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  1. Not tech- photo upload

    Still not got a prof pic because every one I choose is too big of a file. What am I doing wrong
  2. Supercharging a Duratec

    @Greenstreak-Andy D mainly fun on the road and odd track day. I put in some newman fast road cams in. One of the milder ones they did. But I was happy enough to fit myself. Got a couple track days out planned this year so be nice to open her up see what she’s like. Only done curborough in her so far. And she wasn’t running right at the time so should be fun.
  3. Supercharging a Duratec

    All sound positive,, will be in touch @Plays-Kool
  4. Supercharging a Duratec

    Hi all, thinking of supercharging my Duratec anybody out there shed some light on how easy/ complicated the task would be? Also I’d keep my jenvey direct to head bodies and would like a carbon plenum made for it any suggestions of companies that do this ? Currently 200 hp with mild cams. Do you need an oil cooler for these rotrex chargers? If somebody has done This conversion and isn’t a million miles from bromsgrove/Worcester/birmingham id love to come and check it out.. scott
  5. Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day September 2018

    Deposit sent
  6. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Me and resto are up for this
  7. Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day September 2018

    Put me down please Steve
  8. 15” Black Team dynamics ..SOLD..

    Set of four. Tyre size ... 195/50/15
  9. Set of 15” Team dynamics gloss black et 23 7j tyres 5 mm roughly yoko parada spec 2s all wheels in really good condition no scuffs came off my westy last year so 4x108 £380 collected from bromsgrove also on eBay
  10. Rear wings, everything else has gone

    2nds on the ecu for what ever reason
  11. Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day 2 22nd September 2017

    Pm sent. I'll come
  12. Top ball joint

    Any body know where to get a ball joint from for the top wishbone. Or what they're off ?? Or is a Westfield job. I'll try upload a pic of mine (2006 factory built)
  13. 15" team dynamic Westfield wheels

    Deposit taken
  14. 15" team dynamic Westfield wheels

    Relied Kenton ! and the tyres for anybody else Are .. 195/50/15 looks like I'll have to look into postage, Beens getting some interest but postage. thanks

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