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  1. gear box oil

    Ken, you’ve posted this in the Westfields for sale section - you’re more likely to get a response in one of the other sections such as Tech Talk
  2. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    On reading the government proposal document I note that the kit car changes are headed under section 4, which as the photo shows refers to NEW vehicles and therefore these changes may not affect older already registered vehicles
  3. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I hoping that that these changes don’t apply retrospectively or else I’ll never get my 2001 Megablade with a 1994 cbr900rr engine through an MOT! I don’t think there has ever been a case in vehicle history where changes in legislation have made a previously legal vehicle illegal so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
  4. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    I’m just about finished with my winter tinkering; today’s job was to make a template for my new boot lid following fitment of the roll cage! Planning on getting a local company to cut it out of sheet aluminium, I’ll then wrap the top in carbon vinyl to match the lights and add some rubber U-trim around the edges :-)
  5. Megablade Cat C - Wide or Narrow Bodied

    My 2001 Megablade is also a wide body
  6. Q plate MOT

    You won’t be stuck with a daylight MOT as the MOT only certifies that your vehicle meets the test requirements at that moment in time! There is nothing preventing you fitting the lights again after the MOT which means you can use your vehicle after sunset and before sunrise. Technically speaking you should have a number plate light fitted, however if you do get stopped by the police the most you are likely to receive is a Non endorsable fixed penalty notice! The night must weigh 100-200g at most so you could just drive a bit faster so you have less fuel in the tank...or skip breakfast haha!
  7. Q plate MOT

    @RussH - I don’t have a fog or reverse light and when it comes to MOT time I remove the headlights and rear clusters and tape over the indicator repeaters. My understanding is that from an MOT point of view is that if headlights are not fitted then no other lights are mandatory and therefore not testable (as long as they are removed or masked over). Since having the car I have had 2 MOT’s and no issues.
  8. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    Thanks for this, this seems like the best and most logical method of diagnosing the issue! Next time I’m in the garage I’ll try this and check the terminals all match up too
  9. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    @CraigHew thanks for the suggestion I’ll keep this one in mind. As far as I’m aware the 3 wires going in to the relay connector are of the correct orientation as everything was working ok before the LEDs were fitted however I’m going to recheck to make sure! From what I can gather from reading online it appears that pin 49 (green wire) should be the 12v input to the flasher, pin 31 (black wire) is the Ground and pin 49a (green) should go to the indicator switch
  10. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    Thanks - this is the relay I’ve been looking at, and as it’s cheap it’s not much to lose if it doesn’t solve the problem! Failing that I’ll have to check all the wiring or solder on some load resistors instead.
  11. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    Hi Phil, thank you for taking the time to reply, in response to your questions: 1. Yes everything was working fine before, both indicators and hazards flashing correctly 2. With the ignition off the hazard switch works, however the bulbs only illuminate but do not flash (they just stay on) 3. I haven’t tried reconnecting the old lights as I’ve crimped on new connectors which are different to the old bulb sockets. However If I put the old relay back in the indicators flash fast again. Its really puzzling me
  12. Electrical Question - Hazard Relay

    I’m still haven’t problems with my indicators/hazards after fitting the rear led’s. This Is a Photo of the original flasher unit before I removed it: The two green wires connected to pins 49 and 49a on the relay and the black wire to pin 31. prior to removing this relay the indicator lights would flash too quickly and the hazards wouldn’t work at all. So I purchased a replacement LED relay (as pictured below)with the same pins and terminal numbers, on installing this today I expected everything to work normally however the indicators still flash far too quickly and the hazards remain on (no flashing) with a buzzing sound from the relay, replacement relay: i’ve seen another relay on eBay that has been talked about and recommended on this forum previously - it’s the one with the adjustable dial on the top ( as pictured below) https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/CARCHET-Electronic-LED-Flasher-Relay-for-Car-Motor-Turn-Signal-Light-Adjustable/281895554440?hash=item41a248cd88:g:hkkAAOSw14xWOtCI I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on this before I purchase another relay? many thanks, Paul.
  13. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    That’s exactly what I did, I have the same cage as you with the blank plates and found that once it all lined up and I drilled through it only just made a hole in the edge of the plate with maybe a 5mm border from the side (which made getting the bolts in a bit tricky as little room for a spanner/socket). I guess it’s because my chassis is 17 years old and maybe the cage has to accommodate various models which are variable in size here and there. thanks anyway, hope you soon finish it and can get it back on the road for the spring! I just finished my winter tinkering yesterday so it’s all back in one piece :-)
  14. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Hi Chris, I’ve tecently fitted a caged roll cage to my Megablade and struggled with the side bars - I had to drill the mounting plates on the outside quite close to the edge (rather than being in the centre) to get them to line up with the threaded bosses on the side bars, it did fit in the end but now I’m wondering whether they were the wrong parts too?
  15. Westfield SEiW Megabusa Turbo

    Excellent, thanks - they’re on the shopping list now :-)