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  1. Spectating at Rockingham 20/03?

    From the looks of the times, it may have been John Hoyle, he got a 110sec run which is upwards of 30 seconds slower than normal.
  2. Spectating at Rockingham 20/03?

    Surprisingly, John Hoyle is a bit off pace, he's being beaten by Sierra Cosworth!
  3. Spectating at Rockingham 20/03?

    If you are unable to make it to the Rockingham, like I am, Rockingham put up a link to a live timing page on their Facebook, so far, they haven't posted any of the practice times, however I am sure that they will post the 1st, 2nd and if there is one, the 3rd run times. http://lt2.tsl-timing.com/161181