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  1. Hey Monty, did you make that panel yourself as looks made to measure, nice fit that
  2. Hiya Thats looks smart, is that foot rest this one: http://www.compbrake.com/product/medium-aluminium-foot-plate/
  3. Wish mine would mysteriously fall off lol Guess will have to crack out the fie grinder then :0)
  4. Yeah thats the next job on the list & rather looking forward to What does everyone do with the pedal brackets on the passenger side, do you cut them off or cover with a foot rest of somesorts?
  5. Well think ill defo be shortening the gear stick, but thats a job for a diffrent day when im at a loos end :0) Well not done as much as I had planned as been suffering with the dreadded man flu, but just grabbed a quick two hours in the garage earlier & torqued up the flywheel in stages. Then fitted the clutch which is a first for me with my thus far, limited mechanic skills, but was easy enough following the Honda manual.
  6. Career change?

    How about train driver or air traffic controller :0)
  7. Ummmm....whats involved in shortening the gear leaver & how much should I lob off lol
  8. Cheers guys, will make some weight saving & remove brackets lol Is it just the one red bit circled that needs to come off or any other bits need cutting to
  9. Quick question fellas, anyone point me in the right direction of what parts of the gearbox need cutting to aid clearence. Am I right in thinking the red circle part needs cutting. Also do I need to retain any of the brass colour brackets examples of which are circled in yellow.
  10. Its FBW 2007 one, but getting the Omex throttles, so should be fine as I believe they have come up with a fix plug & play for the FBW now :0)
  11. Think as my engine is AP2 origional one is 21lb & the AP01 is 15lb
  12. Weighed it with my scales & come in at 10lb :0)
  13. Lol.....well if it sets fire to my statment, then its all good :0) Yeah using the standard oem clutch kit, recon with the car being half that of an S2000, clutch should handle it fine.....well I hope so anyway lol
  14. Well busy family life & the fact my garage is like an ice box hasn't made for much progress of late, but have managed to get a few bits done in two months or so. Since I last posted, drilled the handbrake cable bracket & got the handbrake all installed. Then moved onto installing the fuel tank which went rather well apart from getting the straps fitted which were a PITA with lots of cursing as not a mm to spare lol After that, decided that I need to make some headway on the engine, so spanked my credit card & got all these goodies delivered replacing all the engine ancillarys/pulleys/pipes etc with new. Next I moved on to the Sump as wanted to fit a baffle plate, so off the sump came & after a quick blast in an aqua blaster, come out like new. Then took it to my local welder who did a nice neat job on it for me, then back on it went. Whilst I was getting the sump aquablasted, had a spare water pump which wacked in at same time & also come out gleaming. I ended up using this one instead of the last one I refurbished, so now have a spare lol Then moved back to the engine replacing all the pulleys, alternator, starter, oil filter & hoses etc and with the exception of the valve cover which im yet to do, is looking gleaming :0) Once that was done, moved onto the box replacing the clutch guide & spring clip & then refilled the tranny with Honda gear oil. Lastly, had a spare hour last nite, so fitted an Act flywheel with fresh bolts & my next task will be to fit the clutch before mating the box back up. That’s about it for now, but not far off putting the engine in, just need to read up on the gearbox bracket fitting as a little unsure of the best method & how to do it, so some bed time reading is in order lol