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  1. Doors, Wiper motor, Wiper arms & Blades.

    PM for the roll bar sent.
  2. Zetec engine missing

    What’s changed? Did you just go to start it one morning and it no longer ran as it did the day before or is it post disturbing the engine? Make sure your HT leads are connected to the right cylinder as i had similar in the past but a quick swap fixed it.
  3. Servicing

    A top tip is to do the oil and filter change before you store the car for any prolonged period. This way the car sits with nice clean oil around the engine and not with any contaminants which which could cause corrosion gumming etc. Randy
  4. Car upgrade

    Check with insurance companies. My friends 17yr old son was quoted over £2k for 3rd party only insurance on a 1998 1.2 Clio. They found him a compact diesel vauxhall van for £350 and now he only pays £400 TPFT insurance. After a year he will get a car, though I think he likes the van!
  5. Battery overheated and popped

    Just make sure that when you moved the battery you haven't caused a short circuit.
  6. Found in engine oil

    Are you looking at the fault or the symptoms of a fault.... what I mean to say is go back to the beginning, your pump belt popped off, this is not normal! Your pump may have momentarily jammed if it's started to break up or if a bearing has turned in its "alloy" housing. Does your filter sit pre or post pump / is the oil filter bypass open? Tear your old filter open and see what's in it. The last thing you want to do is rebuild your engine and fix the symptoms but still have a fault waiting to strike again. Just remember that the cylinder head is alloy and the cams/buckets etc all move against the alloy housing and wear is prevented by the oil. Have you had the rocker cover off, checked the cam seats?
  7. SEight that will not rev under full throttle

    I've seen this before. The fuel pressure regulator has been dropping off with the higher demand at higher revs and thus the injector spray pattern goes to pot.
  8. Balancing Webers

    Hmm... Check the carbs for air leaks as described above. If no leaks try this: if no.2 is the lowest, bring the others down to match no.2, you will have to raise the idle as you do this so naturally no.2 will rise a little. At some point you will find it shall all balance out, then play with the idle jet mixture and double check the balance again. It's all fine tweaking from there.
  9. C20XE rebuild

    Back to the original post but also helps the hijack! My C20XE oil pump failed due to the old issue of the bypass sticking open. I rebuilt the engine mysef last Christmas, though I had the engine block bored out and washed by Banda engineering portsmouth. when I first stripped the engine there was no signs of damage to any of the parts from loss of oil. If you turn the engine off early when a pump fails most engines are fine as there will still be a film of oil on the parts inside. Every time you start an engine there is no even distribution of oil pressure for the first few seconds internally anyway. Cleanliness is key when rebuilding. Get some assembly lube and make sure you have the right length head bolts (there is a diffence in length for coscast heads), I didn't and I wasted time re-ording the right ones. Always fit a new pump, I upgraded to a z20let pump and modified the pick up pipe to suit. I fitted my bargain head too, I still laugh at what I paid for this!... A COSCAST head, freshly rebuilt, fully ported and polished, piper cams (max lift for hyd cams before needing solid lifters) and adjustable pulleys, new followers and valves all still covered in assembly lube...£300 I was the only bidder on eBay, it was simply listed as "rebuilt engine head" which I found by chance! I then sold my old original COSCAST head which had great compression for £420! I have 45's fitted and self tuned the engine using an innovate wideband sensor. It didn't need much, just up a size on the jets and larger chokes. I've covered over 1000miles now and no issues at all. I will get it on a rolling road soon but I've only just moved house so it will have to wait. You will enjoy rebuilding it! It's really not that hard!
  10. Weber Air Horn - Filters

    They are all I use on my car. Never had any problems except for one falling off! I don't use the car in the wet though.
  11. Gearbox decisions

    Thank you for all of your replies! I like the idea of of the SPC and building it myself but MKF had a good deal awhile ago... I'll probably give them a call this week and see what they can do. I would like a longer first as advised by Arm above. if I went the SPC route by the time of got a second box to build on plus gaskets etc I could of bought the MKF unit. I'll ask if there is discount for a bulk order; perhaps find a few WSCC members who would like to buy a new gearbox.
  12. Gearbox decisions

    So I have finally decided that I am fed up with the ratios of my standard type 9 gearbox! I have a C20XE, circa 210Bhp (limiter kicks in at 7000rpm), 3.6 rear diff with 185/69/14 rear wheels. I use the car mostly for quick country road driving to work and I have my first trackday lined up this summer. I don't want a straight cut box as im not a fan of the noise they make. I would quite like to rebuild my current box with a kit. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and as I have never rebuilt a gearbox, except for a couple of boat outboards and so I would like to give it a go! I may buy a second standard donor box to do this as my current one is in great working order. Budget wise, the less I spend the happier Mrs A will be! My questions are: - What would be my best ratios (does anyone have the same set up as me)? - Who would be good to buy from in terms of warranty and customer support? - Does anyone have a gearbox that they might sell either as a donor or one to spec? Many thanks! Randy
  13. Tool Set/Kits

    I have Draper Expert EVA tools sets. Good quality and well organised. They can be found at reasonable prices too. I sheard an extension and a new one was sent out without any quibbles and no need to return the broken one, just sent them a pic. The foam inserts fit well in my tool chest too.
  14. Power commander 5 map switch

    Have you thought about adding the Dynojet autotune? It constantly manages the fuel map for peak performance. You will never need to have the engine mapped again no matter if you add more performance goodies! My friend has one on his Honda and that's how I first heard of it.