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  1. Hey guys Need to pick your brains :0) I brought the Play Kool front & rear anti roll bars & the instructions are not really Westfield specific. Any do's & don'ts & tips on fitting. If anyone has any pictures, that would be great. There going on a MegaS2000 which is still in the build process, so can take plenty of pics to make a guide as I go :0) Thanks in advance Chris
  2. Caterham style indicators

    Think ill have to be super nice chris when it comes to IVA time lol Good idea with the brackets, will adopt that idea me thinks lol
  3. Caterham style indicators

    Excellet, just what I wanted to hear :0)
  4. Caterham style indicators

    Hiya Did they end up being okay for IVA in the end?
  5. Cheers Monty :0) Been following your build to which is coming along nicely, bet it was a nice feeling when you got your engine in. Lol...I did look at that colour, finally settled on Ford ST yellow.
  6. Thanks, thats sounds more realistic, dont have a clue why the manual says 115mm lol What have you got for your rears out of curiosity as manual stated 85mm which im now doubting lol
  7. Cheers fellas, yeah this is what I was going off from the build manual
  8. Rich's S2000 Build

    Hiya Rich, I'v got a good copy of the S2000 Workshop Manual which is the non scanned version. Just PM me if you want a copy & will wack it on my dropbox :0)
  9. Hey fellas Quick question, in the S2000 build manual, its states to adjust the front springs to 115mm showing a yellow arrow from collar to bottom of shock thread. But that brings the spring really high up the shock & almost at the end of the springs adjustment. Am I missing something hear as it just dosent seem right as when looking a pictures of other builds, the collar is adjusted lower.
  10. James' S2000 build

    Pmsl....yep...very envious, that anodised ali looks superb :0)
  11. Thanks bud :0) Yeah might as well as that should be nice & easy to do unlike inside the tunnel lol
  12. Well thats the heat shielding now complete. Was very fiddly, but took my time & come out rather well :0)
  13. S2000 55k bargain

    It did cross my mind, if my garage wasnt taken up with a half built westie, I would, but theres no way on earth my Mrs would let me put it on the drive lol Just the engine alone would go for 3.5 or 4k on that mileage, so a bargain to be had lol
  14. S2000 55k bargain

    Hey guys, im not affiiated with the person selling, but noticed this on Ebay & looks a bargain for someone needing an S2000 engine https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202111017911
  15. Pmsl.....Gold.....gold....gold...lol Me...tart....errr...well may be a little bit lol