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  1. Cheshire & N Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 7th April IMPORTANTLY!

    Unfortunately I'm working lates on the dates arranged for April and May but I've got June in my diary :-) being a new member it'll be great to meet all the locals!
  2. Hello - New member

    Hi Dave, I'd definitely be up for attending the Cheshire Meet if it's on an evening I'm not working, what date is It planned for? Good choice of venue, I used to live in North Rode which is not far from there and there's some good roads nearby.
  3. Hello - New member

    Thanks everyone I'm looking forward to attending meetings and events! 6carJon im in Holmes Chapel so I'm sure I'll see you about on sunny days! (Hopefully not on a recovery truck)
  4. Hello - New member

    Thanks for all the comments. Petzzii, I believe the seats are the standard Westfield grp sports seats with the vinyl trim! Done a few long journeys in them and they're actually really comfortable.
  5. Hello - New member

    Good morning everyone! Around 4 weeks ago I became the proud owner of a 2001 Megablade and I thought it was time that I should introduce myself on this great forum! As you can see from the photos (which hopefully I have linked in correctly) it's in great condition for its age! I am informed by the previous owner that this was a factory built car. Specification wise, this it still has its original 1994 893cc fireblade engine which was rebuilt by AB performance in 2011. It has jetted carbs and an AB Performance air box. The bodywork has been sectioned to ease removal and it is also fitted with a Quaife ATB. If anyone else is located around the Cheshire area keep an eye out for me and I'll sure to give you a wave! Looking forward to many years of great drives, and lots of tinkering / modding. Regards. Paul.