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  1. Thanks Russ. Word of warning to new owner. It's fast it drinks fuel when you hammer it and it gets hot. So get a big expansion tank, a swirl pot if your fuel tank is not baffled. These are the only issues I had with it.
  2. Haha good point. Got carried away about the sbd reviews on it. Ye the red top is choice one the eco boost would be a 1.6 so a more suitable category. I wonder if there is a class for under 2000cc boosted
  3. Lucky the body is off at present.
  4. Red top or eco boost thanks. Hope to start racing I've wanted for a while and met a Westy guy who races and it sounds fun but I don't want to race in turbo class. Update: like an idiot I made a stupid point above.. I got carried away with looking at the eco boost without thinking. So red top is my choice I guess.
  5. Cost over £8000. Bought in Sept 2015 visited for reduce horse power to improve handling and power delivery Changed the turbo over winter done 4 track days since This car is mega fast with this engine and it will need you to take it steady. Visited Bailey performance to look it over in March Runs fine still in car so can be heard running I'm moving to n.a to start racing Comes with everything you need to get her running Engine Td04 turbo Manifold All Pipework Exhaust Wiring loom still connected Mega squirt 2 Mega squirt 2 Bluetooth Expansion tank alli New charge cooler and radiator Recent spark plug replacement New alternator in January More detail below from original build Overall spec;Engine is a Ford Mondeo zetec E bottom end fitted with forged pistons, HD bearings, new HP oil pump, new water pump. The head is a new (not recon) Focus blacktop fitted with Piper performance valve springs.Raceline sumpThe induction is a custom made system based on a Jenvey inlet manifold, large plenum with large throttle body. 625cc Siemans Daka injectors.Bailey dump valve.Custom charge cooler with own separate water system, radiators mounted in front of engine radiator, separate water pump (Focus RS) and header tank.Turbo is a Subaru Impreza TD04L on a Focus exhaust manifold, custom exhaust system, currently running 18PSI of boost.Engine management is MS2, with boost control, MSD coilpack and leads. Launch control via dash mounted switch.Fuel system is new Bosch 044 GRP A cosworth pump, large fuel filter, Lucas fuel pressure regulator. £2500.
  6. Sorry to all those who asked for it the original guy made contact
  7. Still available if anyone wants this with the v8 bonnet a spare v8 bonnet in black and a normal bonnet
  8. Live in Keighley but the hubs are at my dad's in skegness
  9. Same hubs as mine by the way apart fork yours look cleaner
  10. Yes they will fit PayPal ok? boneshillum@talktalk.net. Sorry been away a few days
  11. Yes from a 2000 body wide
  12. Reduced £80
  13. Thanks
  14. Vented Front disc to suit a Westfield1 pair of discsVented - Diameter: 245.0 Thickness: 20.0 Minimum Thickness: 19.0 Height: 32.0 Bore Diameter: 68.0 Studs: 4 Location Studs: 0 Cost £130
  15. Fronts they bolt to the upright not the slip on type Not drilled they and dimpled and slotted vented discs from playskool