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  1. Thanks for that, just been looking weights up on Google and came across your Avatar/logo on a bell housing discussion showing the starter motor housing cut off. Will it not fit as is? can't check mine as there is no chassis in front of the bulkhead at the moment. Thanks Tommy.
  2. I am swapping my MT75 gearbox for a Type9 and was going to buy an alloy bell housing but have just been given a cast steel one. Now it is cleaned up it weighs 10.77 Kgs. Can anyone tell me the weight of an alloy one. Also has anyone lightened the steel one with drills and a hole saw? Cheers Tommy.
  3. Sold subject to collection.
  4. Cable clutch with left hand starter motor position.
  5. Yes,the bell housing is part of the box and was fitted to a Ford Zetec motor. I am not sure but i have a feeling the bell housing stud pattern fits other Ford engine blocks.
  6. As the title says, Ford mt75 gearbox as removed from my SE Westfield. Very quiet, perfect synchromesh and oil tight. Remote gear lever extension modified to suit Westfiled along with propshaft to suit live axle (may fit independent, but could be modified.) Only removed to fit SCCR type 9. Offers, collection from Knutsford,Cheshire. Cheers Tommy.
  7. Before i buy a new nose cone does anybody have a "kit" nose cone they would sell me? ( black would be nice, but any color considered ) It needn't be immaculate as i will be repairing/making good the bonnet and side panels. Thanks Tommy.
  8. I have messaged you regarding cycle wing bkts.
  9. Does anybody have a Westfield fabricated front RHS ( or pair of) upright they wish to sell? as mine is badly bent and torn following a track day incident. Thanks.
  10. After crashing my Westfield at Oulton park last year i have started to repair it.It has Westfield fabricated front uprights with alloy hubs and Ford discs and 2 pot calipers, one upright is possibly damaged beyond repair being both bent and torn. Does anybody know if the mk 3/4/5 Ford Cortina uprights share the same geometry / pick up point positions? Is the hub axle on my upright the same as the Cortina i.e can i swap my hub and disc/caliper assembly onto the Cortina? Any information will be appreciated as there are a pair Cortina front uprights on Ebay at the moment or does any body have a pair or righthand side uprights they no longer use and are willing to sell? Cheers Tommy.
  11. Just seen a lime green Westfield passing through High Legh at about 15:45 and wondered was it anyone local?
  12. You have PM.
  13. As the title says really, i am after an offside (or a pair) front fabricated upright to replace the one i have damaged. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks i would appreciate that.