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  1. Hi Chris ,

    Would you mind deleting the image showing my chassis number apparently people have had these stolen and used for another kit. Ian informed me of this I've deleted it from my post but its still in your quoted entry.





  2. Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

    Hey thanks for the replys guys, Stanstead is nice & close, but Slough is also within scope distance wise. Dont suppose you have anymore details on the Stanstead guy & some pics of the work he done for you. Simpsons is also sounding good, might drop them an email to get an idea of cost & whats involved. Im still in the build stage, I suppose will have to wait until the body work is on, but not to far away till then :0)
  3. Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

    Hiya Debating getting a manifold & exhaust system made up & wondered if anyone could recomend someone who could fabricate one for westies & is relatively close to Hertfordshire.
  4. Hey Rich, yeah was following you build thread closely & was good to see your engine is in, must be a nice feeling when you get to that point As for the exhaust clearance, how did you get on with the spacers/packing from Westfield, would be intrested to see some pictures of this & also your column packing. Havent ordered the manifold & exhaust yet as was toying with the idea of a custom job, but will depend on if i can find someone decent locally & cost, so a bit if research in order me thinks lol. Think when I put the engine in, will try to get it as far forward as posible. Thanks for the tips by the way, very much appreciated & have taken note Cheers Chris
  5. Ps...Im based in Hoddesdon Hertfordshire
  6. Hey guys Got three Faithfull 4 in 1 Adjustable Heavy Duty Roller Stand & Trestle 200kg Capacity each. Was using these durring my build, but as its now on its wheels, these are no longer required. I've electrical taped padding to the top to protect the Westfield 9chassis, but you can take this off & all three trestles are mint. Due to there size, would be collection only or could bring to Stoneleigh Kit Car show on the Monday. Would like £60 for the three :0) Heres a little more info on them: https://www.tradingdepot.co.uk/faithfull-4in1-roller-stand-trestle-faiwb41 https://www.leekes.co.uk/faithfull-4-in-1-roller-stand-trestle?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkcfR0YHC2gIVAs-yCh3qDwoSEAQYASABEgLZm_D_BwE
  7. Cheers, its like a giant skate board at the moment lol Think it was your build thread which gave me the idea of using the crane to get the car off the trestles worked a treat, but a tad scary when it was floating in the air lol
  8. Westfield IVA Steering wheel & Boss Kit

    Thanks Andy, much appreciated
  9. Hey guys, not a massive amount of progress to report, but managed to bleed all the brakes which went nice & smoothly:0) Then put the wheels on & starting to look like a car at last lol Next was to get it onto the ground, so employed the engine crane & gently lowered it to the floor. And then placed onto some wheel dollies so can manover it easily infront of crane ready for engine install All being well, will get the engine in the next week or so woop woop been looking forward to this bit lol
  10. Westfield IVA Steering wheel & Boss Kit

    Hey Andrew, hope your well & thanks for the photos. Sorry to have messed you about, but someone just offered me the current black IVA steering wheel off a MegaS2000, so have accepted. You should put it on the for sale section though as sure oneone will take it off your hands.
  11. Westfield IVA Steering wheel & Boss Kit

    Hey Andrew, thanks for the reply Does it come with the boss & fit a MegaS2000 column? Blue...ummm....dont suppose you have any pictures you can post of it lol.
  12. Hey guys & Gals As title states, am after a Westfield IVA Steering Wheel & Boss Kit. I know they dont cost much, but don't see the point in buying one a full price when it will be coming straight off once I eventually I get IVA'ed lol
  13. Thanks Dave, will get that sorted over the weekend then :0)
  14. Whats the best method for bleeding the HiSpec Golf rears with the 4x nipples, do I just bleed from the top two nipples?
  15. 20% off Ebay Voucher

    Nicely spotted, mistook the 12pm start for finish lol Well works nicely on powertools :0)

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