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  1. Pedal box wanted

    Hello im looking for an after market pedal box with cable clutch Thanks John
  2. ITG air filter JC50x 100 required

    Hi guys as title, Thanks John
  3. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Yep, i fancy a go
  4. I’m selling a Burton twin 45 inlet manifold for a xflow the dimensions are Manifold length L: 81mm (3.19")Manifold height H: 34mm (1.34")Manifold angle A: 2.5°Servo outlet thread: 1/4BSPWater outlet thread: 3/8BSP come with studs and unused spacer/seals purchased the wrong size a month ago. £110 posted
  5. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    Think I’m going to have a measure up for the ITG filter cheers John
  6. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    Thanks guys, I’ll have a look at those. John
  7. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    Here’s a couple of pics to give you a better idea. Pete, I did think of getting another backplate but thought I might be able to purchase another make of manifold to lift the TBs. cheers John
  8. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    Hi guys I’ve fitted twin 45 jenvey TB’s onto my xflow engine but I’m having trouble fitting the pipercross air filter as the TB’s sit quite low so the bottom of the filter is sitting on the chassi. the TB’s are mounted to a 81mmx34mm x 2.5* burton manifold. i could get the longer manifold but that would only lift the TB’s up about 12mm which wouldn’t be enough. What have you xflow guys go fitted on yours? forgot to mention the car is a 89 SE model thanks in advance John
  9. SOLD Alloy racing fabrications 1.5 litre swirl pot

    Is it still for sale ?
  10. Easimap 5

    Thank you Very useful Cheers John
  11. Easimap 5

    Hi guys ive recently fitted new twin jenvey throttle bodies and I'm using a MBE941 ecu. I wanted to at least get the car running before i take it to the rolling road, but I having problems getting the car to run. The car fires when i open the throttle run it wont keep going. I don't really now what I'm doing with the easimap. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks John
  12. Front wheel arch brackets - for Cortina uprights

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/112610864744 Cheers
  13. Xflow twin Webber manifold

    Hi all Im after a twin 40/45 manifold for a xflow. much appreciated John
  14. Front wheel arch brackets - for Cortina uprights

    Check out locust on e--- just seen a pair cheers John
  15. Tonneau for narrrow body SE 1990

    Hi, ill try and sent some pics over tomorrow, could you send me your email to make life a little easier. Yes its black. Looking for £75 Thanks John