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  1. Paul_r

    New owner

    Congratulations on your purchase - from another Megablade owner :-)
  2. Paul_r

    New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    Good luck with the new car! I’m sure you’ll love it! Like others have suggested you’re probably better getting someone to take you down, then you can drive the car back and give it a good run! I drove from Cheshire to Worcester to collect mine and my dad followed me home! You can sort out your insurance when you get there....it was a cold February day when I picked mine up...but fortunately no rain!
  3. Paul_r

    Advice on what to buy

    Welcome to the Forum! The great thing about these cars is that you can adapt them to suit your tastes. Two years ago I bought a 2001 Megablade, it wasn’t the exact spec I wanted in terms of aesthetics but it was in fantastic condition and had some of the specification I wanted (4 pot brakes, Quaife ATB etc...), over the past two years I’ve spent a little bit of money on it and now it’s exactly how I want! No matter what car you get you’ll love it and make it your own! Get yourself to some of the local meets and see if you can have a ride in a few different models... heres mine when I bought it, and how it looks now...
  4. Paul_r

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    All my winter tinkering is done and it’s ready to go...
  5. Paul_r

    Top ball Joint Nut Size

    Once I’ve measured the actual nut size I’ll update this thread for reference
  6. Paul_r

    Top ball Joint Nut Size

    Thanks Mark...i’ll Stop being lazy and get out and measure it!
  7. Paul_r

    Top ball Joint Nut Size

    Thanks Andrew, the largest I have in my set is 22mm so it’s certainly larger than that. Will have a go at measuring but I’m sure a decent adjustable spanner will come in handy. Paul
  8. Paul_r

    Top ball Joint Nut Size

    Good morning All, I need to tighten the nut on the top ball joint on the front upper wishbone. I don’t have a spanner large enough so need to purchase one, does anyone know the correct size required? Tried searching the forum and had a look in the build manual but couldn’t find the answer. photo attached for clarity. thanks, Paul.
  9. Paul_r

    New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    You’re not far away from me at all then! Cranage and Knutsford are on my usual routes when I’m taking the westie out! All being well (weather wise) I’ll be at the April meet so hopefully see you then and you’re more than welcome to go for a ride Paul.
  10. Paul_r

    New Member - Cheshire - A1243R

    Welcome to the club @A1243R - I was in your position 2 years ago and ended up buying the Megablade I have now after falling in love on a test drive! I never gave myself the opportunity to drive a CEC! I’m hoping to get to the April and May meets (can’t make the rescheduled March one)! Good luck with your car hunt...whatever you chose you will love...they’re all great in their own different ways, where in Cheshire are you? I’m based in Holmes Chapel so look out for an orange one driving about (once the weather picks up) Paul
  11. Paul_r

    gear box oil

    Ken, you’ve posted this in the Westfields for sale section - you’re more likely to get a response in one of the other sections such as Tech Talk
  12. Paul_r

    Latest IVA emissions proposal

    On reading the government proposal document I note that the kit car changes are headed under section 4, which as the photo shows refers to NEW vehicles and therefore these changes may not affect older already registered vehicles
  13. Paul_r

    Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I hoping that that these changes don’t apply retrospectively or else I’ll never get my 2001 Megablade with a 1994 cbr900rr engine through an MOT! I don’t think there has ever been a case in vehicle history where changes in legislation have made a previously legal vehicle illegal so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
  14. Paul_r

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    I’m just about finished with my winter tinkering; today’s job was to make a template for my new boot lid following fitment of the roll cage! Planning on getting a local company to cut it out of sheet aluminium, I’ll then wrap the top in carbon vinyl to match the lights and add some rubber U-trim around the edges :-)
  15. Paul_r

    Megablade Cat C - Wide or Narrow Bodied

    My 2001 Megablade is also a wide body

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