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  1. Newbie from Norfolk

    Nice one mate and welcome.....another proper engine ..... Mart.
  2. Sir Stirling Moss to retire from public life.

    Great post mate and a true legend. My nipper has met him several times in his line of work. funny story. My sister had a boyfriend many moons ago who got stopped in his avenger tiger after a bit of spirited driving and was asked the same question....who do you think you are, Stirling moss? his reply, no, I'm graham hill, nearly got him in bigger trouble, until he got out his driving licence to prove that was his actual name lol... mart.
  3. Speedo Issue / Options

    @SXRORY Good luck mate. Hopefully when the new one turns up, it'll work? biggest issue is backlighting when it's dark. If we could sort that out, it would be spot on. Mart.
  4. Speedo Issue / Options

    Hello mate. I use a sigma bc1200 and bought a spare one last year. What make is yours? I reckon getting another one would probably be ok. From what I researched, the sigma bc was the best and most accurate. Cannot see why it wouldn't work with your old wiring? Mart.
  5. Broken down - Alternator Issues

    As Russ has said above. There is not much to go wrong with an alternator and your local motor factors that will offer you an exchange unit for > £100 probably, will be using a Fred in a shed somewhere who will rebuild yours in a few days for around £50. Find one of these guys local to you on google...Try alternator or starter motor repairers and bobs your uncle! Mart.
  6. SEiW 2004 for sale SOLD

    Very nice mate. GLWTS. Mart.
  7. Westfield Price guide

    Depends on what you need as opposed to what you think you need IMHO... if you haven't been in or more importantly, driven a 7 type car yet, then don't get hung up on bhp.... A well set up car with 'only' 150bhp can often be more than a match for more powerful units.....it's one thing having big numbers power wise, but is the car set up well enough to use it? Obviously a lot is dependant on what the use is....if you want a track or hill climb competitive car then that will make a difference. what I would say is the westfield driving experience 'package' is much more than just engine bhp and sitting 6 inches above the deck struggling to breath at >80 mph gives the sort of smiles per miles well in excess of luxurious super cars worth ten times as much money, let alone anything else. get along to a local meet when the weather improves a bit. There will be people only too happy to take you out in their cars and if you can wait until Stoneleigh in the spring, that would be ideal advice, as already suggested. Mart.
  8. New Member Today!

    Another welcome from Hampshire mate, although I'm on the dorset border so wrong end to you! Mart.
  9. Seat options

    Another vote for Intatrim. Very pleased with mine. mart.
  10. 1st Oil Change

    One of the simplest operations a home mechanic can perform, but with potential to ruin an engine in the process... do not underestimate how important it is to do it correctly. fill a new filter with oil prior to refitting and I always prefer to take the plugs out and get the oil pressure back prior to starting the engine. mart.
  11. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Yes please...me too. Mart.
  12. Weld on quick release boss

    I've got a quick release mate...had to have one. to be honest, I've never used it lol. if you walk round with it, you look a bit of a di@k to be honest, and if you leave it on, it's very easy for someone to take it off lol... each to their own though. Mart.
  13. It beggars belief who people actually got by before social media took over..... people need to understand the implications of posting pictures and comments on social media....sadly most are too preoccupied posting without realising that the 'innocent' parties can get burnt by doing so. i would have had a different opinion however, had there been spectators there. Mart.
  14. Narrow seats for an SE

    Looking nice Pete. Mart.
  15. F1 crash Singapore

    Would the same ruling have been made if Hamilton had shut the door I wonder...