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  1. Caption competition

    I know you can see it sir, but the computer says we are out of stock..... actually, they normally sell it when it's not in stock lol....
  2. Disaster, Maybe.

    Really pleased for you and it must be a huge relief that it's not the engine. As above though, check the ring gear for potential damage which may cause a repeat failure down the line. Had a feeling it would be the starter though. Mart.
  3. X-Flow - Identifying replacement choke kit

    Ace mate. That post made me smile and made my day.....something all xflow owners can relate to lol... Mart.
  4. Which are the best oils to use?

    Valvoline VR1 20W 50 mineral. IMHO synthetic oils are better suited to modern engines only. Mart.
  5. Hope you have a good one lads..... raining here and I was looking forwards to a quick blat later! Mart.
  6. Disaster, Maybe.

    Could the starter have jammed the flywheel on attempted restart? not uncommon for temp to rise as soon as you slow down to park if it's cool on a run? hope you get it sorted and it's nothing major mate. if the engine was put together well as it sounds as though it was, then it shouldn't be anything major....fingers crossed for you. Mart.
  7. Starting at the Bottom of Westfield ownership 11 months ago

    Looking good mate. What's next? Mart.
  8. Xflow 1760cc Oil Pressure Help

    Similar to mine Pete. When cold it runs at 4bar, either at tickover or when revving, but when hot it's at 4 bar from 2.5 to 3000 rpm, but down to 1.5 bar at 850 rpm. must admit to using 20 50 valvolene though which most recommend after researching. Mart.
  9. Southwest Trip to Stoneleigh

    Hi Ross, hope you are good mate? im not going either as a few too many plans this year already, including a Gurston Down hill climb school and the Shelsey Walsh Anniversary doo booked already. anyone looking to go to Stoneliegh for the first time though, in convoy, then do it. It's a real hoot and a great day or days out. Mart.
  10. New member saying hi

    I'm busy over Easter but will be up for a meet with you guys. if @Peter Robinson is up for it, we can come up in convoy lol? Mart.
  11. How tight does the alternator belt need to be?

    Sounds about right, but wouldn't have it any tighter tbh. Mart.
  12. Restart (or not) after engine reaches temperature

    Probably nothing to worry about at all, just needs tuning up. Try changing the plugs and the rotor arm which is under the distributed cap. Both cheap items and makes a difference. have you got fresh fuel in the tank? no oil pressure until the engine starts anyhow is normal. mine used to be very temperamental. Once hot, if it didn't start straight away, it was a b******* to get going due to easily being flooded. But once the carbs are tuned and plugs & rotor arm etc are fine, and the timing is spot on, it should be fine. i make sure I blip the throttle before turning off and it always starts ok now. good luck, mart.
  13. Newbie

    Ace mate. Hope you enjoy...I'm sure you will. mart.
  14. Head machinist help required

    Hello mate. As your in the iow, I would get hold Brett Sims motor sport, just across the water from you in New Milton. He sorted out the head on my x flow and if it can be fixed, he'd be able to do it. He worked for Longmans originally and knows his stuff. I bet you could ring him and e-mail some pics to him first. Mart
  15. How many have you had?

    Great thread, here's mine... Yamaha FS1E purple. Yamah RD200 Red. first car...Morris Mini Cooper 998. 1966 several engine changes ending in a 1293. Yamaha DT175 white. Triumph Dolomite Sprint White. N reg Triumph Dolomite Sprint Green. P reg. Ford XR2 CVH Red. 1985 Renault 21 Turbo. Tungsten Grey. 1989 Subaru Imprezza 240 (jap imported - payment via a Latvian Bank Account lol) 1994 Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ghia Gold. 2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0 2001 Ford Mondeo ST150 2007 Westfield SE 1700 xflow 1992 kit Nissan Juke 1.6 2011. I can live with the Juke as the misses loves it and I can wring the Westies neck when I feel the need lol. Mart.

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