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  1. Talk to me about chassis coatings.

    Steve I was in exactly the same position as you. I bought an unstarted project with the chassis and ancillaries in primer. I dry built the car added lowered floors and straps along the tunnel for the brake and fuel lines. Then all apart blasted zinc primed and powder coat. The finish is excellent and very durable far better than my last Westfield that was powder coated from the factory. I went for a different colour of Satin anthracite which I think compliments the blue nicely and also coloured rivets from Rivco. Haven’t got many pictures during build as my phone died and lost them but you should get the idea. John
  2. Rear Hub Nut question

    Nothing wrong with Chris’ setup the nut is fully on the threads and both need staking properly to prevent loosening. As for the washers they both have them Montys integral with the nut and Chris’ with the nut and an extra one. Torqued correctly and staked it will be fine.
  3. Mazda SDV build (Surrey Area)

    Why not give @DamperMan a try as a club sponsor and owner of Spax I’m sure he will sort you out with what you need. im surprised he doesn’t get more recommendations, all feedback on here has been great and at least he contributes to the club.
  4. Here we go.........

    Excellent news sounds great! Won’t be long now before you’re driving down the road. John
  5. ST250

    That MAP reading is in a strange unit of inches mercury. A quick conversion tool gives 8.9 inHg as 0.301 bar or 301 mbar. It should be showing around 998 mbar or 1 bar at idle. Either you have a restriction on the inlet pipe to the turbo causing a vacuum, have a faulty sensor or a wiring issue. Check the air filter and pipe to the turbo for restrictions. If nothing found unplug the sensor and see if that reading changes. It should default to a base value, if there is no change suspect the wiring. Hope this helps John
  6. ST250

    If this fault is showing from idle then it sounds like a sensor or wiring issue with the MAP or boost sensor. At idle it’s only reference would be with the Barometric MAP sensor (normally 1 bar or 998 mb) compared with the boost sensor which should be around 1bar or just above at idle and then increasing with revs as boost is produced. This is then regulated by the turbo actuator. Is there any way with your code reader to read live data? If so compare the barometric (MAP) with the boost sensor and see which is giving incorrect readings.
  7. trolley jack oil question

    Halfords ,Euro car parts all do it not expensive
  8. Looking forward to it Martin. Arrange I nice scenic route and I’m sure we will all pop down to your end. John
  9. Sierra Rear Calipers

    That’s just it if you do pull the lever down to get the cable on you must then wind the Piston back in with the correct tool. Then with it all back together and bled, pump the piston out fully with the foot brake before pulling the handbrake lever. Failure to do this will result in poor/uneven handbrake performance.
  10. Great morning run out with 5 Westfield’s, 1 Caterham and a 4WD Dax Rush with a Cosworth Turbo engine! Great car. Great to meet @Jimmerog @Chrishubbs And @b16gnr With more Westfield’s still to come it looks like a great summer of blatting ahead.
  11. I should think about 09:30-09:45. I can send a message when we leave Roborough and should be there about 15 minutes after that. Will PM you my number. John
  12. Coolant leak identified + zetec cooling system questions

    No problem Matt I had the same questions when fitting mine and this guide from Blink was very useful. I’ve had mine fitted as in the picture below and temps are rock solid and as Trev says you can check the coolant level easily. John
  13. Coolant leak identified + zetec cooling system questions

    try this link and Scroll down to the instructions supplied by Blink motorsport it should have all the info you need. John
  14. What about Marshmills retail park then straight up the A38 to Ivybridge to meet Chris?
  15. No would you mind doing that @b16gnr

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