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  1. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Yes please...me too. Mart.
  2. Weld on quick release boss

    I've got a quick release mate...had to have one. to be honest, I've never used it lol. if you walk round with it, you look a bit of a di@k to be honest, and if you leave it on, it's very easy for someone to take it off lol... each to their own though. Mart.
  3. It beggars belief who people actually got by before social media took over..... people need to understand the implications of posting pictures and comments on social media....sadly most are too preoccupied posting without realising that the 'innocent' parties can get burnt by doing so. i would have had a different opinion however, had there been spectators there. Mart.
  4. Narrow seats for an SE

    Looking nice Pete. Mart.
  5. F1 crash Singapore

    Would the same ruling have been made if Hamilton had shut the door I wonder...
  6. New starter - which car is for me?

    From now onwards a good time to buy mate. That budget will get you a Good'un if you take your time. Going along to a meet and seeing them in the flesh, talking to the owners and maybe getting a passenger ride or two will pay dividends also. good luck, Mart.
  7. Tyre pressure

    Yep, had my r888r's fitted the night before driving to Stoneliegh, and got to Swindon before I could let some air out, as they were at 30 psi and the car felt horrid....back to. 18 psi and it's a pleasure again. Mart.
  8. Westfield's in the wet

    Personally I don't go out if I think I will get caught in the rain, but sometimes you cannot help it. As above comments, but windscreen wipers aren't the most efficient, especially on the older models like mine, so Rain x is very good too for the windscreen - both inside and out lol...seriously put it on the inside as well.... Mart.
  9. Hants & Wilts , 1st October

    Sorry to hear that mate - hope all ok now? Happy to have the odd blat or possibly trackday mate? Mart.
  10. Tyre tread pattern

    Fitted correctly mate. Fantastic tyres with unbelievable grip. Enjoy! Mart.
  11. Ear protection against wind

    Ear plugs are ok but you need to put them in properly....take your time to fit them. Roll them up small and put them in, giving enough time for them to expand properly in your ear... wind deflectors make a big difference and are well worth investing in. personally, I dislike half doors as they hamper driving and take away half the experience....but they do cut out wind and noise hugely. I am biased as I have a narrow and they really make it claustrophobic IMHO. one more thing with your better half......it is hugely more noisy on the exhaust side, so be careful not to put her off, at this early stage! Mart.

    Great. Maybe meet up then for a blat? Always worth a couple of runs up zig zag hill at Shaftesbury and stop for a coffee at the aerodrome just up the road, if you fancy making a morning of it sometime? Mart.

    Welcome mate. Are you from down south near me? If so, I'm always up for a blat! Mart.
  14. Life after Westy's?

    Trouble with westfields is it's the package.... great power to weight.... great fun..... great pose value....whether you like it or not, you get comments every time you go out..... great club and generally great people who are owners..... best of all, fantastic fun / bang for your buck..... i chased a ferrari 455 the other week, blooming lovely car and of course MUCH quicker than me, but he had to be on it at the start lol....got me thinking that I was having as much as a rush as he was was 5% of the cost.... Mart.
  15. 20XE Widebody 2006 Westfield

    Looks lovely mate. Glwts. Mart.