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  1. Geezergs

    Omex Cold Start Tuning

    I found that Mazda squirt an initial slug when you turn on the ignition if this is disabled then cold starting can be a flaph, once you get it started it probably coughs a bit warms up and runs OK. Worth a look or listen you can hear it when the pump primes..
  2. Geezergs

    Mazda Sump Question

    Cheers Gary just ordered a mk2 engine as I heard they are slightly better
  3. Geezergs

    Mazda Sump Question

    Guys will my reduced sump from my MK1 1.8 fit a MK2 1.8 engine ??
  4. Geezergs

    Mazda SDV engine change

    Gents what's the process when changing from a mk1 1.8 to a mk2 or 2.5 engine my query is really with the timing pick up which is on the rear of the mk1 engine. I know it's different on later models
  5. Geezergs

    3.6 MX5 Diff

    Cheers Andy I've asked to join and wait there reply
  6. Geezergs


    Used it on my various BMW motorbikes which I cummuted to London on everyday rain or shine and it does what it says on the tin very and a little goes along way..
  7. Geezergs

    3.6 MX5 Diff

    Hi Andrew I've tried the link but it may have expired!!
  8. Geezergs

    Dirty Rocker covers

    Cheers Bernie I had to wait until I got home to cry didn't want to ruin my street cred
  9. Geezergs

    Dirty Rocker covers

    For those of you who don't know if you have your rocker cover painted by a paint shop make sure that you fully strip and clean all the baffles and galleries, I didn't and have destroyed my engine and possibly my Turbo. Expensive lesson learnt, In that vain i'm in the market for a replacement engine MK 1 MX5 1.8 if anyone knows of a good one????
  10. Geezergs

    MX5 MK 1 1.8 Engine required

    Guys as some of you may already know I need to replace my engine so I'm after a good second hand one for my Turbo Charged Westy, I'm looking for a 1.8 MK 1 . Cheers Barry
  11. Geezergs

    FW bonnet fit

    Okay 1961
  12. Geezergs

    Westfield LED headlights

    Lord sorry sir I don't have any shots like that, but I can confirm that the light pattern is flat....
  13. Geezergs

    Westfield LED headlights

  14. Geezergs

    Westfield LED headlights

  15. Geezergs

    Westfield LED headlights

    I'm very happy with them when I say light and day that's no exaggeration. One of my better upgrades

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