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  1. What discs?

    Pricked up some hi spec (westfield) 4 pots this weekend to bolt up to my cortina uprights. Any recommendations on discs? Groved/dimpled/drilled or plain? And where to purchase from. Car is mainly used on the road with the odd track day. Cheers Adam
  2. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Booked for me and @Scottc88
  3. Warickshire Area Curborough Track Day 25 May 2018

    Steve, I can only make the September day. Can you take me off this one please.
  4. Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day September 2018

    Deposit sent
  5. Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day September 2018

    Put me down as well please Steve.
  6. Made a new friend yesterday

    My two
  7. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Up for this.
  8. Roll Cage group buy ?

    No narrow this year?
  9. Going down with a group of cars, weather looks good.
  10. Rattle from front wheels

    All sorted, a few quid on some springs and not a peep. Thanks for the comments. Adam
  11. Rattle from front wheels

    Thanks for the responses. looks like brake pad rattle, tried giggling steering and the same noise can be heard. Retaining pins are in but no springs. I'll stick some cooper grease on the back of the pads. disks are fine, no lip at all, just a slight cosmetic rust in the non contact areas. cheers Adam
  12. Rattle from front wheels

    The pads look tight against the disk or would that not matter? Is it a sign of wear?
  13. Rattle from front wheels

    Just thought I might add, I have recently fitted new cycle wing brackets, this required me to use a spacer between the bottom hole on the calliper and the bracket. This can be seen on the last picture.
  14. Rattle from front wheels

  15. Rattle from front wheels

    Hi guys, I've got a rattling sound coming from my front wheel area when I go over bumps in the road. If I apply any form of pressure on the brake pedal the rattle stops. On first inspection everything looks tight. Set up is cortina uprights wil mi16 calipers. Plenty of meat left on pads and disks. Any ides? Adam

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