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  1. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I don’t have a digital dash so can’t say whether that’s a calibration issue. I hope someone else can offer better help!
  2. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    You should see oil pressure whilst cranking with plugs out (speaking for my engine - a zetec - though). It can take a little while to appear. How long have you tried for? Try repeated short bursts of cranking rather than keeping it going for too long at once. I managed to validate that my oil pressure sensor worked by blowing compressed air into it (whilst earthing it to the block). Not sure if that is good practice though...
  3. Odd egg

    Everyone making egg jokes at the chairman's expense needs to get ova themselves.
  4. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I think it's supposed to be bent with the wiper motor "cable" inside the tube to avoid kinks. I found it very hard to get neat bends and the motion of the cable was pretty rough in mine (to the point where I thought I might have to get new tubes and start again). I used quite a lot of grease to improve things and eventually it worked fine (and is not too noisy). I think they run themselves in after a while. You're making an incredibly neat job of your build. Very impressive indeed.
  5. ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    I had to do the same thing! Well done!
  6. ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    If it’s any consolation, the testing centres usually only allow one person to participate in the test. My Dad came along to mine and basically had to sit in the corner for 90% of it! Hope it goes well!
  7. I drilled it out and put a nut on the inside. Need to be careful it won’t come undone as you don’t want the nut being ingested by the engine... (I think I decided a nylon would be OK.)
  8. Oil catch tank

    But does this mean it's closed and will never open (so crank case will never vent) or that it's always open and will vent freely? I doubt there can be any down side to taking the valve out (as will always vent freely then), but it's funny that it's so hard to find a definitive answer on this!
  9. Oil catch tank

    This is definitely one of those discussions. It's been discussed on here countless of times and I'm still none the wiser as to what the right answer is! For every article which says the PCV is closed by high manifold vacuum, there's another which says it's opened by it. Also, is it right that manifold vacuum is highest at low revs (as the Burton article says)? The truth is out there...
  10. Servant Bell Board

    Arduino/raspberry pi crossed my mind, but a work colleague also mentioned sonoff which looks interesting. There seems to be a 4 channel low voltage version which might work. I’d need to do something at the push button end but he mentioned that a “flic” switch might help with that. I definitely need to see if the electrics in the board work first...
  11. Servant Bell Board

    I think the board has half a dozen flags, but if I could get two or three working cheaply by butchering wireless doorbell kits then that would be worth looking into. Thanks Of course I’m really hoping that @Kit Car Electronics will see this as a new side line and come up with the “servant freewheel” equivalent...
  12. Servant Bell Board

    This is a very random tech talk type question (but so far away from westfields that I've put it in stuff and nonesense). I have an old servant's bell board which was once used in our house - when someone pushes the button in a room, a bell sounds and a flag appears in one of the half a dozen windows on the board. Unfortunately the glass panel is broken and I plan to get a copy made so we can put the thing up on the wall somewhere - it's part of the house's history so it seems a shame for it to be languishing in the garage as it is at the moment. I then got to thinking whether I could get it working again... I don't have any servants but I can dream of pushing the button and someone coming along to take my order for a fresh beer. Some of the rooms still have the buttons on the walls but I expect the wiring will have long since perished (I've no idea where it would even go to as I don't know where the bell board was originally). Getting the house re-wired for this would be a step too far(!) and so I started wondering whether I could do something wireless. The idea would be to have a (small battery powered) wireless button in each room with a wireless receiver in/near the bell board which triggers the right flags. Is this possible for someone with no real electronics skills to achieve or should I forget about it and find something more useful to do?
  13. Snowy pics

    The hills around here aren’t quite steep enough for good sledging so the local farmer did some hooning around in one of his fields with the kids in tow...
  14. How ill do you have to be to be an athlete?

    Bill Werbeniuk
  15. So far

    I should think it would be good enough. I wonder whether setting the string up from the centre of the front and rear wheels means that the front and rear wheels on each side end up being better aligned with one another? To be honest, doing it with string (which is what I did) seems horribly inaccurate anyway! I had a flashback of doing that when I was letting rip on the Autobahn in Germany last Summer! I slowed down after that...

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