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  1. New member

    Welcome from Cornwall very nice car and in the best colour!
  2. Silver top Zetec thermostat housing

    I fitted the race line water rail to mine and as said it tidied up the pipe work no end. Once the rail kit is bought you will need to run a new return pipe from the thermostat housing to headed tank and a new pipe from housing to radiator top hose. There are 2 sensor ports for the temp sensors at the rear the water rail is expensive but is a good well made piece of kit. Here’s mine for reference. John
  3. Rich's S2000 Build

    I used puraflex 40 from tool station very good and a lot cheaper than Sikaflex. Link below. John https://www.toolstation.com/shop/p85566?table=no
  4. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    I have mine mounted behind the fuel tank. There is plenty of room between the tank and the body and the bolts shouldn’t be that long anyway. Here is a picture of mine that went through IVA with no problems. John
  5. My new Ladybird book: The Fireman

    As someone in the trade very funny and surprisingly accurate!
  6. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I’ve just had a look at your build and it’s from all new parts so should have a CAT. It’s probably an integral part of the silencer so not obvious. As in another thread look down through the silencer and you should see a honey comb section at one end, this will be the CAT.
  7. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    All complete. That survey was like a test and apart from the IVA sections didn’t really have a clue what all the abbreviations meant, typical government survey!
  8. I’ve just had a look at mine 2.0 Zetec with type 9 gearbox and I have 30mm of shaft clear of the box. My engine is as far back as it would go and has a Sierra diff, not that that should make a difference. Picture for reference. John
  9. Crossflow running problem, help needed

    Check that the locating peg hasn’t sheared on the rotor arm when the cap was knocked. This will give a non start if knocked out of position. John
  10. Happy Big Birthday Kernow

    I will be asking for tips to make the most of the day nearer the time can’t wait!
  11. Happy Big Birthday Kernow

    Thank you both for the birthday wishes I’ve had a great day. My wife made me a lovely cake! and my 3 boys have given me tickets for Goodwood Festival of Speed which I wasn’t expecting. They are just as exited as me. John
  12. rear uprights

    Set on eBay at the moment in fact there is a full rear suspension and brake setup on there. Item number for the upright is 142661862525 all items are nothing to do with me John
  13. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    I know what you mean but you can see in the diagram that there is only 1 flasher relay. All feeds to the indicators come via the relay. The switches just make the contact so the current is drawn through the relay making it flash.
  14. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    I don’t know why the switch is so big but there is no relay in the hazard switch. That is if we are talking about this switch. I can’t think of a car that uses seperate conventional relays.
  15. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    I disagree the hazards and indicator switch both use the same flasher relay.