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  1. Coolant leak identified + zetec cooling system questions

    try this link and Scroll down to the instructions supplied by Blink motorsport it should have all the info you need. John
  2. What about Marshmills retail park then straight up the A38 to Ivybridge to meet Chris?
  3. No would you mind doing that @b16gnr
  4. Ok the route for Sunday where we can pick up people on the way will be 9:00 am in Tavistock where we can me, Ben with his Caterham and @Jimmerog can meet @b16gnr then into Plymouth where a couple more will join us, then up to Ivybridge where we can meet @Chrishubbs That should be all of us (6 Westies and a Caterham) We can then head towards Kingsbridge before going across country to Totnes, Buckfastleigh, then Ashburton and onto the Moors and Haytor. We can stop at Ullacombe Farm on Haytor for Coffee or breakfast and a Tyre kick! Then down the hill to Bovey Tracey, Moretenhampstead then across the high moors to Princetown and then Tavistock. let me know if that’s ok or come up with another suggestion but the farm Cafe at Ullacombe is very good and worth a visit. @Chrishubbs if you PM me your mobile number I can give further details/times if required. John
  5. 1991 SEIW Steering column question

    looks like a mini column but it looks like someone has written Alegro in yellow writing. Google images for mini column look very similar. John
  6. 3 Westfield’s and 1 Caterham confirmed so far with Jim a maybe. There are quite a few cars around these parts now so hopefully some more to come. Who else fancies it?
  7. Disaster, Maybe.

    Plugs out, it’s probably full of coolant or fuel. Hopefully nothing to bad and you will be back on the road soon. Good luck!
  8. Morning run out Sunday 22nd April in either Cornwall, Devon or both! Depending on who’s coming. let me know if your interested and I will sort a meeting point and a nice scenic route. so @Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO @b16gnr @Jimmerog @pipparsons @Paul Hopson @Sean De'Ath And any others local I don’t know about.
  9. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    Sorry if your offended by my take on the situation Justin but that’s it just my understanding. Having worked in the diagnostic field it is very frustrating chasing faults to then find some systems have been ‘mapped out’ or altered. Some providers will be fine like mountune as mentioned but others leave a lot to be desired. If someone’s willing to take the chance then as long as they understand the potential problems then that’s fine.
  10. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    that link is only advertising they offer the service for other males as well as ford. No mention of new cars and warranties. On the Blue Fin website it offers a warranty to run alongside the manufacturers warranty as below. How will my new car warranty be affected? We offer a supplementary warranty that runs in parallel with the manufacturer's warranty and will cut in if required. We include cover for a year or 30,000 miles or until the vehicle is three years old, whichever comes first, and this cover can be extended up until the vehicle is three years old for a modest price. The full terms and conditions of our policy are available to download from our website. Im with Mike on this, the devil is in the detail. Put a warranty claim in to a main dealer with a remap on and you risk voiding the warranty completely. See how VW fared with their ‘auto re mapping’ that wasn’t to the homologation approval.
  11. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    These software updates are standard practise and are usually improvements to the system not only the engine management side. It would be a ‘careful what you wish for’ if complaining!
  12. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    You only need to fit one washer nozzle in the centre of the scuttle the nozzle should have 2 jets. There ‘should’ be a dimple in the centre of the scuttle to mark the nozzle location. That kit is a generic kit so only use from it what you need i.e washer bottle, bracket, washer pipe, pump connector and nozzle. John
  13. Ducted nose lower hose

    Sorry a bit late to the party on this one! I bought the ones sycho linked to and they are a perfect fit both in shape and diameter. John
  14. Race Technology Dash 2 Pro Configuration

    @IanK (Bagpuss) is the man on these. Have you got the latest software to check configuration? It sounds like they have reset the values when it was being tested and you will have to re configure for your sensors/speed calibration etc. I know they can be tempremental for some people but mine has been excellent once configured correctly. If you have the old values saved as a backup it will be simple otherwise it will be custom calibrations for your sensors I’m afraid. John
  15. Black side screens

    Pair on eBay item number 192505454576 John

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