-for-apc5-apc5sk.html) but have received three o-rings in the kit. I have extracted the actuating cylinder (for anyone who is stuck on this, I connected the clutch back up and kept pumping until removed) from the housing but can only find two o-rings, is there a hidden one? I'd have thought one on the OD and one on the ID is enough to seal and my initial thoughts are a third is to cover for a slightly different arragenment but wanted to check before I just change them. Has anyone any experience with this change? Additionaly is there anywhere else other than burton power I can get the braided hose connections?
  13. was a real shame! Good bit of a blast though, should do it again ASAP.
  14. Cheap and good detailing stuff thread

    Also, forgot to mention Iron X. What a product! For those small rust spots that you get on your car, also great on wheels and removing tar. There are a few other examples out there but I can only comment on this product. Just remember to take it off with water afterwards!
  15. Cheap and good detailing stuff thread

    I haven't seen it in real life, but I'm really annoyed his car is much shinier than mine!

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